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  1. Good morning. I thank you so very much for your prayers and concern even though you don't know us! How truly "walking the Walk", and what great evidence of the Spirit of the Living God within you :>). I love the way God comforts through His children! Even though we don't know the outcome of today's tests yet, I feel His peace. He knows. He has a plan and a purpose. His will be done! Coming back atcha with prayers for your continued wisdom and peace. This is the day the Lord has made...I WILL rejoice and be glad in it! Cathy
  2. May You whisper Your peace to her neice this moment as she lies there in that hospital bed. May she know that she is not alone, and that her Heavenly Father's eye is upon her, and that You truly are in control. Only You can take this brokenness and heal it for Your glory because Your heart is tender towards Your children. In Jesus Name I pray, ******************************************************************************** ********* amen and amen, Lord!
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  4. Wow, what an outpouring of love and prayers and support! Thank you so much. I'm asking God to wrap each one of you in His arms of love and to bless and protect you today.
  5. I am relatively new to Mrs S, mostly a reader, but am very grateful for this forum. It is a comfort and encouragement to know that you all are out there, and are sisters in a real way. My husband was treated for a very aggressive cancer 3 years ago. He is 71years old. His treatment, though severe, was "successful". There is, however, suspicion that it has metastasized. He will find out June 9. I am praying for his spiritual growth and healing, and for his physical healing. God's will be done!! I also need prayer that I will be pleasing to God in my relationship with my husband. I wan
  6. Thank you all for the information and links and recipes!
  7. nothing happened when I did the quick reply to your post!
  8. I guess I will take the mayo back! I found a site for shelf life info stilltasty.com Thanks guys!
  9. You've posted more than the allowed number of blocks of text!!! huh? I was just trying to reply to a post. no idea what that means or what to do about it. I can't reply to that text.
  10. Thanks! I am wary of spoiled food, and tend to err on the side of safety! This concept of long-term storage is an unchartered area for me. Cathy
  11. PS actually it says USE BY, not expires. Cathy
  12. Hi, I am new to prepping and to blogging. Not sure if this is the spot to ask my question... I thought I had a good idea for storing mayo, and bought individual packets at Sam's club. Then I noticed an expiration date on the bottom of the case for august 09! Do you store mayo? How, and how long is it safe? Thanks! Cathy
  13. me, too! BLACK coffee, but unsweetened tea :>) Do you think it is a good idea to vacuum seal sugar?? as in seal a meal? and then put it in another storage container? ( I added tortilla chips to my list of what NOT to seal a meal!! :>
  14. Thank you! I am a friend of Ruth's and interested in this concept. I live in high desert of So California...the gophers have invaded my garden, which is surrounded by hardware cloth that we trenched 15 inches! I'm afraid to plant.....haven't caught him yet...but these bales might be a solution for now. Cathy
  15. Hey Ruth! did you ever tell me your dad left you handguns??? don't recall that :>) you go gal! from your foil hat buddy
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