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  1. Old is when you find these jokes hysterically funny and can totally relate to what they are saying !!
  2. My dream pantry would be my own Walmart in the backyard. LOL. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  3. I met a man about 15 years ago whose house had burned down. Total loss. He told me he had lost some sentimental items that could never be replace and was sad about that, but what he said next was an eye opener. He said how simple life was now without all the "stuff" to take care of and worry about. He was a single dad. He said the cooking and cleaning was so easy with just a few basic items. He didn't have to spend time hunting for things and always putting stuff away--no clutter. It was not an easy lesson for him to learn, but I have always remembered him and what he said about owning little.
  4. I completely understand using bones to flavor and add nutrition to soup stock. But, beyond that, is it worth the energy costs to boil from 8 hours to 3 days?
  5. Does anyone have ideas for using cornmeal other than the usual cornbread?
  6. Eastern Oklahoma Economy not too bad here. There are jobs, but not enough. I do not know of anyone losing their homes. Everyone says money is tight.
  7. Great info here !! It is really scary to have to think about leaving for good (as in Chernobyl). If that was the case though, I would definitely want a small photo album with my fav pics and my few pieces of heirloom jewelry for sentimental reasons (as well as barter if necessary).
  8. I find the easiest (and cheapest) water storage is recycled 2 liter bottles. I don't use many myself but have friends and family save them for me. They are a good size to handle. Another item I have seen is the Water Bob (www.waterbob.com ) It is a 100 gallon bag that goes into your bathtub. It's price is $19.95 (plus shipping probably). Not for long term storage but would be great for emergency storage.
  9. 1. Non-food restocking and filling holes - charcoal, foil, trash bags, more alcohol and peroxide, printer inks, shampoo, etc. 2. Food items - 10 meals of heat and eat foods (for a quick fix in emergency--not used normally). More beans and rice (can't have too much). 3. Reading anything and everything I can find to be ready and increase knowledge. 4. Starting a new job on Tuesday after a loooong layoff !!! (new group of people to get the word out to) 5. Ordered cast iron dutch oven from Lodge 6. Added to my list of more preps to get and do. It is never done !!
  10. This sounds great. I will try it tomorrow. Any suggestions for similar for a flour tortilla?
  11. This recipe is very similar to my potato-cheese soup. I do not peel the potatoes (saves time and a lot of nutrition). I usually add onion and garlic powder, and sprinkle with parsley. Serve with homemade bread and maybe a salad. Soup is great ! With time and practice you won't even need a recipe. One pot cooking at it's best. Depending on size of family it also makes more than one meal.
  12. I was reading the book "How to Cook a Wolf" by MFK Fisher written in 1942 during food shortages/rationing (probably some carryover from depression too). She stated that in Europe, meat is used more as a seasoning. I thought that was an interesting concept. It would certainly be cheaper and probaby healthier too.
  13. I just paid $5.88 for 10# Great Value at Walmart today. According to Homemaker above that's a $1.30 increase in about 2 weeks !! Yikes !!
  14. OK. Let's say that we have the food, supplies, first aid, etc. all taken care of. Now, what about you the woman, mother, the female? I have not seen any of these items on any lists and am curious what women are doing? Personally, I do not use many of these items, but us "girls' need to think about ourselves too, once the family is taken care of. Makeup Nail polish Gels/Mousse Perfume Hair Color Face Creams Lotions Scented Candles Hair clips, ties, holders Another item I have not seen any mention of is craft/leisure items. I see lots of entries for the kids: games, books, etc. I know women work very hard and if times get tough, we will work even harder. But, women need an outlet too! Just curious about other thoughts on the subject.
  15. www.earthquake.usgs.gov is a site that shows earthquakes all over the world in the last hour, day and week. TN has earthquakes every week (at least for the last few months that I have been watching). They are small but they are there. I lived my first 30 years in Los Angeles and have been thru many. First of all, unless you are on top of the epicenter, you just get shook around. The bad thing about them is there is nothing you can do to prepare. They are usually over before you realize what is happening and figure out what to do.
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