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  1. My nephew, Daniel, is home safe and sound in Washington after serving just a few months on his first tour. Since his is a specialty outfit, he doesn't stay for a full year as some. First tour done! He will be coming home on leave April 23. Yea!!
  2. Also praying. This is truly the season of miracles. May our Lord have His hand on all.
  3. Thank you CrabGrass! If I had thought it through further, I would have remembered having to do that for myself as well. For some reason, I didn't transfer it to animals...plus the fact that she was SO young. I appreciate the reminder. She is doing great at this point. Have a blessed day, and I love your quote!
  4. Cowgirl, I was looking for a bread recipe, stumbled on this one, and WOW. Easiest one I have ever made. Okay, easiest of all 4 of the recipes I've tried! I love that it is so versatile. My family has enjoyed all of the breads, but they get bored easily so it's a challenge to 1) Keep them satisfied 2) Find things that ARE simple, not just claim it 3) Get new ideas. Thanks for sharing!
  5. For years, at our house, we bake a Birthday cake for Jesus, usually Christmas Eve morning. We take it to my in-laws house where we sing happy birthday and eat this instead of pie. I have made a variety of cakes, and it has been a great way to keep Christ in Christmas. It taught my kids early on what the day is really about.
  6. I saw on fb that Penny was home safely. That IS good news and reason to celebrate. Thanks for the prayers for Daniel. He's in for the long haul...and you know what that means. You will also appreciate that he is in the Rangers which is the Army's version of Navy Seals.
  7. She doesn't have fleas (thankfully!), and no hair...she is a few pounds only - puppy chihuahua! You have good ideas of things to look for and I appreciate the input.
  8. I don't smell anything, nor see any discharge. She is shaking her head and scratching at her ears. When I had shephards, that was a sign for infection for them. Funny thing is, she ONLY does it at night. She seems to be fine in the day. I'll try the oils ~thanks guys!
  9. My 5 month old puppy is starting to exhibit signs of an ear infection. Cannot afford a vet. I do have some human anti-biotics (tetracycline) that I can break apart and give a little to the dog, and I have some Colloidal Silver. Don't know if any of these are good for her or not, so I'm seeking your help! Thank you!
  10. Hi All, Prayers for my nephew (Daniel), please. He is in the Rangers will be leaving in the next two weeks, undetermined for how long. Thanks!
  11. Thank you so much for the post. I am an avid WWII buff (mostly European, but am branching out to the Japanese end) and hadn't heard this particular story. Enlightening, thanks, I love new info.
  12. Such a pure victory Stephanie! God is at work again, strengthening, building and nourishing. Let His Light Shine!!!! Congratulations
  13. Homemaker, that is awesome. We don't get recognized for all we contribute. Kudos to your boss!
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