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    Love the out doors. Gardening/landscaping/Heritage Days .My favorite T.V. show is The Campfire Cook on RFD TV. The only problem is we no longer have Direct TV and I can't get my programs on. I've tried to get Brighthouse to air the <br />network, but they said there is not enough customer demand. Funny as it seems, my neck of the woods is still pretty rural. There is a lot of farmland and county living. My good friend is a member of this site and she shared it with me. She explained to me that there are other folks out there who share in the same beliefs as we do. Hopefully more people will become more educated and knowledgeable about living off of the land, bartering, and buying meat and vegetables from local farms and harvesters. The grocery stores are making a killing on those too ignorant or lazy to fiend for themselves and help each other.

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