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  1. This week it has been mostly relaxing, but I have had the garden tided professionally but the rotters dist my Blackberry crop, so that will have to go for the birds, it's still alive but where they cut things back it needs tieing up and most of the ripe fruit has hit the ground so not good. I think the immature berries should still be OK. The garden is coming along well, I've got to write a mental note of what to remove in winter - I've got one huge ornamental grass that can be relocated, it's a real pain blocking the path to the back of our small garden. I've received more dried meal wo
  2. This week I've concentrated mostly on learning about the 10 minute evacuation challenge and various scenarios that you have to deal with (ie forest fires, floods). With that in mind I typed up packing list spread sheets for each family member and the dog which I now need to put in order of priority to pack. This is on top of mine and the dogs BOB kits, as the other family members don't have those. I am most definitely missing having a car at the moment but I've looked up on the UK DLVA and you can't drive if you have anxiety problems so I need to get over those before I can attempt it.
  3. It's been a couple of very busy weeks for me, with hospital appointments for Dad, and various small disasters that have needed plumbers, roofers to fix. My main project has been to learn about cycling, bikes etc. I made 2 tote bags yesterday with my next project to do a hanging toiletry bag. As far as buying things it's just been 3 compression sacks and some paracord.
  4. Thanks, I have heard the Bengals are some what hard to handle so very much for the very experienced owner. I am edging towards the MC, or Siberan.
  5. I've done a few bits this week: a) Downloaded lots of free-bee apocolpytic books for my Kindle and started reading those. Got lots of books on chemistry, maths, biology, physics, business studies, as well as expanding my medical library. c) Increase the weight in my back pack to help to get up to a decent BOB weight. d) Looked into getting an exercise bike followed by a road/mountain bike. I might go down the training rollers route as then I would have got used to the bike without getting out on a busy roads where I live. e) Added some band aids and pain killers to my medical ki
  6. I've carried on with the decluttering and found some treasures on the way. Today I started on my Summer clothes which I got down from the attic to wash before wearing. I went through the Winter things as well before they go up. Asked my brother to take the rubbish from the declutter down the recycling place but he point blank refused and also refused to pay towards the bill for the skip/pick up. I will get the skip but put it on Dads bill to him, so it will come back into the house one way or the other. The lazy s*d is going to learn one way or the other. My dogs has had his yearly
  7. More spring cleaning this week and first donation to charity. It's going pretty well but I haven't got rid of as much as I would like, so once the house is complete I'm going to go back to my room and do more in there. I received a copy of 'The Tales of the Green Valley' which is about a group of archaeologists living a year on a farm where they have to follow the times of 1620 from what they eat, wear, grow etc. I hope it's OK to put the link into the You Tube version of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBW8YpcYcEc
  8. This week I've been predominantly doing a Spring Clean, and decluttering which is going really well. I recieved the nurses watch and it's working out well, I no longer have to worry when cleaning with water or washing up to take it off
  9. Thanks for your continued thoughts. Philbe I think we are going along the same lines, I do need new glasses so I'm wondering if that could be the problem. This week I started the massive declutter, spring clean. Last week I did some great brain storming on all areas so now I have to put it into practice. Yesterday I rouined another wrist watch with water so I ordered some nurses and pendant watches.
  10. I had a Drs check up yesterday and all is going well. I've been having some weird dizzy spells, she put it down to dehydration which is probable for me. I've recieved some more goodies for my dog preps - harnesses, collars and the like.
  11. Thanks for all your kind thoughts. I've found a few free online courses and discussed the exams with others which I may not need if I do an entry test instead. I just need to be able to afford the tuition fees of £5000 a year. My thoughts are with you in Boston and the US, big London hugs to you all. It can be a very anxious time when bombs have gone off anywhere in your country and yes I do know what that feels like living where I do. Just be aware of whats around you, and don't let the baskets win by making you panic. This week I've fixed the fence and I want to do the outer doo
  12. I've received all the books, and some of the quilting stuff. I'm banging my head against the wall for my next English exam as everyone has turned it into a class based curriculum when you just go along and do it on the internet. I'm trying to find a course done solely on line which would be ideal for me. It is almost like God doesn't want me to go down this road and is putting every road block you can imagine in my way. Ho Hum!
  13. Today I used some more tote boxes to organise my accessories. I didn't realise I had so many. When I've done my cupboard they can go in there. Sorted out a bit in my Dads bedroom which has quickly become a catch all dumping room - he now sleeps downstairs. I sorted out a bit on my BOB and my dogs Bob, added a few bits. I just need to add a flea treatment/wormer to the dog bob and its finished. Started to brainstorm the one for Dad which is going to be a major pain due to his disabilities etc. As I want to work down my craft cupboard and move it upstairs I started to make a lot of th
  14. Nice find. I wish our Asda (UK's Walmart) would be more like the American ones.
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