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  1. For the short time it takes them to dry out so you can brush them clean they won't turn green. If you need to let them cure further to toughen the skins up then yes they should be out of the sun.
  2. 12 quarts and 4 pint cherry pie filling, 13 quarts and 6 pints of pickles, 12 1/2 pints of cherry jelly, 4 quarts and 30 pints of bing cherries in a light syrup, hopeing to get some fresh caught salmon from my friend to can this week.
  3. When the flowers come make sure to give plenty of water, this is when the tubers are in a growth spurt and good moisture helps increase potatoe size.
  4. You can harvest for immediate use anytime but for storing wait till the onion tops are falling over and then when they are drying up you can pick and cut the tops off and let the onions finish drying. If you pick onions while the tops are green and upright they will want to sprout right away and not store well. With potatoes I always wait to harvest them for storage until the tops have died back and are drying up that give the skins on the potaoes a chance to toughen up. after you dig them let them dry in the sun and brush off any excess dirt before storing. You can pick a few potatoes anytime
  5. Is it possible that you have iron in your water? Do you get rust stains in the washer, toilet, or bath? We have sulphur and iron in our water as well as a lot of mineral making it 100 grains of hardness. Our softener makes it usable for household use but I wouldn't drink it, the taste if off a bit. So I installed a reverse osmosis system for drinking and cooking water. Boy what a difference that made. It is like crystal clear bottle water coming from the tap now, canned foods taste are greatly affected by water quality.
  6. Kim, I love your videos on your website, my 7 year old checks your utube videos everyday to see if you added new ones. She can't wait to make biscuits.
  7. Stretching the seasons is the real reason for building the greenhouse in the first place so it seems to be working. Also starting all my own plants this year is saving me lots of money. I was at Walmart today and stoped in the greenhouse to check things out and the tomatoe and pepper plants in 4" pots were $3 each. I think at their prices I must have $1000 in the greenhouse by now. I just put out 70 kohlrabi plants yeasterday and will put out 50 cabbages tomorrow.
  8. I just picked a bunch of radishes and green onions from one of the raised beds in the greenhouse. That is a whole month earlier than I could get radishes if I had to plant them outside.
  9. Those baby carrots are also real good pickled, this is a little different than my recipe, I use pickling spice placed in a cheese cloth sack that is simmered in the brine then removed. That adds the flavor without spices stuck to you carrots when you serve them. Be sure not to overcook the carrots when simmering them in the brine, they will cook more when processing and you don't want your pickles mushy. Pickled Carrots 2¾ pounds peeled carrots (about 3½ pounds as purchased) 5½ cups white distilled vinegar (5%) 1 cup water 2 cups sugar 2 teaspoons canning salt 8 teaspoons mustard see
  10. I really like having canned beans on hand, it seems like if they are in dry form I never use them because it is easier to use a can from the store to make chili but if I have my own canned they get used up. I got a deal on beans from the Amish store nearby a while back and had one of those bean canning days that I thought would never end also.
  11. My daughter and I spent a few hours yesterday and today making planting pots out of newspaper and filling them with potting soil. Then we planted all of our summer squash, zucchini, pumpkins, melons, and winter squash in them. Here is a link on how to make them if you would like to know how: , although I prefer to use a straight sided glass instead of the can because that little lip on the can lid can make it hard to get the pot off if you roll it real tight. I also use a small piece of tape to hold it after I roll it, It make it easier. It was a mice Earth Day project.
  12. 7 canner loads of beans, bean soup with ham, and split pea soup with ham. We had our Easter ham a week late this year and I couldn't let a good ham bone go to waste. We took a ride up to the Amish store on Saturday and stocked up on dry beans and they were just begging to get canned up. 7 canner loads of beans ready for the cellar
  13. Yes, that is good info to keep increasing pot size, also plant a little deeper each time as the stems will send out additional roots. It is a good idea to let your tomatoes grown indoors or in a greenhouse get some wind once in a while also. Either put the plants outside or put a fan on then on low just to give them a little breeze, it really help to make them more stocky and not spindly.
  14. So it have been a few days since the cold night - how are thing coming along now? Well it looks like it did do some damage to the tomatoes after all, I replanted most of the varieties this weekend. It seems like I have to learn everything the hard way. I did do something to make some money this weekend though. I planted one black raspberry bush 2 years ago that I paid $10 for. Last fall I bent some tips down and covered them with soil and took some cuttings off and stuck them in the ground also. About half of the cuttings rooted good and are sprouting as well as the tip
  15. We live on a hill and are surrounded by open fields and we do have a lot of problems with wind, I was really worried about the wind but so far so good. I was real careful to try to put the plastic on as tight as I could and I used 6 mil plastic which is a little stronger.
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