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  1. CGA, thankful you are back home but do take care of that foot. You are right. Texas is hot, especially where you live and humid also. That makes it worse. Hope you find you lid to septic. Maybe neighbors can be on the look out. By the way, you know if you kill one pig andanother will take its place. Boy, they are really doing a number on the farms and ranches around here and are really mean. As far as eating, on the news it said that some were carrying deseases. I don't know what kind. My son likes to kill them, then they grill the tenderloin part. I warned him, but he said they cook it until well done.
  2. How true!! We do grow and learn more in the valleys but it sure makes us appreciate the mountaintops Thanks for sharing.
  3. You and DH are in my prayers. I went through the same thing. (We eventually put Mom in a rehab unit because I physically got down.) You may have some hard decisions coming up. Just know you are doing the best you can. The main thing is to take care of yourself because of the responsibility that is being thrust upon you. May God's strength, peace, wisdom and mercy fall upon you and DH. HE will honor you as you honor you precious mom, enjoying the time you can be with her. You are right. HE is covering and carrying you in everyway as you go through this. When I would get to the point of thinking I couldn't handle it anymore, I cried out to HIM. Praise HIM because HE never leaves us or forsakes us. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
  4. Jeepers, check and see if you have a cola factory near you. They use 55 gal. plastic barrels for their syrup. When they are finished, they rinse them out and sell them to farm and ranch supply stores and the army surplus store down here where we live. They are $15.00 and 40 gal. are $12.00. This is just a thought. Lamb, I did mention that and he said he didn't have any choice. This is why Sam's fixed it so we could order it off the internet.
  5. I talked to the manager at our Sam's. He said only the stores near the coasts or where 'disasters happened' were carrying it. If I wanted it I would have to order it. It would be shipped to my home with shipping cost varying according to the weight.
  6. We did our income taxes and for the first time in several years, we are getting so money back. Praise God. Not much, but it is better than having to pay. (Maybe I can come up with something else I need. LOL )
  7. Miki--your post about the ants made me think that if we all banded together like ants, grasshoppers (Little Hous on the Prairie), etc. to helped each other--with everyone doing their part--our world might be in a better position. ( Reminds me something I read in -The Little House on the Prairie' series. I do hope you have some help when you and CGA get to that point. When my parents were RVing with their club, they became like family and helped each other.
  8. Thanks Miki--I will head to the dollar store tomorrow.
  9. Miki--at least you can say that life is not boring. Glad it worked out for you. Will keep praying for you and CGA. Stay safe.
  10. Oh great, Robie! We had KFC for lunch--now does that mean I will become a horrible mutant freak?
  11. Thanks Jeepers! I think I will stick to the tried and true (ball/kerr jars). This is what I was afraid of.
  12. Walmart has Better Homes and Garden Canning Jars for sale, pints $6.79--quarts $8.79. Has anyone ever used these and are they worth buying? Just wondering--thanks.
  13. This reminds me of years back, like you said, of when we puntured a can, then worked around it till it opened. For can milk, we just punched two holes on opposite sides. Our granddaughter, 21, couldn't believe you could do that. I believe there are alot of things that will start coming back to mind when push comes to shove. Thanks , Cat, for the reminder.
  14. I will pray and hopefully it will stop raining before it does anymore damage.
  15. Yea Jeepers! I need to get something for a clothes line and a clothes pin bag. I do have some clothes pins, but do not know anything about the plastic ones. I will check them out. Thanks.
  16. I got my new dynajet wringer and blue washers in today. (Used my Christmas money). I also ordered small ziplock mylar bags and my new Bissell Sturdy Sweeper. I hope they are what I need. Thanks CGA and TMC. I told DH I was going to wait until I could find what I wanted and I DID. Feels good. Now I am broke again, but who cares when you get something that you can really use.
  17. I am over 6 hours NW where you will be. Drive safe and will pray for good weather. Have a great time.
  18. Thanks, Jeepers! We all needed that. I have laughed several times thinking about that.
  19. The last few days we have had in the 20's at night and daytime temps were from high 70's to 83. Today, temp is in mid 70's but we are having a dozey of a sandstorm and a high pollen count. Sky is brown with dirt and high wind. A little rain and we would have mud balls--which would be the first time. Amazing! I have about decided that you are right AH. Well, at least we can say it is not boring around here.
  20. When my husband was coaching, he always soaked his feet in bleach for a few minutes or sometimes would use vinegar. He sore it worked. I did use a lot of bleach on my shower floor when he and the guys were in school. As for sore gums, We always rinsed with peroxide when they hurt, but did not swallow it. I don't know if this was healthy but we always thought it helped. At the wound clinic, we were told never to use peroxide on wounds since it broke down the tissue. We did listen to them on that figuring they knew better.
  21. The wheel is beautiful and looks functional although I know absolutely nothing about spinning. With you spinning, painting (Wonderful picture), canning and everything else you do, you are a marvel. I will try and follow your example but I do seem to run out of energy. Have fun.
  22. I am praying for you Gofish and your mom. Take care of yourself, also. This can really wear you down. May God give the doctors wisdom in knowing what to do.
  23. Happy late birthday Mother and to everyone else that I have missed. May your days be blessed.
  24. Agreed. It seems to be going higher and higher everytime I go to the store.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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