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  1. Since I have lost a lot of weight, I do get cold faster. If you have to bug out and camp, let us know. I will pray for you. For you to even consider it, is amazing. You have really put so much thought into this. I need to learn from your posts on what to consider. Oh, my, I know we have to do what we have to do. Yes, you are right. Our winters are not anything like yours. You have made me think about how I would handle things if things went south fast. We do not have an alternate source of heat. We live in a double wide and have been told it would not be safe to put in a wood burn
  2. Our electricity went out several weeks ago. Most of our kids and grandkids were here. We finally got through to electric co. Several transformers blown. We tried to turn it into an adventure. Men went outside. Started a fire pit-enjoyed the time visiting. Grandkids (and grandma) did not like the mosquitoes (lots of them-we are sweeter and they loved us more) or the heat. We pulled out the generator, fans, flashlights, blankets for floor, snacks, games, and played. I had two lanterns that have to be wound up. The 6 and 11 year old thought it was great fun. The older teens were content a
  3. Bless your heart, CGA. You've lost weight the really hard way. And yes, you do deserve some new duds. Besides you still have the fun to look forward to. When you drive up to your new home, with the WE2's as a welcoming committee will be great. (Maybe an egg crate mattress might help on a hospital cot. It would be better than nothing.) By the way, I still have some old mumus that I wear sometimes, gross looking but comfortable. Still praying for a speedy recovery for both of you. When we moved a year and 1/2 ago, I decided I was getting too old for such as that. Thank God for 2 son
  4. Thanks, CGA. Right now though, all of our thoughts and prayers are with you and daughter. In God's timing, it will all start falling back in place again for you and you will soon be in your new home. Take care of yourself, too. That is what is important now.
  5. This past year I haven't done much as far as prepping for what is to come. I had gastric sleeve surgery last August and my main problem has been acid reflux- since they removed 80% of my stomach. They were going to have to do something because a stomach scope revealed14-16 precancerous pylops. I have lost 100 lbs and now am trying to get back into shape. I am off of most of my medicines, including Levemir and Apdria, cholestral, blood pressure, etc. Believe me though, it was not a piece of cake or like a 'simple gall bladder' surgery like the surgeon referred to. I guess this is a major
  6. I have not been here much lately, but am very glad to hear your wonderful news. I am so very proud for you and your daughter. In God's timing, He works things out better than we ever could. Prayers for smooth and swift packing, traveling mercies again to Missouri, for good hopefully, things going as planned, and His blessings and protection covering ya'll and all your possessions. You have really thought things thru and I know you are anxious to 'git er done' as they say. Since I made a similar move a year and half ago, I admire you for doing this, because it was physically and mental
  7. CGA and Philbe--thanks for the kind words. Now , I will agree with each of you to sell your places at a fair and reasonable price and lead you each in the direction HE desires--that you all will have the strength and time to do what you need to do as we plead the blood of Jesus upon you and your places. Remember to take care of yourselves and rest as needed.
  8. Good to hear your ok, Mr. Rider. Will pray that everything soes smoothly tomorrow. We know you have been in good hands though. Take good care of that new baby and of course yourself. Stay safe.
  9. Also, thank you, Canned Nerd. That was a bad time to be military. My DH was spit on in the Seattle airport after coming home from Vietnam although DFW and Abilene airport was different. They were greeted with cheers and flag waving. I admire you for your service. Thank you for the help you have given me when I had a question about canning.
  10. I had a really busy week last week prepping. It turned out to be a great week. On Monday, I completed all my dental work. Tuesday, I made 32 pints of chow chow. Wednesday I straightened out my storage building to get ready to restock while Dh was at old house while they were fixing foundation--got it done. Thursday, I made 20 pints of apple butter. Friday, and probably the most important to us, is we sold our house and paid our new house off---waiting on state to release lein on new property, hopefully by this Friday. This was such a relief to us and was a gaint prayer praise. Now to
  11. Hey, Wormie, we want your chili recipe , too. It is getting close to cold weather (hopefully).
  12. CN--thanks for the response. We all ate it before I found Violet. Never thought about it until neighbor just gave me a 5 gallon bucket of green tomatoes.
  13. It sounds like it is already a blast. Have a great time and let us in on the fun with stories, pictures, etc. Darlene--WE need your chili recipe when you get a chance. From all of us to ya'll.
  14. I am praying also for this 'bump' in the road as HE works this out.
  15. This is a Violet question or anyone else who knows the answer. A friend of mine has an old Chow Chow recipe. She makes it every other year. She uses water bath to seal them. She used to just heat the lids and seals and put them on the hot jars of Chow Chow, but started water bathing them after we told her she needed to process them. The recipe is as followed. My questions are about the flour being in it (I didn't think you could use flour in anything canned), is it acidic enough with the apple cider vinegar, and do you water bath or pressure cook them? For how long? Would you use this
  16. I am getting my teeth fixed. I had a crown come off. Since I didn't have a dentst here, I improvised and super glued it. I did find one here. He said "if" I take matters in my own hands to use contact cement next time. He could then take it off and check it out. It was a front tooth and I didn't want to loose it or break it. I guess I got my money's worth though. It was put on in the late 70's. I had four small filings and am doing those now. I guess that is a prep. We are having to fix our foundation next week before we close on our house. The repair is going to stop us from br
  17. Mt. Rider- you go and have a wonderful time. For those of us who can't come, just know we are a little envious of all, but want you each to have the time of your life. We will be praying for safe traveling mercies both to and home again for everyone, including the little pup. He(I think) will bring you great joy in your next journey. As for the dentist, 'be anxious for nothing' because God is in control as you know. Just go (on the trip), enjoy, relax, be revived, renewed, and refreshed for what is coming in our future. Think of it as part of your preps to get ready. We all need this som
  18. Still praying for little boy and family. We went through same with oldest son--his ruptured, lost 1/3 of liver due to peritonitis after 10 days of orginal attack, but because of age and being athletic, he survived. Surgeon told us orginally he had an ulcer. God is in control and HE has a mighty plan for this child. May peace, healing, wisdom for doctors and family, strength and God's perfect will decend upon this family. May all infection be gone and his body be restored in the name of Jesus Christ as we plead the blood of Jesus on him.
  19. Mt. Rider I am praying for you! Hang in there as you seek HIS desire for your life. You are right where HE wants you and has a perfect will for you. Be blessed, at peace and know that HE loves you and we do, too.
  20. Thanks you for the encouraging words. This is why I missed you guys while I was away. Oh, what perilous times we are living in. Our heavenly Father is our Rock. Thanks for the prayers for home to sell. Realtor said in our price range ($75,000-$200,000) that people are having trouble getting loans approved. Money is tighter its seems. Now for prayer for those in the path of Isaac............May God protect each of you as you walk through this. Psalm 91 is needed.
  21. I have been on very little this summer as we have been moving to a new location, all unplanned. DH came in one day early June and said it is time to move. I nearly passed out because he wouldn't even talk about this. Long story short (maybe), we found a location to our liking close to friends and a lake. I started claiming and standing on this verse as I felt the Lord had impressed me . He knows me better than I know myself. I want everything done yesterday and for it to go as I had planned. Our plans were to take our time and try and be moved by November. Well, the Lord had differen
  22. Mt. Rider, thanks for the reminder of the DPT. I went and got mine. Tetanus was past due. Now I am good for another 10 years. I also got my shingles shot. BIL had shingles 3 years ago and still has residual pain. At least, if I do ever get shingles, hopefully it won't be so bad. Next on list is dentist--NOT my favorite thing.
  23. CGA, it amazes me the wisdom that you have. Recording it would help many people as we prepare to go through the days ahead.
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