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  1. If you guys watch youtube Agenda Free TV has been almost every day with coverage. Gives accurate up to date information: Here's today link that started half hour ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEQ9QTzyQ8U Also Twitter is alive with news. BNO Newsroom is an excellent source and updated news. They are very reliable. This is very scarey I don't think I've ever seen anything spread so fast. It has me worried.
  2. Has anyone seen this advertised? It looks like it would be comfortable and very easy to use. https://en.laybag.com/
  3. Okay well the second show came on last night. I really like this show. This has made me me think about situations that could happen from this. You can still watch both episodes on www.cwtv.com for free.
  4. Yep got word today the one in Sweetwater is closing, which is about 30 minutes from me. Sad.
  5. Sorry I have been so busy but have hardly been online lately. But I think it was Tuesday night that a new TV series started called "Containment". It is on the CW Network at 9\8 Central time. I had seen the preview while watching "Fear The Walking Dead". Well it started out with a bang and I thought it was very good. I watched it twice and truthfully it made me think about a few things and what I might do. I've attached a link below to where you can watch it online. I hope it comes thru okay, if not go to the site cwtv.com/shows online and it should be there. It was kind of disturbing
  6. Congratulations....let us know of your progress!
  7. Wow here in West Texas it was 70 weekend and Monday, yesterday and thru Fri in 50's..then Sat, Sun, Mon....suppose to get anywhere from 5-10 in. of snow and ice!! Up towards Lubbock, TX even more....strange weather we're having.
  8. That is one sweet video, how cute are those little ones. Thank you for sharing.
  9. First I didn't know where the heck to post this, so if this isn't it, please move to proper place. Now then I have MICE!!!!! That's just how I feel, so mad and frustrated. I have never had mice before so this is all new to me. So I just found out a few weeks ago and well first off I feel filthy and dirty, which I admit I have let things go since my dad died and can't seem to do things like I did. This whole town has had mice so bad this year, even in fancy homes across town they have been fishing RATS out of the swimming pools and houses...don't know what the deal is, but they have b
  10. I subscribed to this site and get an e-mail everyday with a link to books. You have to scroll down a little and the free books are listed by category. Have found some good books here: http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/2015/12/free-books-updated-dec-18-2015.html
  11. Okay I've posted this the last couple of years, it just makes me laugh and sometimes we need that. It's silly, but funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXtCSUqKNTk
  12. I'm glad you all are liking her book. I bought everyone of them and have read them all, I couldn't stand it!! LOL!! They are all good. I downloaded them to computer on Kindle from Amazon. I think I can share them somehow, but I don't know how. If someone wants to read one and knows how to share from Amazon, I'll try!!
  13. I'm so sorry, I know how hard it is to lose a family member and that's what they become. Even though she was young baby, I know you loved her. Just know how happy she was her short life and how loved she was. The only bad thing about our little fur babies is that they don't stay with us forever. Sorry for you loss.
  14. Katz25


    So very sorry to hear this. She is where I long to be now. Bless her, she's home. We'll miss you!
  15. Ted Koppel has a new book out called "Lights Out". I watched a video last night with Charlie Rose interviewing him. We know a lot of these things, but it's interesting to hear someone that use to be in the news on TV talk about an attack. Maybe people are waking up. I've posted the link to the video below. If it doesn't work you can go to google and just type Ted Koppel, Lights Out, Charlie Rose....there are several videos and info. http://www.charlierose.com/watch/60640839
  16. Sorry when I first read it, it wasn't blocked. I don't subscribe to WSJ either. This is the article: Once the Biggest Buyer, China Starts Dumping U.S. Government Debt Oct. 7, 2015 1:34 a.m. ET421 COMMENTS Central banks around the world are selling U.S. government bonds at the fastest pace on record, the most dramatic shift in the $12.8 trillion Treasury market since the financial crisis. Sales by China, Russia, Brazil and Taiwan are the latest sign of an emerging-markets slowdown that is threatening to spill over into the U.S. economy. Previously, all four were large purchasers o
  17. Interesting article, can't say I understand it all, but doesn't sound to good. Anyone that does understand it all, please explain it to me.\ http://www.wsj.com/articles/once-the-biggest-buyer-china-starts-dumping-u-s-government-debt-1444196065
  18. I was so proud of BiBi today, I was working but I pulled up the UN live on my computer because I knew he was going to speak. Man of man when he walked up to that mic and stood there and stared down everyone I thought you better hold on because he's fixing to get you all straightened out. His speech was so powerful and right on point. He told them how it was and how it will be, they should be ashamed, but their not. Sent chills up my spine raising that palestinian flag this week, made me sick. "Those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse Israel will be cursed". It hasn't c
  19. I agree Mt. Rider, well said. I happen to like Pastor Hagee, watch him all the time. He doesn't always talk about prophecy things, he's a good pastor. I think he loves the Lord, just my opinion. I guess I would say we're always looking for things to happen or what's going on somewhere in the world, or we wouldn't be preppers. I mean even floods, EMP, evacuations, etc are all part of plans of our God (not that He causes them), but things are always going to happen. I'm so ready to leave this world and be with my family and friends in heaven, maybe I look to hard for signs. But I wo
  20. Well it's to bad your not in Texas because you could tell me what Planet X and Niburu is, I have no idea. The others I'm very familiar with. Last blood moon, CERN, all the other things going on. They worry me, but Sept. is almost over and nothing has happened, so I don't know if anything will or not. It seems here in Texas I'm more concerned about the officers getting shot and that kid who build a "clock" and took to school and is now going to the U.N. and meet dignataries, then to Mecca, then back to meet the President....I don't even know what to say about that. So many angry people in
  21. So on another prepper site one of the ladies there is going thru a major trauma with the fires in CA. She and her husband went out to buy groceries and started home and they wouldn't let them back because of the fire. All they had was what was with them, their dogs were home, they couldn't get back. What would be your plan if you couldn't get back to your house for whatever reason..weather, fire, etc. That's where my preps are, money, our animals (for me I'm not married), what do you do? Should we have something stored/stashed somewhere else? Should our car be prepared enough to be read
  22. Found this tonight free at Amazon. Don't know anything about it, but sounds good. http://www.amazon.com/TYRANT-Rise-L-Douglas-Hogan-ebook/dp/B00X1CJ9GK/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8
  23. Hey Jeepers I think I can loan you this book to read thru Amazon, just need your e-mail address. Not sure how that works but if you want to send it to me, I'll try it and see if I can get it to you. I could at least loan you the first one and you could see if you like it. Do you know how "loan" works??
  24. Well these books aren't free, but they were recommended on another site and downloaded them to kindle and I am really enjoying reading them. So far there are 4 books, the last one just came out this month. They are written by Deborah D. Moore. Book 1 - "The Journal: Cracked Earth", Book 2 - "The Journal: Ash Fall", Book 3 "The Journal: Crimson Skies", and Book 4 - "The Journal: Raging Tide". I have read the first two and am reading the third one now. Very good read, some good information on storage, canning, etc. You can read about the author on amazon. She has lived this life so she c
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