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  1. Saw this too, I sure hope they don't try to use this to take our beans and rice away from us, let alone our guns.
  2. Thanks for the hug! I've been kind of preoccupied, my daughter and I were diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos, a hypermobility condition, this past November. She also has fibromyalgia, and her EDS is much worse than mine. She's been in and out of hospitals and doctors for various injuries since 6th grade. Me, now I know why I have "trick ankles" and a bad back at my age. Both off us get a lot of pain from it, her moreso. But, life goes on, and the tomatoes will grow
  3. I put up a dozen or so quarts of potatoes. I've tried a couple times to make mashed potates out of them and they come out rather rubbery and grainy, What do you do with your home canners to serve them for the table, and make them nice?
  4. I have ten quarts of freshly made beef broth in the fridge, but I have 5 jars. Ooops!
  5. That sounds really scary. I wonder if it was a personal issue - a sword killing sounds awfully Dungeons and Dragons/ Highlander/Gamer Geek to me. Any news?
  6. How much Citric Acid did you put in the water? And do you think I can use lemon juice? if not, I can get the citric acid. Just have lemon juice on hand.
  7. So, has anyone had any success with these, in terms of making mashed potatoes or other yummy tato dishes? I have dehydrated thin thin thin slices from my food processor, and some thicker ones that I hand cut. They are cream colored to brown when you dry them, even with adequate pre-boiling. I rehydrated one of the thick slices and it was normal tater color again. I've read that you can make flakes out of these that will taste like the store made deyhdrated ones, and I've read you cant. Anyone here ever try?
  8. However having harvested my own sweet corn, which is not GMO and not fertilized with crazy stuff, and was well watered ( so, I need more fertilizer next year ) and finding a good bit of it woefully undeveloped... I'm trying it with that. I'll let you know how it comes out.
  9. Eh, this is Ohio.. it's Frankencorn. That nitrite stuff is downright scary. I never get to talk to the one farmer ( huge corp that owns a ton of fields) but the other one is a small local guy, I may see him in time to ask him.. but after reading what you have written, I am thinking no way am I going to do this.
  10. we are surrunded by corn that has silked and is underdeveloped. I',m talking acres of loss here. I peeled one today just to taste it.. and the texture was very close to chineese baby corn. Not that much flavor - but the baby corn you buy in the store is pickled and tastes of mild corn and salt. This stuff is not goign to get any bigger, and will be a big old insurance claim for the farmers. So.. anyone have any good ideas to pickle this stuff for future stir fries?
  11. I am of the opinon that faith learned by experience is stronger than faith followed by childhood obedience. Perhaps that is a bit buddhist of me, but i've seen it over and over. I have a daughter who is done with church as well, but she is very young. It's hard though, trying to maintain your own peace when everything your kid does is hell bent on destroying your peace, that's where I am living now. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))
  12. i let it sit in the crockpot and it needed more garlic. Might not want to put the rice in with it if you are crocking.
  13. I just brought up some pork loin i canned Put it in the rice cooker with rice, steamed it with fresh grated garlic and ginger, then mixed in pineapple and pineapple juice YUM. Who would have thought home canned meat could be used to make something so good!
  14. I'll play. 4 miles, and 4 hours heavy gardening ( digging up dirt to mound taters with)
  15. I understand that freezing temporarily slows down the hatching process but doesn't stop it. You seal in mylar with a vacuum sealer and 02 absorbers, I'm thinking the lack of oxygen may prevent hatching.
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