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  1. I think most bread doughs would freeze well. I regularly freeze challah and pizza doughs. I also mix up biscuits, roll them and cut them and freeze them unbaked. I just take out what I need and bake frozen.
  2. Friday we were on Interstate 40 going East. We came upon a strange vehicle. It had government plates but it was a brown pick-up truck with a shell over the bed. There was a strange black box thing mounted on the back. The windows were heavily tinted and you could not see inside at the driver. It got off the interstate and pulled over on the side of the service road......it pulled in front of 3 parked 18-wheeler trucks and a large green military type truck. It looked like a military vehicle but instead of being olive drab green like they usually are it was shiny green.....not sure how to explain it. Anyway it appeared that all five of those vehicles were together. I cannot explain it but the whole thing gave me the creeps. What branch of the government? What was in the trucks? And why did driving next to that brown pick-up with government license plates give me the creeps so?
  3. My biggest issue is MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.......sometimes called Environmental Illness. I have had this for 10 years. If I am exposed to perfume/air fresheners/fabric softeners/paint/cigarette smoke and a ton of other things my joints hurt, I get severely fatigued and have other things like intestinal issues. I am pretty safe in my house in the country (I was worse in the polluted city) and pretty much only use things like baking soda and vinegar to clean and do laundry with. The only soap I can use is Dr. Bronner's and I use it for shampoo because I cannot use those either. I have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.....and so many of the symptoms of the three things overlap I am not sure where one begins and the other ends.......and they all began at the same point. In general, if I stay home and pace myself and DH does not bring anything scented on his clothing or person I am "almost normal".....HA! But sometimes I cannot stand the isolation and go out somewhere (we might go out to eat or to the grocery store) and most of the time I cannot go out somewhere and not get exposed to something that takes me days or weeks to recover from.
  4. Do you think being in a metal building will be a problem? I forgot to talk about it with DH when he came home last night but I did look them up at Amazon and found a wide variety from $10-$200.
  5. Hmm, I really don't know anything about them? I will talk to DH.......do you have to have one of those ginormously tall antennas? Off to research.
  6. No.....one might think so but because of pain/fatigue issues I am limited in what I do anyway. I love to work and cannot stand to sit or lay around but am forced into much of the time. I did however get a lot more book reading done without the internet. I read a lot of books anyway but without the internet it really increased.
  7. I am picturing the poor cows if it malfunctions! I will keep milking my goats by hand too, thank you.
  8. My satellite internet was out for three weeks! When I called, the first repair appointment available was today! Anyway I found it a bit challenging. I am mostly homebound and way out in the country. When the switch to digital happened I lost the few tv channels I had (no I don't need a converter box-I have a digital tv)......I periodically would scan for channels though and back in September I began being able to pick up one channel (CBS) I enjoyed that one channel for five months when it began coming in sporadically and now it is out all the way. I am not a big tv watcher so it is not that big a deal........UNTIL your internet goes out! Boy did I feel isolated and unaware of world goings on. I learned about the Japan earthquake from my Mom on the phone, but had no way to get any news about it......My husband went out of town for four days so he could not even bring news home from work. I get one radio station here but it will play about two sentences of news in the morning and play the same exact sentences a few other times that day. I think it was a great exercise for me.......maybe I am a bit to dependent on the internet......and a good exercise of what things could be like when everything falls apart but it was hard!
  9. added: 25 pounds of brown rice 4 pounds pecan halves 1 case of tomato soup did some garden planning with DH identified some gaps in food storage and am making a list
  10. Ever see the movie Soylent Green......the scene where Charlton Heston screams "Soylent Green is People!" I keep picturing Charlton Heston instead screaming "Chinese Rice is Plastic!"
  11. 53*F right now with a high expected of 68*F! Quite the change after two weeks of snow and freezing. Still have a touch of snow in spots but most of it is gone leaving mud in its place! Nothing exciting going on here but just a nice quiet day. I am not overbounding with energy but still feel it is a good day physically and am hoping to keep up with the basics, do some deep cleaning in the bathrooms, and pay some bills. I have gotten DH fed and off to work and have fed and watered the cats, the goats and the chickens.
  12. Good for you for trying them and that is wonderful your family liked them. We love beans and rice at our house. Pintos and Black Beans are the two we have most often but I also keep Red Kidney Beans, Navy Beans, Garbanzo, Black-eyed Peas, Green Split Peas, Yellow Split Peas, and Red Lentils. I have favorite recipes that I make often but I like experimenting.
  13. Inventoried one of my storage cabinets Inventoried my bucketed food Finally bucketed 4 bags of grains/legumes that I have been putting off Added a case of canned tomatoes Added a case of graham crackers Added a case of mustard Added a case of raw apple cider vinegar
  14. I grew up in Southern California in the 70's......in the city of Orange. My Dad worked in Anaheim and his drive took him through strawberry fields. Every Friday during Strawberry season he brought home a flat of the most delicious strawberries!
  15. According to Snopes this is FALSE http://www.snopes.com/crime/warnings/eggthrow.asp
  16. My experience has been very positive. Strawberries are my favorite fruit. Two summers now I have bought flats of strawberries and dehydrated them. I mostly have used them for putting in our oatmeal in the winter. YUM!.....I missed one of the older jars from the first summer and recently opened it so it was probably 19 months old. I thought it smelled and tasted great.
  17. Not really. It was 0*F when I got up this morning, which is the coldest I ever remember since moving to Oklahoma 7 years ago. But....I am surviving because warm weather is predicted very soon. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 45....followed by two days in the 50's, two days in the 60's and 71 is predicted for next Wednesday! Our well line is frozen up today so am having to heat water on the stove for dish-washing, but I tell you, just knowing warmer days are coming is very encouraging, plus the sun is shining despite the cold temps.
  18. Shoshana


    So sorry gofish about the struggles with your children......hoping all situations get better for you #1. Watching the snow pile up even higher. #2. I am hoping to finish my book........will the serial killer be caught? Of course he will but the chase is interesting. If I am good, I will get off my bottom and get some things bucketed......I keep jars of beans and grains in the kitchen to cook from and need to refill my pinto bean and black bean jars (our two favorites) but I cannot because my buckets with gamma lids that I refill from are topped with some unbucketed beans and grains that I have been procrastinating on.
  19. I have heard of it but not really thought about it in a long time......that would be something for me to work on in the future....I would have to start collecting the materials. It will probably take me a long time to collect things though as I would pretty much have to use our own used clothing. I cannot buy from thrift stores or take things from others usually because of fabric softeners and laundry detergent. I have to use baking soda and vinegar to wash my clothes as I cannot tolerate the normal washing mediums......and my success rate and cleaning up things formerly washed in scented things has not been good. I will look around online for information about it. Thank you.
  20. The only thing I did this week to prepare is to discover that I DO NOT need any more canned pumpkin! 55 cans of organic pumpkin is probably plenty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not realize I had pumpkin in more than one location. It is now all together and my cans and packages now mostly organized.
  21. I read somewhere that steaming eggs instead of boiling helps in the peeling too. So I have been doing it that way for a few years.
  22. Thank you all so much for all your replies and suggestions! Having this conversation has helped tremendously today. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
  23. You are right, I should :-)
  24. We do sort of have dividers in a way. We have these office supply cabinets that are six feet tall and three feet wide. They form an "L" that divides the living room "area" from the bedroom "area" and the kitchen "area" from the bedroom "area".......so I have visual rooms somewhat but it is not enough to hold the heat in those areas. The rafters are like 20 feet up so hanging things from them would not be an easy task.
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