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    DYI potty

    I'm currently living in a partial off-grid situation - water is hauled in but has to be brought inside for use. So instead of using the traditional "outhouse," I decided to use a composting toilet of sorts especially for my DD who has Downs Syndrome. Ours consists of a 5-gal bucket with a "Reliance" snap-on seat. This "seat" is way more comfortable than the one you'd get from Walmart that barely fits around the top of the bucket. Our compost filler consists of peat moss and the sawDust shavings used for pet beds. I mix it 1 part peatMoss to 2 parts sawDust. It is emptied every couple days and doesn't have that "outhouse" smell where we dispose of it (a hole that was originally supposed to be our outhouse!) The pool noodle I'd use in a pinch if ever our seat broke, that's what happened to the Wally-World one, just wore out I'm guessin! Another note, since the buckets are plastic - they absorb odors, so you will need to change out your buckets every year or so - even with cleaning (jus a squirt of dawn soap 'n water, scrub with a toilet brush). Don't use any type of chemicals in your compost or you'll destroy the good organisms and then you WILL have that outhouse odor, whew!!
  2. hi purdy bear, I think i know what you're talking about, and it's not toilet paper cardboard rolls ! I believe they call this an "alcohol" stove?! It's the roll of toilet paper itself (with the cardboard center removed) and you'd place the TP inside a "new" quart-size paint can. Fill this can with rubbing alcohol. After the alcohol is absorbed, you just have to place a match or lighter next to the TP and it will light up a good flame. I understand it makes a good flame to cook a meal, tho' I haven't personally tried it myself. The lid helps to douse the flame when you are done with cooking. Hope this helps.
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