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  1. BLESS your town!! I saw the story on the news and I was proud of everyone who came out to support and protect the family. Prayers for misguided Westboro Baptist Church.
  2. My brother became a Patriot Gaurd motorcyle rider a few years ago, and I have been so touched, impressed and inspired by the work that these guys and gals do. It all began when a bunch of mostly Harley riders got together to surround families of fallen soldiers to protect them from insensitive protesters at funeral services. Now they run many "missions" of compassion and patriotism. They gather in numbers, engines roaring, flags waving to welcome combat soldiers home. BTW, they only run "missions" by request, and never show up uninvited. They have become increasing well organised and have
  3. The FOOD GRADE DE is safe. If it doesnt say FOOD GRADE forget it! I use FOOD GRADE DE in my grain buckets, to worm the dog and get rid of the ants in the kitchen. There are several vendors on the net for FOOD GRADE DE. I think it's great!
  4. I was in Walmart yesterday to get some fertilizer and garden soil before the prices go up for spring. While there I got some canned sale items. While checking out, the cashier lady started complaining about the price of food and wondering what people were going to do as ;prices continue to go up. I noticed while shopping that powdered milk was very expensive. When I was a kid we couldn't affort regular milk but we could always afford powdered....
  5. I already have one large hole dug. The coolers will have about a foot of soil over them. Also, the hole is in the woods (jungle!) behind my house...a bit cooler yet, and hidden. Simpy disguising barrels is not really an option outdoors, (wish it was!!!) as it is just toooo hot and humid. Anything underground is going to be a bit cooler and more stable. Most of my food storage is in the house, and air conditioned. My plan is for a small extreme emergency stash. I guess I will be the guinnie pig and try the coolers and varnish out! The coolers are insulated which I think makes them
  6. Life without testosterone would be soooooooo boring!! LOL Anyhooo..... My first idea was to just bury my storage food pails, but learned from this site that those pails tend to crack outdoors over time. The problem is fluctuating temps. Even buried (shallow) there is temp fluctuation and moisture changes. So the big challenge is insulation. The buried freezer/fridge comes highly recommended, so I thought putting the buckets/cans into coolers would be simpler for me and probably just as effective. My thought is to add straw or sand in and around the coolers. I hear ya about water get
  7. Hey y'all. I am considering burying a cache of food and other supplies for long-term storage, or SHTF. I have read about root cellars, using old freezers etc. The thing is, I'm a single lady and don't have help. Rather than sit on my thumbs waiting for help, I am considering placing my canned, bucketed and/or bagged supplies in insulated coolers, and then burying those, and using straw or sand to insulate further. I live in a hot humid (tropical) climate. I am also thinking of applying varnish to the cans to aid in the prevention of rust. Does this sound like it should work? Thank
  8. GOOD FOR YOU!! We have Master Gardener's avail here where I live, and they are sooo helpful! Congrats!!!
  9. Thanks Everyone, for your input! I"ve had this rice since May of last year, and it seems fine to me. It has been vaccuumed sealed and kept in a dark closet. I put some in chicken soup I was making...that soup tasted good!! And suddenly I thought about the rice..and got to thinking... Anyway, I've eaten some of the good tasting soup, with no ill effects!
  10. Hi Everyone, How can you tell when brown rice has gone rancid?? I've heard it can and does happen pretty quickly. I have a whole heap of it stored. It looks and smells ok to me. Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks for the prayers! It rained all day yesterday and last night. Nothing scary. No damage. Continued prayers for the folks further north who will be dealing with the rain now. Georgia NEEDS the rain, so it's a blessing!! God is good. GulfCoastRuth
  12. Nette, my heart goes out to you too. My friend and I pray every morning together, and we will put you on our prayer list. May God find a way to comfort you, and hold you up, and give you some peace. Sending you heartfelt love.
  13. I live in the Pensacola area, and it looks like Ida is headed right for us. Schools are closed today (Monday) and tomorrow. Right now, they are saying it will probably be a strong tropical storm when it hits full on. Sky's are cloudy, surf is up, time to put the lawn furniture away! We could have some strong winds...this is a heavily wooded area, so trees blowing down can become a problem. My biggest fear though, with Ida, is tornados! They do occur randomly and are so destructive and come along with any severe weather that we have. Prayers for the whole coastal south!
  14. We are getting warnings here for a Cat 1...lots of rain and maybe some 25 mph wind. It occured to me that I am already ready!! No need to run out and get anything from the store!! Yippeeee!!
  15. YOU GO GIRL!!! LOVE your spirit of adventure, your courage!!! Let us know how it all turns out!!!
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