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  1. I had it in June. I was hospitalized twice and off work for 6 weeks. It took forever for the fatigue to lessen. My DIL's grandfather recently died from it. My husband and daughter living with me did not get it despite living with me and their coworkers having it. Son's family got it and recovered with in 2 weeks.
  2. I've been talking with another member about some of long term complication of covid. The fatigue I had with covid lasted months and I still have to watch my activities or I become very tired. Brain fog is definitely a struggle. My doctor has also encountered patients who still have not recovered from all the symptoms of long covid. https://health.ucdavis.edu/coronavirus/covid-19-information/covid-19-long-haulers.html
  3. I was talking to my neighbor yesterday. She said her youngest daughter's family got covid in March and her daughter is still struggling with fatigue.
  4. I'm doing good but right now I'm fighting fatigue.
  5. Both times I was admitted to the covid unit they checked me over from head to toe for any kind of rash or skin discoloration. If they find something the recheck before you leave.
  6. My covid experience. June 20th I was tied having watched my one year old grandson while his mother, my son and my daughter got his birthday party set up. As soon as my daughter in law family showed up I passed him over to them. The next day I lost my appetite. Monday i really didn't feel good when I went to work and I still couldn't eat anything. Tuesday after work I developed a fever of 103.4. I called my doctor and she sent me to get tested. They tested me and gave me something for nausea. I waited for the results to come back fighting fevers between 100 - 103 for days. ]My daughter kept telling me to go to the hospital. I was really too sick to make a good decision about my health by that time. I called my doctor because I couldn't eat. Nothing was staying down and everything tasted off. She sent me to the ER for dehydration. They put me in isolation right away. My oxygen levels were low so I got put on oxygen. They ran another covid test as the one from the urgent care hadn't come back yet. Xray and several other test showed that I had covid related pneumonia. I got sent up to the covid unit. I had an inhaler, vitamin C ,zinc, a steroid, Potassium and a few other medicines to take. I had breathing exercises to do several times a day. In the hospital I was off oxygen within 24 hours. 1000 more test showed that I was OK to go home. At home my husband and daughter were put on leave by their employers. Both were tested and found to be negative. I struggled to get up moving and just wanted to sleep most of the time but I knew about blood clotts and started exercises to prevent them. Last Saturday I started to get a fever again. My leg was swelling and red. I had chest pain so back to the ER. I was again admitted to the covid unit with blood clotts in my leg and lung. I got out of the hospital Tuesday. I will be on " blood thinner " medicine for the next 6 months. I have an inhaler for what is left of the pneumonia in my lung. I will be on FMLA for a few more weeks until I can recover my strength. Blood clotts are more common in people with covid. I am lucky to have gotten through the complications as easily as I have. I had great medical care and a strong support system of family and friends.
  7. Last Wednesday my daughter and her boyfriend were going Into a store. As they passed a car they saw a baby boy between 12-18 months In the car. The child had been taken out of his carseat and just left in the car. As they were on the phone with the police and prepared to break a window they found a door unlocked. Because the baby was falling asleep in my daughter's arms a ambulance was sent too. When the EMT'S took the child from my daughter she said the baby reached out for her. That broke her heart. The police found someone related to the baby who said the child was in the car for at least 25 minutes. It was 95┬░Wednesday. After it was over all my daughter could do was hold her daughter and cry.
  8. My morning fail. . Truly, I'm better prepared than this trainwreck but when your baby needs you don't go off half asleep. I have the day off work and went back to bed after the husband left for work. It's-20 this morning with wind chill of -50. 6:30am my phone wakes me up. It's my son and I can't hear what he was telling me. He hangs up. After waking up a bit more I call him back. His car won't start and his wife needs to get to work. His work place canceled work because of the cold. I stumbled out of bed to rescue my babies still half asleep. I can't find my keys. My youngest daughter told me to take her car. I'm in moma bear mode and walk out of the house without my hat and gloves. My hands are frozen before I get to the first intersection. My car has extra hats and gloves. I wrapped my hands in my scarf and pulled the hood of my coat up. I get to my son's house just as daughter's car gets comfortable enough to unwrap the scarf. It's still dark so I took the kids to breakfast and after that dropped DIL off at work. The jumper cables, the cheapest light weight cables available, in my daughter's car are the same ones I have and they were just barely long enough to reach. We still couldn't get his car started. I'm going to get heavier, longer cables and see if we can get his car started and get him a new battery when I go back to pick up his wife after work. Oh and when I got home I found my car keys. In my purse, right where they were supposed to be.
  9. I found a little something to put in my car kit on sale . A high visibility sweatshirt
  10. I'm going to be a Nana again soon so for Christmas I made up a diaper caddy for the soon to be new parents. I got a open tool bag for the caddy. It has 2 different size pockets inside and out. I put nail clippers, diaper cream, diaper wipes, pacifiers, pacifier wipes, baby lotion, Saline, nasal bulb, external battery for a phone, changing pad, hand sanitizer, boogie wipes, diaper disposal bags and a blanket in the cabby. All necessities for diaper changing in the easy to carry case.
  11. Tuesday I had my hernia fixed. Before surgery the doctor told me I'd have 1 larger incision and 2 very small incision fairly close together to fix the hernia. When I woke up I had the one larger incision and 8 small ones all over my stomach. When the started to fix me hernia they found 3 more spots starting to develop so they repaired them all leaving me with 9 incisions. I hurt but I'm slowly getting better.
  12. Ski gloves with zipper pockets for hand warmers. Bring it on winter.
  13. Two things happened this week that I made me recognize a gap in my flu box. First my youngest got the stomach flu and was sick for 2 days second I had surgery and was sick from the Anesthesia. The hospital sent me home with some barf bags. I really liked the ease of use and disposal of these bags so I found some on the internet I'm going to order. https://www.ebay.com/i/123358334595?chn=ps
  14. He does recommend a brand but that's not the focus of the video. It's more the best ways to use the space blanket.
  15. This is the best I can come up with...
  16. https://www.amazon.com/Bidet-Bottle-Portable-Sprayer-Travel/dp/B07JD8ZYP3/ref=asc_df_B07JD8ZYP3/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309770486814&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=12428468154826504010&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9016353&hvtargid=pla-569078862653&psc=1
  17. Biggest thing is keeping your eye on weather conditions. The time I was angriest, as an adult at my sister, was when she had her second child. My mother and I followed her husband to the hospital on the day they were to be discharged. It was rainy with the temperature dropping fast. At pretty much the last minute she decided she was going to take a nap before she want home. I tried to tell them about the bad weather. BIL also know as condescending Jacka** by my husband and my self ,laugh at me. I wanted to take her oldest child and my mom back to their place but she had a dream of them going home as a family. My mom, to keep the peace, said it wasn't that bad yet so we had to go shopping until sister was done with her nap. I told them to hurry up as soon as we got back to the hospital. The weather was getting as bad as I told them it would be and it was getting dark. Another hour and a half later sister was ready to go and the roads were glass and it was very dark. My mom and I were almost in a multi car pileup. BIL switched cars with me so I could drive the car with better traction. So for the next 3 hours I had to drive unfamiliar roads, during an ice storm, in the dark, with 2 babies, trying to calm down a woman who had just given birth, crying she has killed us all on a trip that would have only taken twenty minutes if everyone would have listened to me in the first place.
  18. I'm having this problem now on my phone. If I use the laptop I can get in without a problem.
  19. We had freezing fog this morning. Yucky.
  20. I gave half of the box of the peanut butter to my husband to stash at work and I need to get some pretzels or crackers. Maybe some jelly packets.
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