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  1. Dogmum Have added your name to my prayer list in church we pray on Wednesday Friday and Sunday. There is 30 women in our circle so lots of prayers coming your way. :pray: :pray:
  2. Oh Christy He is beauitful I want one
  3. We have lovely weather for a change sunny and blue skies. So we are making the most of it by washing some blankets and large towels we have that have been sitting in a cupboard for awhile. We have quite a dilemma on our hands at the moment. As some of you know we lost our son last year. We have 2 DDs One is in Australia with her DH and their 2 girls she has told told us she is having another baby in Jan. Our other DD lives in Manchester U.K. with her DH and she also is having her first baby in Oct. Then next April she and her little family are moving to Australia as he has been offered a job there. Both girls have been talking and have asked us to move out there in the next 3 years or so. As once my DD goes we will be on or own. So we have a lot of thinking to do Also a lot of :pray:
  4. Kappydell, Thank you for this,i am going to try the washing line idea. I can not stay up long on my feet before i fall, so this idea should help me with that.
  5. Your lilies are beautiful, love you fountain
  6. Oh Jeepers he is cute. Have to call you Grandma Jeepers now. Jason and family are on the prayer list at church tonight. :balloons:
  7. Mt Rider and Ambergris. I have learned so much here. There are not very many people i know who prep. So this is my place to come when i need help.
  8. Thank you Daylily. Its not very pleasant at the moment. People who wanted to stay in the EU are asking for another vote.They are blaming the people who voted out of ruining the country. The government is in shambles, no Prime minister, and they are fighting with each other whos going to be the new P M. The good news is the banks have said they will not leave UK. Also alot of large businesses who said they would leave but they are not. So i just keep
  9. No only people who where British citizens could vote. You had to register to vote and prove you where eligible. No one from any of European countries could vote.
  10. Now we wait and see what happens. People are fed up with being told we have to do this and we have to take in so many imigrants. Also the Prime Minister was caught out on TV telling a few lies. That didnt go down well. They are saying the Prime Minister should resign as he wanted to remain in the EU I guess its a wait and see what happens.
  11. Well tomorrow is the day. We vote either leave or stay in the EU. I do hope there is no trouble
  12. Daisy56

    Shingle Shot

    Hope your okay Jeppers
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