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  1. These videos are good. I am a visual learner, and since I don't have "gramma" to show me, this helps!
  2. Hmm, I did take most of them off the stems, and the instruction booklet said to split the stems so they would dry faster. I must admit that everything takes longer than I thought it would. The booklet that came with the machine gives time ranges of 6-12 hrs or 12-20 hrs!! What do I know :>). Does it seem long for peaches to take 9 hrs? It said to turn the temp down and dry the basil for 20 hrs. 2 weeks ago was my first try drying fruit, and I don't think I got it dry enough, so I put it in baggies, got as much air out as I could, and put them in the frig. They are not completely
  3. Thanks, Violet and C4C, I am going to try both things, canning and storing in newsprint.
  4. thank you! My freezer is getting stuffed so I need to can what I can ;>)
  5. I got a bunch of peaches from an organic farming group that I buy from. They got ripe faster than I expected so I froze them. They are peeled, sliced and frozen. Can they be canned now, and if so, how do I do it. I mean, do I thaw them first?
  6. I have an asian pear tree. These are a cross between a pear(thick skin) and an apple. They don't have a strong flavor. I was wondering if they might dry well, and if it works to sprinkle them with a bit of cinnamon prior to drying? Any ideas? They are ripe!
  7. Violet, after your and a few other people's recommendation, I got the Nesco Gardenmaster also and I like it. I think it is kind of noisy, kind of like the dishwasher running in the background, and it runs for hours! But no biggee, and I got used to it. When I dried basil and it took 20 hrs, I put the Nesco out in the laundryroom :>)
  8. Hallelujah! Good news! No cancer cells found in Husband's tests. It appears that all the problems are caused by the aspiration, a chronic problem. I know we can bear whatever we need to bear, I'm just really grateful we don't have to go there again :>) Staying in the present...it is good.
  9. Praise God, our Healer, our Comfort, Giver of all good gifts :>)
  10. Thank you, Violet. This is very helpful. I got a book called "Dry it, you'll like it" which is helpful, but was written for solar type dehydrators, even has plans for building one. I like it but don't have confidence yet to know what applies from one method to another.
  11. Last weekend I used my dehydrator for the first time. I dried some pineapple, nectarines, grapes (I blanched them, but they seemed a little weird), bananas, honeydew and cantaloupe melon, strawberries. It was fun to try all those things since I am pretty clueless. I have peaches in now, and it has been about 7hrs, so I will check them. I read that they should not have any droplets of juice when opened and squeezed. The timeframes for stuff is so broad... any tips about knowing when something is "done"? I put the dried fruit in baggies and it is in the frig. Not sure from here... sealer
  12. \o/ \o/ \o/ Praising God! H had bronchoscopy (sp?) yesterday, and his surgeon and lung MD were in agreement that they did not see any mass in his lungs to biopsy. They did see what they believe is evidence of aspiration infection (he has chronic swallow problems and aspirates food and liquid into his lungs). They are having fluid from his lungs tested in the lab for infection and for cancer cells. We will know more next week. Peace and His Presence to you, each one :>). Cathy
  13. Well, finally H is about to have his tests/biopsy in his lungs to see if the cancer is back. He goes in tomorrow am. I will keep you informed. thank you for your prayers. He will keep us in perfect peace if our minds are focused on Him :>). Cathy
  14. www.epicurious.com/.../Quick-Chunky-Plum-and-Cherry-Jam-232375 - Cached - Similar
  15. I know someone who traps feral cats, belongs to some organization...I will try to contact her and get info for you. You might want to do some searching for cat rescue organization in your area. The gal I know isn't associated with the Animal Control people at all.
  16. Darlene, praying for complete healing and restoration of your knee. "....for I am the Lord Who heals you..." Ex 15:26
  17. thank you Violet, Cannednerd and oink. There is a BBandB near here, and of course a Walmart. I have never used a pressure canner or cooker, just have vague scary memories of them from childhood. I was going to buy an AllAmerican 25 qt one. I have read on here that it has a great reputation, and all the goodies work great, and no rubber gaskets. For a novice scaredy cat like me that all sounds reassuring! And my husband offered to buy it for me! So, honestly, would you get an all american under my circumstances? I am glad to hear that the Nesco Garden dehydrators are good. I don't thin
  18. I am about to purchase a pressure canner and a dehydrator. I have been pricing on several sites, but wondered if you have had positive experiences with specific sites, or know ones to avoid? Buying online is so convenient, but of course has glitches, too, if there are problems with the products, so experience counts! Has anyone had experience with ordering with CanningUSA.com? Thanks, Cathy
  19. Hi there, I didn't fall off the planet, but have had my husband's kids and their families here for a week and more. They came down from Seattle area to visit their dad and to be here for MD visits etc The news is that there is NO NEWS. I guess that's good news so far. The team who reviewed the Ctscan and PTscan want more tests, and those have not been scheduled. I am grateful for the reprieve and grateful for the faithful, sustaining Lord, family and friends...and your prayers :>)/ Will keep you posted. Lord bless you today. Cathy
  20. Thank you, Stephanie. I am encouraged by messages today on christian radio, esp. James MacDonald who is doing a series on faith and fear, and how fear cannot stay in the presence of our praise and magnifying God! He is so good, and HIs timing is perfect. The details as I know them so far are that my husband had cancer of the esophagus, diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago. He was treated at City of Hope in CA and although this is historically a deadly cancer, he has lived past the time they expected. They removed his esophagus and a lot of other stuff. We are very grateful for these extra yea
  21. Well, it looks very likely that my husband has metastatic lung cancer (the original cancer lurked in his body and popped up in his lungs). There is a Chest Group who will review the scans thursday, and will make recommendations. He is to have a core biopsy in a couple of weeks, possibly sooner. This is a very difficult time. His grace is sufficient. (gulp)!! God bless you and keep you. I covet your continuing prayers. Thank you. Cathy
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