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  1. Funky, I am so, so sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family....
  2. First, I scored a *fabulous* deal on clearance canner at Wal-Mart! I'd like to start by canning chicken...and I've read the Blue Ball book on poultry about 500 times now. It says to cook the chicken 2/3 done. Well how in the world do you know when that is? Any signs for me to go by when trying to judge? I just have no idea what 2/3 will look like. Can anyone help me figure this part out? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks, y'all for the ideas. As for grains, pasta, cake mix, etc: do you freeze those everytime before you use them? Even if you are going to use them fairly quickly, say in a month or so? I've always frozen my plain flour, but never thought to freeze pastas, spices, etc. Also, for my just purchased 50# of wheat berries, those don't need to be frozen before I put them in mylar, do they? Thanks again for your help...
  4. So would it be okay to empty choc chips into a food saver bag and then seal? How long should I expect the shelf life to be for something like that? My husband and I both l-o-v-e chocolate chunky brownies!! Could we live without them? I'm sure we could, but it wouldn't be a pretty sight!
  5. Please know how much I appreciate those prayers, Mt_Rider! Hopefully this weekend or sooner and we'll have a new little one to love on!
  6. The Survival Mom had a great review on The Wonderwash! It is definitely on my to-buy list at some point.
  7. I only know 6. Can't wait to see the answers... Great quiz!!
  8. Jeanette, it DOES feel great! Thanks for sharing in my excitement! CrabGrassAcres, well, I told my husband it felt like 'forced' nesting! But I'm glad it is done before the baby arrives, which can't be all that far off. Thanks for the prayers for a safe delivery. I truly appreciate that!
  9. My husband and I have had a HUGE weekend in getting more prepared. Please indulge me and let me share it all with you! We've been talking for weeks (or months) about turning my closet into LTS and we finally got it started and completed this weekend! There was so much in my closet you could hardly put one foot inside of it. But now it is completely empty, EXCEPT for the oh so fabulous new shelving! Hubby bought the commercial-grade stainless steel shelving from Lowes like you'd use in a professional kitchen. Only two would fit in the closet, and there is still a little room in there for buckets. (and there are 6 bags to go to Goodwill! Yippee!) And also this weekend, we spent quite a bit of money in upping our food preps to go in that new storage spot. Now I've got to get it all put away today. Even though we have a LONG ways to go in being completely prepared, it makes me feel so much more at ease that we've gotten this far. We only started really prepping a few months ago, so we've really picked up the pace and I'm so proud of us! And the best part is, we've tackled all of this before our 4th baby arrives! I am due any day now, and I am so ecstatic this is checked off of my do-before-the-baby-gets-here list!
  10. I get it every time I reply to a thread...and then it makes it a double post. I've only gotten it once so far today. Thanks for trying so hard to fix it. Edited to add: I didn't get it when I posted this time! Yippee!
  11. I've read such conflicting advice on how to store pre-packaged foods. Could you tell me the best way to do that? I usually cook from scratch, but I couldn't pass up a few deals at Kroger this week. So I bought some foods like: cake mix, jello, oatmeal packs, tea bags. How would YOU store those? Take the cake mix for example. Should I take it out of the box and then vacuum seal it in my food saver in the plastic package it came in? Same with the jello. And I have tons of angel hair pasta now. Do you take the pasta out of the box and vacuum seal and then put in buckets? Last question: If they ARE vacuum sealed, I would assume they would last longer than the "use by" date on the package, right? Thanks for any storage help you can offer...
  12. Well, I figured you meant green beans...but I just wanted to make sure! I've only used my dehydrator about 4 times since I bought it a few weeks ago. So I'm still really new to the whole dehydrating scene! Thanks so much!
  13. MtRider, When you stated 'beans', did that mean green beans? Or beans like black beans, pintos, etc? Just curious Thanks!
  14. Sorry about the double post... Got that stinkin' Internal Server Error! Ack!
  15. Kroger is by far my favorite grocery store to shop in. The sale prices just can't be beat in this area with any other store. There are the deals in the sales flyer and then they are tons of extra deals that are considered unadvertised. You can find them all at Southern Savers. I just love that site! (No, not affiliated in any way with them, just a very happy reader!) And you should definitely be able to find similar deals at King Scooper's (and Dillon's if that's nearby) since they are run by the same folks. Making my big Kroger run tomorrow morning! I'm due literally any day now with our 4th baby, but I told my hubby we had to shop the Kroger sale before I went into labor! Tee hee!
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