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  1. Have you checked in to the meyer lemon, lime, or orange? They will grow indoors in a pot if it's warm. And sunny. Growlights anyone?
  2. I know this is an old thread, but i'm new here, just reading everything whenever i get a chance to sit for a few minutes. So maybe everyone knows about these and they are useless, but I saw some tell-tabs at this site... http://www.sorbentsystems.com/tell-tab.html and it's supposed to tell on any oxygen in a container.
  3. I am a bleach-water wiper....is that not good enough?
  4. I bought 4 boxes of salt, started pricing beans and rice, and ordered mylar bags and oxy absorbers. Oh and about half the research...thanks, Steph!!!
  5. Have you ever tried www.Honeyvillegrain.com ? I'm new, so please be patient and let me know if there is a reason not to shop there, prices, quality.... Thanks, P...
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