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  1. Hey, all the buzz for our winter weather here in Tennessee, it is so supposed to be exciting....some of the local meterologist are saying that we will be supplied with plenty of moisture from the south, and they are saying that possibly this may be a winter to remember and could be very busy, snow and ice wise....... JUST FOR YOU DEAR!!!! really, the weather forums i have been on also indicate this..... good to hear from you
  2. I did the biscuit dumplings, and oh my goodness they were sooooo good!!!
  3. I have been saving every scrap of left overs, If there is just spoon or two of peas, they go in the freezer, leftover beans,in the freezer, sauces,like I use to make chicken casserole, I make a little extra and freeze it. end pieces of bread,that usually don't get eaten, they go in the freezer to use for dressing for the holidays. Hanging clothes out to dry,instead of using the dryer. taking less trips to the store, and not running the roads,saving gas. Watchin water usage. Watchin for all the really good sales....
  4. HOPE you have a Happy Birthday, and just a wonderful day all around.....
  5. I have been doing some preps, haven't been able to do too many but, this is what I got this week: 15lbs sugar 5lbs brown sugar 5lbs confectioners sugar 2-chocolate bark 2- bakers chocolate 1-box powder milk 4-boxes cacoa reserves chocolates(YUMMO) 6-cans chicken noodle soup 2-cans chili 12 cans assorted vegetables 1 can black olives 2 zatarains rice mixes 1-uncle bens rice mix 10 lb corn meal 5 lb self rise flour 5 lb all purpose flour _____________ I have been also stocking freezer: I have baked 3 cakes that are in the freezer I found danishes on sale, but 3 in freezer 2 packs of shortcakes Baked 6 large loaves of bread,put in freezer found italian loaves of bread and bagels on sale there are 4 of each put green bell peppers, red and yellow peppers to freeze also put onions in to freeze have saved all the broth from my chickens and have them froze(about 3 quarts) Cooked a turkey and made gravy from the drippings, saved the gravy and froze it( 1/2 quart) _________ also stocked medicine cabinet with ibuprofen tylenol robitussin mucinex tylenol cold/flu theraflu warming liquid flu imodium ad pepto not to shabby for a couple weeks work..... But, I do feel better!!!
  6. I am is Southeast Tennessee, Cleveland to be exact.. and yes we have had many factory closings, store closings and many, many lay offs..... I take clothing donations to a local church in our area, which also serves as food donations.. this line is always full and long everytime I take things over......
  7. For 20 something years,I have not had the courage to try and make homemade from scratch, chicken and dumplings. I just figured I could never get them to be as good as my mothers, so why even try.... Well two weeks ago,I decided I was starving for some good ole dumplings( thanks to little house on prairie books I've been reading, made me want some good ole homecooking)..Well, set about in the kitchen and made up a big ole pot full of chicken and dumplings... and May I be bold enough to say,,,,THEY WERE EVEN BETTER THAN MOM'S!!!!!!
  8. Yes! Hey it is me Unikemom or Unike1, had trouble signing in with my password with unike1 so just started over. But, yes, the kids are all back in school after fall break,, amen! I haven't had one day to myself the whole week, I have had my three, plus 4 others... Plus 2 sleepovers...... So far our schools have not had to shut down due to the swine flu, but they will be watching attendance closely this week, and if we still as many students absent as the week before they may shut down another week....We have had lie 150 to 200 students per school out with either the swine flu or a virus.. all three of my boys has had a virus and I have had pnuemonia,, so it has been lovely..... Ok, so how is everyone, Snowmom, are you doing alright, Darlene, Buttercup, Grubby.....Sorry, old habits die hard, I still refer to you 2 by your previous names..... But still love yuns just the same.... Everything is going well here. All my troubles with my oldest son and his school issues are now over. The judge said he is doing so well right now, that as long as he keeps doing what he is doing, we will not have to go back before him. What a relief!!!!!! Hope everyone is well, and staying safe, and hope you are all prepared for that they are saying promises to be a wild winter...... gonna go and update myself on the rest of the posts.... Have a good day all!!!!
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