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  1. I have heard that probiotics are wonderful also. In order to start taking them what type and amount should one look for and what price range do they average, say for a month's supply, please?
  2. I hope things are looking up for you, Lunamother. I love fresh baked bread. I bet it was awesome. I would like to know where your other stories are located, Trip. Are they in here somewhere? And if so, will you direct me to them? Thank you.
  3. I would just like to say that I am praying for Luna and family, too. Also, Trip, I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'One Day in May' and would enjoy reading more of that or another one.
  4. These sound great, especially the mint water. I, too, planted mint years ago. I started pulling it out a couple of years ago as it was taking over my favorite flowerbed. Sure enough, I have quite alot already this year. I did let some naturally dry one year. I took it to the beach house on vacation. I heated some in water on the stove and was bummed out when it didn't taste refreshing and minty. I would love to know some more recipes to use it. It grows really well here.
  5. I think that was a wonderful thing to do. By you blessing this child you will be blessed also. That's why you felt so good about it. Thank you for your kindness and sharing it with us. The cake looks awesome. It will really make his day.
  6. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Darlene's prayer said it so much better than I could have articulated. I totally concur with her prayer and will add mine for you two also.
  7. I, too, am saddened by your loss and grateful that you got to see him one more time. You know you and your family are always in my prayers. , vine
  8. Happy Birthday Lori. I hope this is your best year yet!
  9. Thank you so much for this wonderful information. I LOVE reading about natural remedies.
  10. vine

    Take a hand...

    Thank you so much snapshotmiki. I am so glad to be surrounded by so many awesome women. I am reaching out to take Rita's hand and give her a huge hug with lotsa love.
  11. vine

    Take a hand...

    I love this train of thought, Cat. Thank you so very much for bringing it to my attention. I have arms wide open and would love to be part of this comforting circle of friends and family.
  12. Thank you so much for sharing a special part of your life with us, as well as a beloved friend. What an awesome experience that you have had and can look back on if you ever feel down.
  13. vine


    Your son looks like he is reclining on a great dane! Thank you for the awesome picture of the both of them. They DO look comfortable.
  14. I sent my order off yesterday. You should be receiving it in a day or so. Those are the best scrubbies I have ever used. They last a LONG time and work equally well on any dishes you hand wash. Thanks so much for making and sharing these! I love them. It makes washing dishes a breeze....
  15. Wonderful! Yes, those are exactly what I am looking for. They are awesome in the kitchen and they last forever! I want to order a 3 pack. Thanks so much!
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