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  1. Impressive. Mine simply squared away the rise in Medicare fee.
  2. Yep, Momo, That's the way the cookie crumbles this year, on this matter. I know the feelin'.
  3. I hope they find your car. Mebbe looking into a car dealership or mechanic who is good , changing to some new door locks would be a good idea if you get it back intact. Heck of a story on these pukey thieves. If they would just stash their 'extra' cash for a year or so they could afford a used car of their own.
  4. It warmed up, a lot, went up beyond forecast supposedly...... in the forties though, for sure. Breezy outside. Evidently some county near by had fires, range fires... It is still very dry despite some bits of rain and snow the last several weeks. Wind just dries it all out again.
  5. Yep,I remember that! This area I am in has so much wind and the snow generally is like powder so its easier to clean off vehicles. The dreaded ice-snow-icy snow, frigid nights stuff further east is a real night mare.
  6. sassenach


    Jeepers, where does the gray and white coloring on some pups come from?
  7. I thought I posted that bike trailer in my thread????? Sorry .
  8. Watch out this morning for frozen fog effects on the ground when you go out , Jeepers! I just had that happen this weekend. I am glad you made it home okay. HInt: Clear off car hood of snow before driving. All your windows too. We get so busy planning out stuff, we can forget at the moment we can be our own road hazards with this wintry stuff. I am doing chores today. A box or three.... Sorting what I use as a desk, odds 'n' ends on it.
  9. For main bike I am sticking to 38cc or 49cc gas powered engines.... I am looking at the friction drive type pull start engines, but adding a few things like 2.5L gas tank or maybe even a 3.5L ( full gallon) , speedometer, lights, on a beach cruiser style bike, solid inner tube tires, have one front basket already but may get a really solid one that bolts down to forks for security of load. I was watching the installation video and one can add a rear seat post style rack , it would just take some design and materials and time to do a pannier bag for opposite side of engine which is in place on rear wheel area. It would leave room for a bike trailer. I could get a frame mounted engine kit too, but the crank/pedals width seems to be an issue at times, depends on the bike, and muffler type. But a 4 stroke lock n load friction drive 49cc engine , lights, etc are all legal and as long as you leave the pedals on, its legal as a bike, or a 'moped'. It is not a scooter. It does not need paperwork and insurance, but you do of course want to be wearing protective gear and clothes when you ride them. ( Not approved in Calif, though, locals need to check that. ) Most other states it's not an issue as long as you obey traffic laws. Don't go over 30 mph either. Some can but I won't be if I don't have to. Gas mileage is awesome. These engines, taken care of, with lots of parts bought for preps to keep it maintained, should outlast a few bikes or more, and they can easily be removed. The beach cruiser bikes, one speed, are fine for these engines. You will want the coaster brakes they have and some folks add in V line brakes and I might do that myself. I will see. Bikeberry.com is the site I go to. They are very helpful too, when you ask questions. One can modify 3 wheeled bikes to use some of these engines but it takes a good garage and some mechanical skills. One has to be able to set up a different crank and chain and possibly engine placement on the bike compared to the two wheel bikes. I saw youtube on one trike that was modified. It is not usually legal to leave them unregistered , licensed if they have larger than 49cc engines.... Basically those are only legal for bike racing sports off on a track some place. they are 66cc, 80cc, 212cc engines...... I am not that young anymore. Entirely different purpose than what most of us would be using ours for. You do want to buy a reasonable quality bike and regular forks on them..... and you need to inspect your bike weekly if you motorize them, to make sure wear and tear are not weakening things rather vital for your safety. Metal fatigue happens on rough roads. I like these bike engines because they are pull start, not electric ignition and that is important when under threat of emp's and such things. Remember to have a good lock for your bike! It is also worth putting a tracker on it some place it won't be noticed, just in case someone does take it. I can probably do mine up and get a basic bike trailer or make one custom , with accessories for under 650$ for it all. I can buy the stuff one item at a time. Thats not bad, not at all. Spread over several months, I can do it.
  10. These cargo bikes with cargo carrier in front are Dutch designs and often used in Africa where the Dutch influence them.
  11. One bike trailer I might make is a pull out camping trailer pulled by a a bike. It is lightweight but sturdy enough and looks nice and neat, is lockable and could carry purchases too. I saw a few models made on youtube today. Simple but useful. They are quite minimalist but it would work fine for going to the lake and stuff. Or as a BOB in warmer weather.....
  12. I am going to post more videos I found on this thread, but I have looked at sidecars for bikes, how to make various trailers for bikes, a lot of it upcycles, and how to make the attachment pieces because I want a bike trailer for a motorized bicycle, probably a cruiser bike or mountain bike, it depends on what engine type I get to motorize the bike, what kind of bike I get. I won't have to register it or get my motorcycle license, so it's also a budget saver and the stuff I am looking at has plenty of parts. This is one of the cargo bikes they use in Holland. Christy probably sees these in lots of towns there. It uses an electric engine and brake system on the tires, which really assists the delivery person. I am sitting here thinking maybe I could make a trailer using my electric scooter as part of it, but it would be a second trailer than I would generally use I think, but it would be fun to try. To assist would be awesome but it doesn't go as fast as a gas powered engine would push a bike, but the cargo trailer I am posting here has given me the seeds of thought. I might find a use for it. Here is the Carla Cargo bike trailer system that hauls a lot of weight!
  13. Our younger generations are far too reliant on technology that goes dead in an emp event or lack of power to recharge the unit batteries! ( Now that i realized my very simple compass actually was pointing north! The whole time! I unpacked it yesterday....... and thought it was pointing due South! ) Um, nope, it's fine. I am the one that gets turned around with being in a new environment and then usually going out my back door....... my street goes north and south...... But house goes east-west....... uh huh....... can't explain...... backyard mostly faces west......... ah yes, sun sets are out back and diagonal at this time of year , which is another factor in my being mixed up.
  14. Once I have my motorized bike I can make this, Good instructions to do this in video. Bike camper unit on bike trailer. Its not rickety at all! Can also haul stuff as needed.
  15. Maybe I will find my leather mitts and ice trax if I dig into a few more boxes again!
  16. Okay, will use the table salt. Just need to keep enough to bake with...... thanks. ( Feels stupid, brain blips when deal for ice melt was great compared to hardware store situation here.) Next month I will get that and a bag of sand. I prefer to use sand on ice anyway. It is very cold windchill..... 2F degrees and -8F windchill...... Rather glad I have plenty to do inside today, as well as I can simply go wash my hair!
  17. Sounds good gofish. There are good knitting groups and crochet groups on facebook if you are a member, too, folks will help you learn. Also youtube has lots of good videos of knitters who help folks learn. I have stitch dictionaries and such if you need any help. I have books too but have not gotten into complex knitting yet, like sweater making . One of these days I will. I got the heel and heel flap done and gusset started smoothly........ Mt. Rider...... it is getting easier! Picked up the stitches easily this time! Found some of my sock and worsted yarns and some of my DPN's and things like stitch markers and cable needle and at least one tapestry needle.
  18. I believe it made it to 24 but windchills were below 10 most of the day. A fog settled here overnight and much of NE is dealing with slicker surfaces , clear ice formed from this fog condensation on every surface that is flat. Like my porch steps..... and oh, shame on me I completely forgot to add ice melt to my basket shopping on Friday. Oops. It won't snow til tomorrow morning. So much for retrieving trash can or going to check the mail box. I have heard only 3 vehicles all day other than trash truck today...... yep, its slicker than....... so I have been unpacking boxes..... did pretty good. Found all my back pack and camping stuff. Found my snow boots and some other shoes I need. Still have not found the box with my daily clothes in it but found my ski jacket. I have another cold weather jacket. I wonder if I can wash the ski jacket? It's a nice jacket. I found a lot of my sewing material. I found my cheese cloth, but I need to order that stuff to coagulate the cheese, rennet. I did not yet find my heavy duty leather mittens and ice trax bag! ( Had to be in one of the far back boxes of course! ) I really need those ice trax, lol. I did find some of my sock dpns, yarn and some worsted yarn. Some of the knitting tack so I can do cables again. Found all my wagon parts and some flannel sheets i think fit a double bed! I was not happy about how my archery equipment was packed ..... seriously ticked about that. But quite a bit did get unpacked and mostly settled and I can work on pepping my backpack bob set up. My compass is completely the opposite ........ will have to replace it. Or can you fix those? I found my edible plants book. And Clan of the Cave Bear book, which would be good weekend reading , it wont warm up til Monday afternoon according to forecast. Forecast is 2 inches or so of snow Christmas Day.
  19. Reviewed vegetables good for blood pressure regulation and many of the basics are just fine,green beans, beets, celery, peas, carrots, included, which I like. Reduced salt intake from last month. I need to remember to order a new weight for my canner and try to get a case of jars and some bulk organic grown veggies to can up each month if I can, when I do main shopping to add stuff to my pantry shelves. Already seeing improvement on water retention factor. Every little bit helps!
  20. Wow......... seems to be going around. Very sorry this happened. Will add you to my prayers tonight.
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