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  1. Did my major rotation yesterday. Went through my long term larder, did inventory and moved any canned goods that expire this coming year to the kitchen pantry. Made a list of what I'm running low on. Made mental notes of the products we are not eating much of anymore, how our eating habits have changed this past year etc.


    Going through the seed catalogs today and doing some expansion of garden area.

  2. Good Morning to you too. :bouquet: Yesterday was beautiful here as well. Sun shining with the slight crispness in the air. It made me want to get outside, play in the leaves and go for a walk. Today looks to be about the same. I think I may go for a hike and head down to the thrift store, too.


    I have been thinking about the New Year, also. This upcoming year is going to have many changes for my family, (I'm going through a separation right now) but I see many of the changes to be very positive and I look forward to them. I feel internal peace and joy as I look out onto the horizon. The sun is shining down on me and it keeps me warm, not only physically, but emotionally as well.


    I pray that all of our Mrs. S family have a wonderful and Blessed year to come.





  3. Very good advice.


    12. Watch out where you set the generator. People have caught their houses on fire with generators. Talk about being in a bad way, that is it.


    also, make sure it's not too close to doors or windows, where the carbon monoxide could get into the house. Those fumes get into the smallest of cracks.


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