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  1. I've dehydrated lots of potatoes! Russets, Reds and Sweet. Reds and Sweet worked the best for me, I'm thinking because of the starch content (they aren't as "crumbly" and not so quick to break during the steaming process) but all have turned out great. They are a little labor intensive but the end result is fabulous. I slice mine thin, steam or blanch, then dump in to a sterilized sink full of cold water (depending on how many potatoes I'm doing I may have to drain and refill the sink to keep the water cold.) We are very impressed with our home-dehydrated potatoes and have used them in se
  2. Loved the idea of Mint Water! That sounds SO refreshing! One of my favorite uses for Mint is to make a fruit salad with whatever fruit is handy and a quick syrup (no cooking, just mixing) of some lime juice, a little dab of honey and some shredded mint leaves. The lime juice gives the fruit a zesty little zing, the honey adds a little sweetness but the mint "cools" everything off. My favorite summertime fruit salad!
  3. I wouldn't freeze it until July. I don't know what the ingredients are but 7 months in a freezer doesn't appear to bode well for any type of coleslaw. I don't know how big your family is but if the coleslaw is good, DH and myself could go through quite a bit of it in a week if it's tastey (we like coleslaw/cabbage) barring other side vegetables. I know the temps are frigid across most of the states but maybe you could cook some BBQ Pork or Pork Ribs to go with it and save whatever side dishes/vegetables you have in your own freezer? What about Hot Dogs with Slaw and Chili? Can't s
  4. Yes, on occassion I've asked for rainchecks but only if it's something on sale I really needed or wanted. The point is, my grocery store is now running out of product which they have NEVER done in the 20+ years I have shopped there. That's what worries me. The demand is now overwhelming their supply. This tells me they are changing their stocking habits by either ordering limited supplies, using the JIT System or the Sheeple are waking up and stocking up on the sale items sooner rather than later. In any event, I need to be more on my toes if I want to keep my food storage up.
  5. I am also a Publix shopper and have been for many years. My store has been making some noticable changes over the past few weeks. Their specialty Deli Case (olives, salads, etc.) has been emptied and now only holds deli meats. Their free standing specialty cheese case doesn't have near the amount of variety it used to have. As a matter of fact, I was in one day a couple months ago when a manager and employee were discussing what products they wouldn't be carrying anymore. The Dairy section has been reorganized and offers less variety. Today, it was the Orange Juice section. They were em
  6. Oh Deerslayer! Thanks for reminding me! I also changed homeowners insurance companies. The old company has been absolutely killing us for years but it seems I could never get around to researching new companies. I finally made it a point and found one that saved us just over $600 a year! Bad news is, they had a rate increase just after I signed with them. When my renewal comes up in November I'll be paying a higher premium but still not as high as the old company. I also reduced my auto policy to the bare bones when I paid off my car earlier this year. While the reduction in coverage
  7. We are going to tighten up, again, as well. We've already done so many things, there aren't many places left to cut. We got rid of our house phone but DH needs his cell for work. I went on his plan and it only costs $9.00 more. We have cable but only the mid-grade. Not the bottom of the barrel, but no HBO or other premium channels. We cut out all outside entertainment and no longer order the Pay Per View movies that we used to do every Friday night. Our internet is bundled to our cable but if we get any increases in the bill I will have to start shopping around for alternatives. We gav
  8. Went to a big box store today, used some coupons that were getting ready to expire and stocked up on some toiletries and other odds and ends to fill in some gaps. Of course, filling in the prepping gaps from a big box store leaves other gaps...like in the budget . Only thing I'm telling DH is "I saved $82.00!!"
  9. The first time I canned them I diced them. Was only able to get 6#'s in to 16 pint jars. This last batch I cut in to "fingers" and hand shoved them in to each jar. I was able to get 7 1/2 #'s in to the 16 pints and it took two batches of syrup. Go with the fingers. Takes longer but you can get more in the jars
  10. Actually this was last night... Normally when I make this I sear a couple of chicken breasts and remove from the pan. Dump in some salsa (I don't measure when I cook, I'm a "dumper") and pour in a little cream or Half and Half, enough to make the sauce pinkish in color. Give it a stir, put the breasts back in, pour some Chipotle Tobasco on the breasts and spoon some sauce over top. Finish cooking in the oven and serve with rice. Last night I had some Half and Half that needed to be used up and didn't feel like cooking. Grabbed a can of home-canned chicken from the pantry, made the sa
  11. Over the weekend I canned some sweet potatoes in light syrup (16 pints) and 8 pints of turkey meat and a few odds and ends of beef that were in the freezer.
  12. Excellent ideas! Thank you so much! Sometimes the simplest of ideas can escape me, especially when I think too hard, LOL!
  13. There is a long story behind this and I'll try to keep this short but feel some background is warranted. There is a neighbor girl I took under my wing years ago when I moved in to this neighborhood. She is a sweet girl deep down but grew up in a house with her single mother who suffers from severe mental illness. The girl has been seriously neglected for years and there are lots of issues here. I took her in as My Own for years. Bathed her, clothed her, fed her, tried to teach her to cook, tutored her in all subjects to the best of my ability (her mother pulled her out of public school in
  14. I will second this but don't do a wash/rinse on a new puppy (just my personal experience...too much water in the ear can lead to further problems). Do a simple swipe through the ear with a cotton ball using white or Apple Cider Vinegar a couple times a day. After a day or two, if you don't notice any improvement in the smell or discharge, seek veterinary help. Hope your puppy gets relief soon!
  15. Our Preps were over taking our small house so over the long Thanksgiving weekend we completely converted a spare room in to a full-on storage room. We laid in a fresh new coat of paint, floor to ceiling and put in several shelving units. Now I have room for all our Long-Term preps and all my canned/dehydrated goods are easily accessible and easily "rotatable" (is that a word?). It came out better than our expectations which is always a Bonus! Tonight, after seeing exactly what we had on hand now that everything has been "exposed", I was able to go through some stuff that needed to be "
  16. Speedy Recovery ANM and hoping it doesn't pass to your little ones or those close to you! Be on the lookout for secondary infections and nip them in the bud ASAP if they start coming on.
  17. We LOVE Parsnips! Whenever I cook a ham dinner I throw them in the bottom of the roaster with all my other vegetables...cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips...and brocoli. The brocoli takes on such an awesome flavor! My favorite way of eating brocoli...oh, but this was about Parsnips...yes, we love our Parsnips, too! They come out so sweet, almost like a cross between a carrot and a sweet potato! Yum, Yum!
  18. Blessings to you and yours Turtle. Hang in there. Keep an eye on the Secondary infections for sure.
  19. This "mutation" is everywhere. Norway, Canada, US and a few others, not to mention whatever is going on in the Ukraine and other European countries. I keep dropping hints, emailing a few articles here and there and nobody is paying attention. I'm just coming off as Chicken Little. They have all become SO complacent because "our" outbreak was not the big Emergency/Hype that was reported earlier this year. I keep hearing that it's "too far away". What are these people thinking? These are the people I fear the most. They are not taking precautions and will be the first to get sick...a
  20. Preps are meant to be "rotated". So, maybe you went through a few things of this and that, you also continued on in other areas. I think you've done a fabulous job!
  21. Went to Walmart today and stocked up some seasonal canned goods like canned Pumpkin and gravy and a few other things. Also bought about 23#'s of sweet potatoes that were on sale for 25ยข pound and plan on getting them canned in the next day or so and found another 66 boxes of canning lids. Every time I clean them out it seems they find more in the back and I just can't resist the price at $1 a box!
  22. We have both Hard and Soft Wheat. We have been experimenting with various bread recipes using just hard and a mix of hard and soft. I would say play around with a few recipes and mixtures until you find what works. It takes some time if you're not used to baking bread...which I haven't done in years. The last couple of loaves that DH made was the best and he said was a mix of both wheats. Our measurements are 2 slightly rounded cups or 1 pound grain = 3 3/4 cups flour
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