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  1. I've a nesco that I love-- I dry fruit and herbs, mostly. The kitchen always smells so nice when it's running. I use it in conjuction with my foodsaver-- as soon as my dried whatever is cooled, it gets vacuum sealed unless I plan on using right away. (for instance, I actually prefer dried pears to fresh. Weird, I know, it's me. . .)
  2. With ya MtRider! My problem is my love of cup-ramen. It's so easy to pack one for lunch, and they're so cheap. . . and so easy to jazz up on nights I don't have time to make a proper meal. I think I'll try to start learning to make actual, home-made ramen, so I can fry and dry my own noodles. . .the process is a bit different than making "western-style" noodles, but it's still a good skill to have. (And, if I make my own ramen, I can get my fix in a more healthy way. . .) But knowing how to make my own crackers and chips would be good, too, because sometimes, a girl has salt cravings and t
  3. CGA, I mentioned in the other $20/wk thread of Mo7's that I would like to post these suggestions at a blog I sometimes write at. Would it be okay with you if I just added a link to this thead in that post? I think some of our readers would find it useful. . .
  4. Awe, geez . . . last season I pickled up a ton of hot peppers, but can't rember the exxact recipie I used. I'm sure I pickled them, though, so there was vinegar, water, salt and a bit of sugar involved, I'm sure. . . I'll try to remember to look it up this evening for you. . .
  5. So, for years and years, I've been googling for Maryland places that sold feed corn, deer corn, the lot, and never did anything come up that wasn't out in Teh Boonies (I do live nearish the city-areas). This time-- a place within walking distance from my parent's house, where I have dinner at least once a week. !Suprise! They'll be having a sale on deer corn the weekend of Nov. 4th, so I'm gonna go then to get some.
  6. Dehydrated some pears, added 5 more gallons to the water storage, plus 2,000 more matches and yet another cylinder of propane for the camp stove. Will be canning the pears I didn't dehydrate. Learned to make sourdough chocolate cake (well, cupcakes in this kitchen!)
  7. Mo7, First of all, thanks for resurrecting these threads-- I included this list as part of my grocery list last night. My prices were a bit different, but it was close enough for government work, lol! Second-- I'm an occasional blogger over at theconservativetreehouse.com . I know many of our readers are interested in preparedness topics. Would it be okay for me to repost these lists (with some of my own commentary), of course giving credit to you and linking back to these threads? Thanks again!
  8. zophiel


    As someone who works on the other side of gov't contracting. . . have you asked your point of contact if they have a preference? I'm in the R&D area, so our engineers are picky about their specifications. If the contractor/ vendor comes to me with this sort of question, I generally refer them to the requester-- sometimes it matters, sometimes it doesn't. It may be that the folks who've contracted to you have no preference, and trust your abilities. But I don't think it would hurt to ask them: Present the pros and cons of each side, and see if they have a preference. Make a point that y
  9. I forgot to mention in my last post, I purchased a St. John's Wort plant for 75% off at a local garden center-- I'll be planting it this weekend, after two weeks of moving the pot to guage sunlight etc. . . Also, send a message via facebook to a friend who owns a farm out in WV. Her husband enjoys hunting up there in the wintertime-- asked if he'd like to show a girl the ropes this summer. I don't know if he'd be up to it, but at least I can ask, right?
  10. Oh, I'm sure of it Robie. I missed this the first time around, so it's a timely reminder. I can't afford a bike at this time, but seeing the suggestions for roller skates. . . I might take the next paycheck and get a pair of roller blades. It's been a while, so I'd need to practice (and have the elbow and knee pads and helmet), but that would make a huge difference. I don't work all that far from my house, but if I had to get to the parent's house from work, sans car, they would make a huge difference in time. . .
  11. Okay, confession time: I have, in fact, raided my personal BoB. Explanation: At the time, I owned only one tarp (this is no longer that case, but at the time, it was so). Due to some puckish faerie whose toadstool I must have accidentaly knocked over, there was a burst pipe right outside my foundation--and the water found its way into the (previously unrevealed) hole in my foundation, washing away into an even bigger hole. Such that, in my basement, I could reach my arm up into my side yard-- which was where all the rain would come into. So, while waiting for things to get fixed, I co
  12. Huh. Had not noticed. I just did my yearly stock up at BJs (being on my own, one bulk pack has lasted me that long), and I did notice thatinstead of it being five packs to a bundle, some were five, some were four. Hmm, I'll have to compare to be sure. With things like cereal, I look real close at the unit price, and make sure the same units are being used. Around here, they're actually generally pretty good about that, but I keep a sharp eye anyway. Unit price tells me more-- the markup on convenience items like "already peeled garlic* is astounding. Geez. Because smashing the clove and pi
  13. I too had to take a bit of a break-- getting ready for my friends wedding and the End of Fiscal Year at work, plus the work on the house, took most all my attention. But wedding and FY are done. Went on vacation to visit Grandma, now back and hitting the ground running. I'm. . . okay. High level of comfort for short term (1 week). Moderate level for 1 month. Low-moderate for 6 months. Okay for a year, if the crisis was a civilization ending, no more banks or jobs thing (as in, I have a ton of seeds, decent plot of land-- if I could make it through winter and early spring, I'd be okay. Ish.
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