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  1. Just to keep you up-to-date: We have found out that the main troublemaker has a rap sheet a mile long including felonious assault. However, God has still provided blessings; we've gotten to know our neighbors much better and they are really pulling together. I'm still concerned for everyone's safety so please say a prayer after you read this. Thank you so much!
  2. I agree with Momo - they are definitely books you will refer to over and over.
  3. I'm happy to say we had the first quiet night last night. I've been talking to more neighbors this morning and there has been more going on than just what we've been dealing with. I've got more positive, helpful feedback today. Please keep those prayers coming!
  4. I will try to give the Reader's Digest version but we have had new next door neighbors move in a week ago. In that time, the police have been called out 6 times. Loud music, shooting off fireworks at 3 in the morning,flashing a pistol in the driveway, a pit bulldog, "thumping" cars, drunk 18 year olds, etc. Last night, one of them threatened to kick my husband's a**. We called the police and got a pat on the head, although supposedly they are going to check out the pitbull. Most of the other neighbors are afraid to file complaints because they are afraid of retaliation. I would a
  5. My hubby came home from the flea market today with a 21 quart Presto canner for $15! Yee-haw!
  6. You hit it on the head. He takes 9 mg of warfarin (comudine)every day. Happy Valley
  7. Nana, I read your post about flu and aspirin. My husband is on blood thinners. I'm worried. It sounds like medicines that thin blood aggravate the flu. He won't like it, but he is going to have to discuss this potential problem with his doctor. Happy Valley
  8. Just came across this site and it has menus and tips for emergency meals. Haven't had a chance to look at the whole site but it has given me some ideas. Hope it helps someone else out there. http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/40dollarmenu.htm
  9. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the recipes!!!
  10. Ouch! Hadn't thought about that!
  11. Quote: Bear in mind that inflation may soar and money may become worthless pretty quickly (look at Argentina 2001 or Zimbabwe 2005). Your food or other supplies may be the best form of currency you can get. That is a VERY important statement. If there is no food, what is the point in having money? But as far as the debt "thing", the banks might "freeze" temporarily but you better believe they will want their money back.
  12. I got a food dehydrator at the thrift store for $6. Of course, there were no instructions but I seem to remember a pretty lengthy thread here at MrsS about Dehydrator instructions.
  13. Thank you DomesticGoddess! I look forward to your other recipes as well. MommyHomeSchools4 - If I can this, do I make a broth with them and remove the bone? The only chicken stuff I've canned before is chicken broth/soup.
  14. Got a lot for 38 cents a pound. Do you have a recipe for them? Thanks!
  15. Be prepared Grubby - Atlas Shrugged starts even slower than Lucifer's Hammer but it is worth it. I just finished reading Lucifer for the 2nd time and am just beginning reading Alas Babylon the 2nd time. I'm enjoying them even more for the 2nd reading.
  16. Nana has brought up many good points. One other item to consider is property taxes. The world might be in shambles but the government will still want its money. I think the Katrina victims are dealing with this now.
  17. Go to the "Are You Ready?" forum. You'll find tons of exactly what you need. Hang in there - we're all in this together.
  18. CDC Chief: Bird Flu 'Not Media Hype' Tuesday, January 24, 2006 By Daniel J. DeNoon The bird flu news isn't encouraging, the head of the CDC said today. The comments by CDC Director Julie M. Gerberding, MD, MPH, came at the opening of the 2006 National Influenza Vaccine Summit meeting of public health officials and vaccine manufacturers. Preparation for a flu pandemic is only a small part of the meeting. But in her opening remarks, Gerberding stressed how seriously the CDC is taking the threat of a bird flu pandemic. "This is not media hype. This is a real situation,"
  19. I read the first one too and could imagine the chaos way too easily. I think if I HAD to bug out, it would help me to have an emergency check list to keep my thoughts clear. Maybe even with designated assignments for each family member. We have nearly everything that was mentioned in the story. Getting it thrown in the truck quickly would take some organization though. But I'd rather stay home if at all possible.
  20. Heck, we had SPAM sandwiches for lunch this week. Fry 'em in the pan and add mustard. No turned up noses here!
  21. http://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/usmap.htm Last week, only Nevada was widespread. Sorry that I couldn't copy the map to this posting.
  22. Every single day. Then for Christmas, my husband got me 2 dutch ovens - a 4 quart and a 6 quart. Can't wait to play with them. Anyone have any recipes?
  23. I'm about half way through it right now. The first 2 chapters were VERY slow, but it is very interesting after that point. I'm going to hold my opinion until I finish but I think someone else on this board was reading it as well. Maybe check "Within These Pages".
  24. I don't really have time to read but I'm going to make time because the latest issue of Countryside Magazine just came in the mail today!!! Yipee!!
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