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  1. Can smoked or bratworst be dehydrated? I see huge sales on skinless smoked sauage and would love to slice it really thin and drying it like jerky and using it in soups later. Is that safe?
  2. I'm alive, just had more disasters in my family than I can count! But I feel right now I need to include time for myself and this is where myself wants to be.
  3. Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I have posted here. I have been going through my very own disasters and haven't been around long enough to post, but in the last week I have found so many thing I needed to share I decided to MAKE myself make time to share them. A warning it is a long one, but I think it's worth reading. In the past two years I have found several things you may not consider important enough to store in your preps (I know I didn't think they were important) here are the things I have learned. 1. Wedding tulle. The small hole stuff. The smaller the better! Get as
  4. Did you check and see if they germinate before you tossed them? We lost a whole bucket several years ago and we tested the beans to see if they germinated and yes they did so we planted them the next spring to see what they would grow. We ended up refilling the bucket that following fall. Just a thought. The bugs didn't bug the plants.
  5. Went grocery shopping last week at Walmart and was shocked to find the entire three 10 foot long racks of ALL types of sugar were gone! Every single bag!!! I needed sugar for jam so I headed out to the other grocery store and they had plenty of sugar and it was cheaper than Walmart. So I wondered is it a run on sugar or was there a bug outbreak. Can sugar get an outbreak? It did scare me but good so I bought extra sugar at the other store.
  6. I have a big bag that I got at Sam's club a year and 1/2 ago and it still works great for cakes and stuff so they must be right about the 3 year thing. Seems like a mineral would last forever. hmmm
  7. As for which ones need to be cold or not. The medicines you get have the manufacturer's name on the prescription label on the bottle, you can look up their website and there is usually information on each medicine at their site for general use. IF you need more information on the medicine you can call the manufacturer like I had to do and ask their medical rep about that medicine. In my case that was easy because my kids condition requires that we keep extra pills for stress dosing. So I explained that sometimes we have those pills here for a whole year and I needed to know how to store them s
  8. Ok here's my tip: Be One with Nature. If you can't beat them BRIBE THEM!!! I have a real terrible problem with deer, rabbits, turkeys, fox, and wood chucks. So we put up a chicken wire fence around our garden plots and then we tilled a small area out near the woods and threw a packet of lettuce, clover, and cheap wheat seeds in there and let them go to town. They don't try so hard to get into my garden if they have their own and if they want it weeded they can do it. Plus since I am saving seeds and just hate to throw any extras away I can just toss them into that bed and the animals can
  9. I have two kids with life threatening conditions so I know just how you feel. I had to do some major research to find out just how to store medicines and how long to store them and fortunately I had a really good pharmacist who just took several classes on it and was very concerned for my kids. Here's what she told me to do. 1. Buy enough meds (over the counter) for a year. If they have longer Exp. Dates then buy enough till that exp. date. 2. For the prescription medicines depending on your insurance you can usually go a week ahead of time to get your refills which after 4 months is
  10. I just want to point out something most don't mention. Though we are fighting a battle on the southern borders of our country they are NOT the easiest area of the US to get past. Though we know of the hundreds and maybe thousands who come accross those same southern borders it's the hundreds and thousands we don't know in the northern areas that people should be worried about. There are areas between Canada and the US where you can drive thru because the check point is a toll booth with a sign that says sign in when you pass. Yes we need to stop the illegal immigration and protect our borders,
  11. I read somewhere that if you have city water you don't need to add anything to your water because it already has clorine in it, but if you use well water you should add a few drops of clorine into it to kill any bacteria. Does anyone know how many ml is recommended. I would be using a medicine dropper to add the clorine and since I am allergic to clorine on my skin I am not real thrilled with the idea of adding it to my stomach. I used to have problems drinking city water when I lived in the city (not to mention taking a shower!) That was why I considered doing the canning jar method, but stil
  12. We left the pipe open, but capped it off and we have our well pipes in our basement so the old well pipe is still sticking out down there. So my DH is building a box to hold one of those cast iron hand pumps on the old pipe. Our new well has the power pump on it. So we have water either way. They are two seperated pipes with two differnent pump systems. Hard to explain, but they work. I just have to haul water from the basement when we have to use the hand pump. You should know we have a shallow well so it is easier to pump water up from. Those deep ones are hard to pump up by hand becaus
  13. We had to replace our well recently and was advised to move the well spot a couple feet away to prevent the caking from minerals from blocking the water flow so instead of pulling the old pipe out we left it there and capped it with a hand pump and a valve. So now when I need water and the power is out I can use that hand pump. (we loose our power all the time so this is needed often). I am still planning to can some water as soon as I fugure out if I need to add something to it before I can it.
  14. http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?sh...mp;#entry300865 Here is what we use for our garden. And last summer I got 46 pints of green beans, 60 quarts of tomato sauce, a bushel of onions, a bushel of potatoes, 40 pints of dill and bread and butter pickles, 6 quarts of frozen swiss chard, a whole summer's worth of lettuce, radishes for ever meal, a half bushel of green peppers and jalopeno pepers, and a pint of strawberries. Oh and a huge amount of zucchini! This year I am using the topsy turvy planters for the tomatoes so I can grow wheat and corn in the beds in the back. We grew enoug
  15. Just came from shopping and yes Sugar has gone WAY up. A 10 lb bag is $7 a bag!
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