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  1. Everyone have a blessed, safe, and happy Thanksgiving. Return rested and am looking forward to the next part of the journey to your new "homes."
  2. On the subject of hard wheat---how much does it take when you grind it to make a cup of flour?
  3. Freezing bananas sure provides fruit for some good banana nut bread. It seems they start going bad faster than they used to. As for vegetables and fruits ruining, I always have good intentions. We are trying to eat more vegetables and fruit but fall back into bad habits. I just wonder if I will remember all of the wasted food when SHTF. I am trying to do better. As for gas, you never know what the price is going to be. You can drive by then go back by the station and the price has been changed. I do agree. It hurts anymore to have to fill up all the way. I am glad that I am not the only one with these problems.
  4. Now you have gone and done it. After reading for months everything everyone is doing, you have finally gotten to me. I am having so much fun and learning to boot. I used to always let my sourdough starter die. I found a recipe on MrsS for the starter(the feeder and bread recipe was just like the one I used), made it and family agrees it taste just like old recipe. I read on MrsS where I could freeze the starter if I get tired of it, so that was a relief. After reading about make cottage cheese and yogurt, I thought I could do that. So I set about trying to find Junket Rennet Tablets. No one under 50 knew what it was, never heard of it and the rest of them laughed saying it brought back memories. After several grocery stores, finally found it at United in the freezer section on a shelf. I bought everyone they had. Two of the young men who helped me look came over and wanted to see what it looked like. They were going to tell their moms all about it because they just knew they had learned something important. I then found the recipe here for hard tack(crackers) and here we go again.......................... On a serious note, after taking care of our parents for so long and then losing them, I was at a loss on some days. I do volunteer at our food pantry on Tuesday and babysit my youngest grandson some. When being a caregiver was an everyday job and that ended within two months of each other, I didn't know what to do with myself. This has given my life purpose again. It helped me to reinforce my preparations and feelings of extremely hard times ahead with actual knowledge of how to do these things. You all have been a God send and answer to prayer. Thank you so much.
  5. May God richly bless and keep each one of you in the palm of His hand as He leads and guides you. What a beautiful family.
  6. Thank you-thank you-thank you-- gotta go. I off to make me some sourdough biscuits. ummmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Now, I can ask questions to what I don't understand or know about. I guess this shows my ignorance, but I had never thought about this. What is 1.TEOTWAWKI 2.Dakota Hole Fire? 3. Cooking red beans when camping (time, water etc. I cook mine all day) like that? 4. A good dutch oven cookbook? 4. cooking pasta when camping? 5. In doing sour dough biscuits, do you still have to let them rise for several hours? 6. Most important---what is a fireless cooker? Keep up the good work. I am worn out from just reading to everything ya'll have to do. I am mosts definitely going to print this off so when shtf I can gleam knowledge from it.
  8. Thanks for the place to comment. I have thoroughly enjoyed Wagon Ho. If I hadn't known it was an unreal adventure, I would have thought that you all had really formed a real wagon train and were actually on the trail. Keep up the good work. This has had everything from drama to humor, and it has turned into an quite an education.
  9. Last year, I went through my mom's, grandma's, and MIL recipes along with mine. It took more hours than I could imagine, but was one of the most rewarding things I have done. I put them all on the computer, printed them off, made notebooks of them to give to my sons and their wives for Christmas. What they did after receiving them was constantly looked at them "Remembering when....." My kids loved it better than any they had ever gotten. They still talk about it wanting to know how I am going to top it. I knew after our moms passed away that the recipes would be lost if I didn't try to preserve them. Now my brothers want copies. (I am holding out for bribes.) It did feel very gratifying to know that that was done. Now the grandkids are wanting copies. I think it will be a good wedding present or leaving home for the first time. I can just keep adding to it. (Just remember to save it on a CD or zip drive. If your computer crashes them you will have a hard copy. I knew this but forgot. I remembered again the Hard way.)
  10. After reading the posts, I went to look. Lo and behold, I have been trying to stock up and found I had NO corn. The GKS love corn. The very first thing I did the next morning was get some canned and frozen from the store Albertsons had it on sale so I lucked out. When we used to grow corn, I would cut it off the cob, scrape the cob, freeze it, and add milk and butter when we ate it. Now we are looking for a place in the country so we can grow vegetables again. They sure do taste better. I am glad Thanksgiving is close. I want to get some sweet potatoes stocked up. I need to find a brand we like. Some of them seem soggy.
  11. Hi Stephanie---He is a very handsome young fellar. My favorite is the one on the white couch. I think he thinks he rules the roost. Congrats!!!!!!!
  12. I would like to be included also in the Edge and Pssst. I need to see all sides of things and love be challe nged. Thanks.
  13. Thanks MtRider. This does help. Now I have to get it all together and see how it all will fit. It sounds like enough to fill the back of a pickup. At least it is a start. I will let you know how it goes.
  14. I just found this on BOB. I had found another forum with suggestions for BOB but like these better. I have started laying out on a bed stuff for our BOBS. How do you decide what is necessary or not, what is too much or not enough, etc. This can be very confusing in knowing what to do or not to do? I am glad that the meanings of the Initials (ex. BOB)are on here. I was having trouble trying to figure what they meant. What is a fast way to prepare a bag? I get started and then get sidetracked doing something else and here we go again. I would like to start getting some of my projects finished.
  15. I sold my dehydrator when we moved. Now I want another one. I looked at Academy. They had two. One was $34.95 and the other was $139.35. Both had several shelves. All I used to use it for was to make Jerky. Now I want to do a little of everything. What do you suggest? It has been about 5 years since I did anything. Thank you.
  16. I am in agreement with all that has been said. I have been praying today as everyday for our nation, leaders and repentance of our country so God would heal our land and give each of us the wisdom that we need in the days ahead.
  17. Thanks for the web site on kerosene stoves and encouraging words. I am researching it now. Purdy Bear--love the patchwork cushion. Good luck with decluttering. It will make you feel good when it is done. Remember, sometimes it looks worse at first, but you will eventually start seeing signs of improvement. Stay healthy and take care of yourself. I don't know how all of you find the time to do everything you all are doing. You are showing me even a little bit at a time helps. I know I need help in a lot of areas. I will get my questions together and try to get them in the right thread. May God bless, protect, and keep each one of you. You may not realize it, but you each have such a ministry helping and encouraging others.
  18. Thanks everyone. I think I will just bite the bullet and try it. We don't have gas in our neighborhood, but like the idea of a kerosene stove. I need more info. Since I started reading the forum, I have done some preparations. The more I do, it seems the less I have.
  19. Hey everyone This is my first post. I just wanted to let everyone know how much You have encouraged me to get back into preparations, canning, etc. I have one question. I have a ceramic stovetop (came with the house when we moved 4 years ago) and have been told my canner would be too heavy and might crack the glass. Is anyone using one? I miss my old stove. I had two canning burners and canned all of the time. Darlene had suggested trading it for another stove. I haven't convinced my husband to get rid of a perfectly good stove, but loved the idea. Keep up the good work. VERY INFORMATIVE.
  20. Welcome! So POST already.

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