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  1. I had to rethink mine a few times but finally have a working prototype ill start cranking them out and sending them asap sorry for any delays I hope to have them out before the deadline My life after becoming single got insanely crazy very busy and very poor but we are jammin now THANKS MOMM for yours it is Awesome!
  2. You know I have been giving all of this ITSHF stuff alot of thought lately and I keep boiling it down and down and down and when I get to a concentrated form one conclusion comes to the surface. The real currency and the real preparedness comes from within. What you are really going to need if it hits the fan either right away or eventually are people skills relationship skills adaptablity skills and a jack of all trades mentality. We can't shouldn't and wont survive if we don't keep our neighbors in mind a person and his skills are the true currency in this world
  3. Well I was reading an old issue of Mother Earth News Nov/Dec 1989 The one with Ed Abby Hayduke lives on the cover and while I never did agree with the man its M.E.N. and the info is good so I'm thumbing through the issue and come across a throw away article not even two paragraphs long about freezing corn on the cob its in the back not in the garden section anyway long story short researchers discovered that if you drill a hole through the center of the cob BEFORE blanching when you blanch it will blanch from inside and out this will stop the enzymes that cause
  4. The very best way I have ever had brussel sprouts was canned Hot Brussel Sprouts can them in water with Jalepenios (sp?) and garlic and salt when they've set a bit take one out a pop them in your mouth and wow they taste buttery and wow delish. The recipe may need tweeking as I got it of a comercially produced version but wow they are good.
  5. well been cleaning and decluttering like a mad man lately jingles has been a tremendous help been working on the kitchen got rid of everything thats more then a year out of date and cleaned the shelves they are empty but hope is to fill them again with much more storeable food should I make money again which i hope to next month if the world doesnt end by then I can begin prepping like a mad man until then pray and work and keep on truckin cause even if the world does end hey gotta keep truckin into the new world HUGS EVERYONE! remember happiness is something you brin
  6. YAY im in I have 2 things i could make and I need input I could make little authentic looking wooden crosses or I could possibly make tiny 4 pointed stars out of either steel or glass these would take longer but some people don't like alot of cross iconography all of you send me a pm with your vote and I will decide or possibly just make stars for those who want stars and crosses for those who want crosses. And Im single now so lets not worry about how long it takes me as long as I don't have to make like 100 of them lol.
  7. Yeah but during the day when im not home he/she will be outside where she can do whatever damage they want no biggy and when im home ill be taking them for a walk and prolly out and about with me on occasion I have a 125 foot runner that I had shep on so he could run around a bit with a 20 foot chain on it takes up meh half my yard and when I get home from work I would like to take them out for a walk before we head inside for the evening so it could work ya think? Dunno
  8. OOOOO I like em Boradors they are exactly what im looking for border collie/lab cross I wonder if i could find one at the pound I wonder where there is a pound near me and if my sister could take me cause my car wont make it I bet.
  9. A collie/lab mix would be awesome I wonder if i could find something like that.
  10. I'm kinda lookin for a puppy maybe I should go to the pound though would be nice to find a fellow that no one else wanted kinda how im feeling atm would be good for both of us to feel wanted.
  11. I looked at those but my father is well . . hes a pain in the rear is what he is and paranoid about certain types of dogs also one of the reasons I had to let the german shepard go to the farmer. And let me tell you doing that made me cry so much I'd grown rather fond of shep. Anyway long story short the old man won't let me have any kind of pit bull bull mastiff bull dog german shepard or any dong even closely associated with aggression anywhere near his grandchildren.
  12. I have a fairly extensive library really and thats even after the ex took half I have several shelves of books ranging from educational to novels I have one whole bookshelf devoted to theology textbooks and resources.
  13. Oh poor galut You both will be in my prayers
  14. I believe after spending 4 hours on the various dog breed matching sites Iams and Eukanuba that a black lab is probably the dog for me very easy going and fun easy to train good with kids not very tough looking but big enough that hes got some character and very companionable unless someone can suggest something better? I looked at the siberian huskies but they looked very high maintenance the top of the list every time was newfoundland but they are hard hard to find and can be somewhat hit or miss on temperment.
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