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  1. What a great opportunity. Best of luck with the new job!
  2. I am beginning to wonder who it was that came to our house last year and asked a lot of questions on the behalf of the census. hmmmm
  3. Looks like you are very near where I live. I wondered why the city would close the pools and south side library when those are needed to give the general public a place to go, especially the kids. The city has been over looking the obvious for years and now it is catching up with the less than astute city council. Where I live, things are pretty much the same as it was 30 years ago when we moved here. Our last mayor did try to up date the emergency system some, but this town is just as apathetic as the over population of dogs brought here by the nearby town.
  4. It is actually very good. I did some last year and it tastes like blueberry syrup, very yummy.
  5. Thank you all for the replies. I need to get them out of the freezer as I will need room in a couple months for the garden. I have maple syrup for making the blueberry syrup. I need to get the info for canning the blueberries without a pressure canner. That was good to know. Smoothies - yeah, leather - sounds good, baked goodies - I can try, but I am not a baker, and dried. Again, many thanks for the ideas.
  6. I searched, but couldn't find any good ideas for frozen blueberries other than jam or jelly. One only needs so much jam. Is there a way to dry them? I can't can them as I do not have a pressure canner. Any other ideas would be welcomed. Thanks for any help. ) Sorry for the funny post, I couldn't post in the white area so did this in the side bar.
  7. Not intending to argue about using vinegar, but that is all I used when I would use old sheets to cover live traps with skunks when I trapped them in my yard. I would put them in a 5 gallon bucket with a couple of cups of vinegar and leave outside until the smells is going, about 2 days then wash as usual. Now stinking old tomcats, that was a whole different can of worms.
  8. All have Pearl Harbor Day (free from local bank), one has Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day(free from Walmart).
  9. I was able to get 50 pounds of potatoes last week and at the rate of 5 potatoes every two days, it's going to take me a while to dry them, LOL. (me thinks some will probably spoil before I get them all taken care of) Along with pounds of garlic I am needing to dry in between.
  10. Nope, but I figure I have another week or so before I start to need to get things done.
  11. Goodness, I have all sorts of things for trade. Are you looking for something in particular? You name it and I probably have it in some sort of form or flavor.
  12. Dill here will not grow thru the Summer. I am sure it will depend on the temps where you are whether or not it will come back after cutting the tops. Here it wouldn't because the of the heat. I love growing dill tho. I really don't use it that much, but grow it for the black swallowtail butterflies here, they love, love, looovvve it , and I love watching them.
  13. Weeds Sorry, that is about all that will grow here in the winter.
  14. I grow the only garlic that was growing when I moved here, elephant garlic. Too hot and dry for most other varities. I plant in Sept and it grows until May.
  15. With the rain and cooler weather here lately, it's almost as pretty as Spring now, <sigh> about the cowboys....ummm Austin is really one of the coolest towns in Texas, really it is.
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