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  1. oh so true Phatkat.... then there is wild game one can hunt during hte winter months ... today i seen some apples frozen on an apple tree... (fresh apple sauce) if htings where to get that bad i kind of figure there would be some people letting thier pets run wild... more food.
  2. wow!!! i surprised myself... i got 80%... i guess it payed off listenign to some of the stuff Dad was talking about.... well now i am off to read your guys reply ...
  3. server 85% encourager 85% mercy72%
  4. how would wintergreen work in your senerio??? we have it growing wild in this area.
  5. my prayers arewith you also and oldpine...
  6. Linda

    New baby

    congruds..... i became one this morning about four...
  7. i have never put together a quilt before i have cut may squares and that is about as far as i get welll have sewn a couple together... put today i finshed making the top with all the squares that i had gotten from the 2003 exchange and this years...
  8. i was raise to be prepare although havn't always lived that way... but as i got older have started more preparing .. then y2k and preparing for it well we did did it up good. even though nothing happen. it turned out to be a very good thing for us. as we ended up living off it for a while... as DH went to work one day and came home that afternoon to never return to work again. So those prpes help us get through some hard times which could of been worst if we hadn't of felt impressed to go all out while we where able to prepared. so we had teotwawki happen to us. and as life continue life changes and so i want to be as prepared as i can for it.
  9. i have tried doing the paper thing and no luck at keeping up with it... so what i do now is date what i buy and under the date write how many bought at that time. and keep it rotated. ... i do go through everything about every six months and see what i have.. as i try to keep xx amount of this or that, that i know we would need to have for a year.
  10. neice... i too use to suffer from panic attach for a few years and was on meds ... hated it... did my own studing and now i am not on any hting dr took me off everything... i too took b-complex. and still do... i do have small bouts every so often depending on the stress levels but they are controalable... it is good to hear tha there is someone else that has had luck taking the b complex....
  11. sounds like every one has been busy... nothing here much... just
  12. no problem... i usually spend that much time in prayer a day anyways... can do it all for DH...
  13. i am not that great witht he written words .. well mine words as i can't spell well... but here goes my take... for us we don't owe on our home nor auto.. on a fixed income here too. ... I agree with the idea that this flu might not hit till sept or oct or later. .. so what my plans are is to take the time from now till then and stock up on as much as i can for such a thing. figuring this summer there should be more stuff on the shelfs for the flu... as people will be spending their $$'s on summer time fun. and not be worrring about any kind of illnesses. ... we have gone through and talked about what if.. DH check doesn't come in what are our needs that we need to do. we have a way opf cooking keeping warm... some water storage.. but that will run out over time. so we do need to get some leathers so we can put down our hand pump. ..gardening and hunting to replinish the food storage... lighting is fair.. if that runs out well it will be bed time at dark and up when the sun comes up... we live in an area where solor wouldn't be much use. so i guess our biggest concern will be water and meds. but have been working on the meds and going to get those leathers. ... i will have to admitt that our home is one step above a shack but it does keep us shealter... and we are working on it a little here and a little there.. but we both feel it is more important to be prepared. but there are days when i would love to get a set of new curtains or something.. and then reason wins out and i go and get something to add to our ppreps. alright enought from me....
  14. ginger i like that quote.... and so agree with it...
  15. we got a lot of snow and still coming... was going try and post a picture
  16. got mine too... thank you buttercup ... they are really cute
  17. we had a little sun today... that wa nice for a change as it seems like it has been a long winter with no sunlight. I been putting our pup out during the day while i am gone, it has been warm enought for them. no mess to clean up when i get home.
  18. Linda

    Secret Pal!

    this is so much fun to do.... it is fun trying to learn all you can about your pal and go shopping for htem or make things for them or jsut see what you might have around the house that you think they would enjoy.... then it is fun getting a package from a pal. ... i got a box ready to start filling with things... got a few things that i think everyone would enjoy (dust bunnies; etc) in it already. ... the more that can join the more fun it is... so hurry and sign up. you will enjoy it.
  19. Linda

    HEADS UP..mywife virus

    thanks for the warning....
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