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  1. Unless someone's got it, I think someone will taking a trip to buy the kind of phone charger that you use in the car. LOL! I actually went out to the garage and was running the engine to charge up my cell phone, but thought hmmm, I would be wasting gasoline in a real crisis....... lots to think about.
  2. Had a test run last night... We live in SoCal desert. It's been very cold here (for us) and last night we got some blessed RAIN!! I was coming home from Christmas shopping and began to notice that the usual night lights of the neighbors weren't on. "Neighbors" are few and far between where we live, and no street lights, so the darkness was eerie. Sure enough, when I got home, the power was off, and my DH was sitting in the dark with a flashlight nearby. We soon had a cozy fire in the fireplace and I brought out candles and battery operated "tap lights" and it all felt much safer and cozier. Then I began to really think about what worked and didn't. Our freezers were off, of course, as was the frig. I wanted a cup of tea, but didn't have a quick, handy way to heat water. I have a gas BBQ with burner on the side, but need to fill that other propane tank. I have some butterfly stoves and extra fuel blocks. I want to get oil lamps and lamp oil. We have plenty of firewood and matches, but I need some sort of grill for the fireplace. I think I can use one from the BBQ, held up by bricks. It was late, so the food issue didn't come up right away. My laptop was charged, but not my cell phone. No internet. I have a small crank radio, but it would take a lot of cranking to get the cell phone charged again..... Anyhow, a great heads up for me, about how really prepared I am and what I still need to do! Nothing like the REAL thing to make it real :>)
  3. "I got my final project grade back and I got a 96% on my Capstone Project and get to graduate Magna Cum Laude on Saturday!!!! ...so this is just one more thing that God has graced me with. He is so good! I can hardly speak and I'm in tears (happy tears!)." :G&V, isn't God awesome?? He gave you the desire of your heart! Awesome and congratulations!!! pscathy
  4. I just received "So Easy to Preserve", a 375 page book I ordered from Univ Georgia for $18. Great resource for canning, freezing and dehydrating, all in one book.
  5. Sorry guys, I couldn't figure out how to make my ornament hang without it tilting forward, finally gave up and glued magnets on the back:-( Feel free to try to figure it out! I should've used the ribbon that went around the tin...... sigh. oh well, next time! Merry Christmas!! Cathy
  6. Violet, we are so incredibly fortunate to have your knowledge available! Thank you! cathy
  7. I love the Mother Theresa quote on MomM "We can do no great thing, just small things with great love". It is actually NO small thing, this joy we all feel upon opening the creative gifts from each other. I cherish each one, and celebrate our creativity. I guess some of us (me!) will always struggle with being "good enough", but heck, our gifts are our GIFTS, given to us by our Creator. I so appreciate receiving your gifts :> thank you ! pscathy
  8. By the way, when working with hot glue, be sure to be very very careful. Snowmom, I'm with you on the hot glue fun. Ouch!! I have received all the ornaments in your photos here. Thanks and kudos to snowmom, MomM and snapshotmiki. What fun it is to get these creative gifts from you. I sent mine today. Whew!~ Now I just sit back and wait for more fun. Thank you guys. Cathy
  9. Thank you, Violet. I went through quite a few changes emotionally, but was determined to succeed, and at 8pm I just turned the canner off. Whew, finally got it to 15PSI, hooray. You are right, I did not let it get to the correct pressure. When I relied on the gauge, I let it keep going, and when it hit 15, the weight jiggled! That was great :>) So I defy any botulism to be living in that soup with all the cooking it's had today :>) Thank you so much for being here, Violet and all of you lovely folks. Your knowledge and expertise and experience are lifesavers.
  10. Thanks! I'm darned if I'll let that ole pot be the winner!! It's good to hear that my story is a familiar one---there's hope! My inside wanna-be and my outside reality clash!
  11. I have the American 925. I live in the high desert, about 2500 ft so did the 15lb /
  12. thanks Stephanie. I'm calming down. I guess I can do it all over again if I am not sure I did it right the first time. Uh, the soup could be overcooked I guess. It's only food, after all. I know me, and I wont eat it if I have any doubts.
  13. thanks Stephanie. I'm calming down. I guess I can do it all over again if I am not sure I did it right the first time. Uh, the soup could be overcooked I guess. It's only food, after all. I know me, and I wont eat it if I have any doubts.
  14. I have the American 925. I live in the high desert, about 2500 ft so did the 15lb My dial never even said 10 lb, much less 15. I am hoping that the "worst that can happen" is I have to re-process. Is that right?
  15. I have the American 925. I live in the high desert, about 2500 ft so did the 15lb
  16. Whew, Farmgirl! I am so onto the CAREFUL part, but nowhere near the addictive part yet. Can't wait to laugh about all this :>)
  17. Violet, I am still freaking since the directions said the gauge would hiss and sputter and wobble when the pressure was right. It started sputtering, never has wobbled, so I turned it down and set the timer. The dial says around 7 lb, but the booklet said that's not accurate so not to worry. My fire is very low, and it still is hissing. HEllllp. Is that okay?
  18. HMMM, the god news will be if we don't drop dead from botulism, so I guess you get to wait for that! I'm not stressed and grouchy, naw girlfriend. Hey Ruth, did I thank you lately for getting me interested in this here prepping???????? :http://mrssurvival.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gifo
  19. I feel like I just got drug behind a car! I started yesterday making Darlene's chicken soup. I love the pictures and step-by-step directions. I put all the ingredients in the frig and this am skimmed the fat from the broth, heated it up, and read my instruction booklet (from the American 925) and 2 online gov't booklets on pressure canning. I read some of it to DH who started saying this all sounds kinda dangerous...... gulp. I feel like I have a bomb in the kitchen, and I don't know if I did something that will detonate it! I filled 14 pint jars per Darlene's pics, and put lids and bands on them and put them in the canner. Gulp...PANIC... reviewing Darlene's instructions, realized I forgot to release air bubbles with spatula!!! Well, I decided I HAD to do it over, and so undid all jars, released air bubbles (didn't see any, but who knows?) put on new lids and back in the canner. I have the jars in there, the fire turned up, and am waiting for something scary to happen. I will be SO grateful if this ever feels routine to me. right now I could use a stiff drink (if I drank) or a cigarette (if I smoked!!! ) As it is, I am venting here so maybe I can calm down. I am struck after reading and re-reading all that stuff about botulism, that even if the canner doesn't explode in there, I still don't know if my food will be safe! Hmm. Well, I am doing it BY THE BOOK, so I guess it will be fine. I bought this canner a few months ago, and finally got my nerve up to go ahead. I'm telling you, it sure would be easier with somebody experienced standing beside me! The pictures are a big help, but if anyone is inspired to make a video for us first-timers, it would be a God-send! I had my husband filling jars with veg and chicken and was fretting that he might be putting in too much or too little. I don't know what is important... Just bit his head off over something he said about the laundry! I'm now going to wait for steam to come out the vent, let it vent for 10 minutes, then put the 15 lb wt on, and wait for the gauge to say 15 lb PSI, and at that point I will adjust the fire to keep it at that PSI setting. supposedly the weight will do that for me and I won't have to watch it for the entire time. I will set a timer for 70 minutes after the pressure setting is 15. Did I forget anythibg??? I'll go read some more..... What an experience! Are we having fun yet?? You guys sound so blase when you report the scads of food you canned over a weekend. Someday I will be there, right :>) ?? Cathy
  20. Each and every time I come on here I learn something helpful. What a blessing :>) Cathy
  21. I'm feeling pretty jazzed! I picked green apples from our tree, and canned 21 pints ! whoo hoo! I also just made beef jerky and it's really good. Sigh. Really a nice feeling of accomplishment. umm, I confess I haven't used my big, new American pressure canner. I never used one and it's BIG and empty and I'm not sure what to start with. I looked at the post of Darlene making chicken soup and thought I could do that, and we would eat it...... :>) also, I think I'd like to can some chili... anyone have any good, easy recipes? I'm not much of a cook. Thanks for all the encouragement, you good people! Cathy
  22. Dear chefddr, you and your sons have my prayers. Sounds like you have had your hands full for awhile. It's great that you are going back to school, looking forward to a great career :>). Cathy [edit to fix quote box]
  23. Okay, I will just keep doing it and gain in experience and hopefully confidence. I'm with you, the fewer additives, the better. Per the dehydrator I have, they say I can add up to some ridiculous "leaning tower " number of trays (I think they say 30). I want to get some additional trays. What do you think is a practical number to stack? Cathy
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