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  1. Lots of prayers for recovery both physical and more. I am at a lost for words, except to say Thank God it wasn't worst.
  2. theyd


    thank you for the welcome ... it's nice to be back
  3. theyd


    It is good to be able to find you guys again and find the lights on. I see there is a lot of catching up to do. Just wanted to say Hello
  4. theyd

    back again

    Back again. My DD and I got to talking about Mrs. S and thought it would be a good time to get back on here. She is thinking of joining. There is so much information on here that I have shared with her over the years. And in my most humble opinion it is one of the best places on the net. Going to try and catch up with things here. Got time now. Broke my ankle so laid up for a bit. So if you guys hear some one stirring about it's just me.
  5. ((((((((((((((cat))))))))))))
  6. A Good Morning to you all too
  7. theyd


    nope, not really. Got lots to do. A lot have change so need to review and get things done. Do have water. And my cell is charged. Out of the ordinary, you are so right about learnig how to do things without your hubby. I learn that the hard way. The time to learn is while there is still some one around who can teach you. deb2of9 a dietitian once told us to rinse the food from the can to rid of half the salt.
  8. I can not add any more to what has already ready been said. It was aPrivilege and a blessing to have known her.
  9. Wow!! good for you for drawing a line. After reading all the posting; I now wonder if I have become a large burden to my daugther; unfortantly she has been supporting me for the last three months ... been looking for a job, but no one wants to hire me one age two been out of the work feild to long. Have manage to get a couple of part time jobs. I know she has been worring about her old ma and has been under a lot of stress. And so busy it's unreal. But on a good note finally got her talked into taking some time out with her hubby and take off for a few days. I can and will watch the k
  10. May every one have a very blessed day and enjoy friends and family.
  11. what Mother said DELEGATE
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