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  1. Forgot to mention went to child safety at sheriff sub station. A lot was learned. Don't be afraid to defend your child from bullies. Ar all loved whet the deputy had to say. As parents we talked a bit longer on bullying. I put in my 50¢ worth asa teacher and private citizen mom. Most of us have smartphones or a phone with camera capability. Use it then dive in to the fray!
  2. Well, showed my dd how to use paper map and map quest. Made a simple sit upon. Taking orders for gs cookies. She's inventing many uses for boxes. She can upcycle a box for almost anything to do with her dolls.
  3. My dd finally git in the scouts. First badge earning safety and first aid pin and badge. I had the kit list down pat but I needed to know what they wanted in the kit. She's learning mapping, meal planning, team work, arts and crafts for daily use. I'm excited.
  4. This is from my blog www.mycrappynovel.blogspot.com. Correct link. Sorry for forgetting blogspot.
  5. THE BATH Try as I might there is no privacy in this camp. I enter my tent and close the flap. While in this perceived privacy I take off my jeans, t-shirt, socks, and underwear. I put on my tankini. Already I have heated water cooling in my bucket. I've asked a few friends to watch the door for me. There were some people noticing I was getting ready for a bath. I don't want or need Peeping Toms focused on me! Hopefully they have forgotten since I put the bucket of hot water in my tent 15-20 minutes ago. It was BOILING HOT! The heat of the water was finally tolerable. I grabbe
  6. Moderator please remove my duplicates. Thank you. Sorry ladies.
  7. Sorry about that. www.mycrappynovel.com
  8. Moderator is this the right place to advertise my stories? Www.mycrappynovel.blogspot.com Please let me know if the link doesn't work, or this is the wrong subject area. The one-shot stories deals with a mass evacuation and having to camp out in the country side for an extended period of time.
  9. Last week we lost power. Brought out our coleman lamps. Wet for walk in hood.
  10. And yet the co xo's wanted a bonus for their executives to sell off everything. A bonus? Really?!
  11. Dogmom4 how much is a year supply?… in general that is?
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