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  1. i just have to tell you that you are great and thank you for the posting that you have done. all of this is going to be a great help to me. I have been asked to post a list for a group of ladies once a week to help them build up a storage and thanks to all your great work you have made it so simple for me. thanks
  2. wonderful!!! that is great news...
  3. made soap to do the wash. spent about 6.50 for the stuff but made up three bottle which if i had of boughten would of cost me 18.00 and still have a whole lot more to make more. plus hanging clothes out on the line. only run the dryer on the cold mornings so i don't have to turn on the furnuce. oh and useing the soap for doing dishes also.
  4. Linda


  5. got mine today... and the poor thing came in pieces so now i need to get it together, and when i am done with him i mean her, she will just hang around here and then next year i will send her out in the next exchange(maybe) as for the rest of the stuff. well got some seeds to plant so will beable to feed her for the year.
  6. happy happy birthday....
  7. i followed the rules too.. it was hard to do but did fine a lot of junk i mean things for the spring fling
  8. Linda

    Go down.......

    yea check it out... and look at the $$'s you will save not having to buy one and the $$'s saved canning your own and healthier too...
  9. i can't put my name in either as i have a canner..
  10. glad you like it MOther as i had it around for a while and never used it.
  11. the worst for us is for me to get the flu... so we have made a plan... specially if there is no use in going to the hospital. we have writen instrustion and what would need to be done and when... we have an extra room and masks that i will stay in and DH would wear mask anytime he was to come near me. have in a tote all the food stuff and meds and listed as well. told DH to keep an eye on my temp and push the liguid into me. even if it's only a spoonfull. and then to let me ride it out.
  12. the hardest part would be the lost of my DH (unless something changes).. we have talked of this stuff before and we both know with out a lot of certain meds he would die.
  13. Wes did you ever get them??? i tried PM'ing you but????
  14. Linda


    wedding??? wedding??? Suzyq???? wedding???
  15. scared me... and i am too old to be scaring.... glad you are still with us
  16. you got my prayer too... like Mother said comfrey.. this was my thought. do you have any? do you need some?
  17. still in Genesis.... i keep skipping around.
  18. more ready today then i was when i started ...
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