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  1. Mt. Rider, I am so sorry about Koa. We said goodbye to our dear Lady in Nov of 2019 so I sure understand how you feel. It takes some time to heal, as you know. Lady was 17 years and 9 months old. You love them like part of the family. Which they are of course.
  2. Just popping in to say a few things. I usually read comments at least a couple of days a week and pray for each person and for Koa. I am sorry that Koa is sick and about all the issues going on in each of your lives. Praying for resolutions. Jeepers, you mentioned maybe needing some mineral. If I don't take magnesium citrate, I get serious muscle cramps and also tend to get choked on my food a lot. Magnesium deficiency affects ALL muscles including heart muscle, and smooth muscle. If you are taking a proton pump inhibitor for GERD, you will most certainly have a magnesium deficiency along with potassium deficiency. My daughter takes it for anxiety with her doctor's approval also. Something to check into for sure. Littlesister, we are actively decluttering. So tired of all the stuff! DH is a handyman and keeps all kinds of spare parts, hardware, etc. to help folks out so we hope to get it organized. Sometime we spend literally hours looking for stuff we need. I heard an organizing blogger say that the average person spends a certain number of minutes a day (which I can't remember!) and it added up to 2.5 hours in a year. We are way above average on that!! It sounds like you are doing a great job. Every time I read one of your posts, I'm inspired to keep at it! Lots of other things going on here too. Harvesting lots from the gardens and still picking blueberries. My friend from church and I are traveling an hour each Tuesday night and volunteering doing some health coaching at a Diabetes Undone class. It's an 8 week class and we have two more to go. Last week, my family and I canned 55 pints of corn. We hadn't had a good sweet corn crop in years so that was good. About time to get our bins of apples too. We couldn't get nectarines, peaches or Asian pears this year because the frost killed most of the commercial orchard's crops. We got all our gardens out late and they are just now in peak producing mode. Praying for a late frost! We've been able to share lots of tomatoes with family and friends, sweet corn too. Now the bell peppers are coming in. The deer keep our okra eaten down to about 8" tall so no crop there. Enough yellow squash and zucchini to freeze and share for the first time in a few years. The deer fence is working. We only have a couple or three coming in instead of 9 or 10. They have figured out how to jump through the top five strands of electric fence tape (not electrified) so we plan to get chicken wire or something similar and put it over those tapes but that will have to wait until we're not so busy. That will make a semi-solid surface that will be over 8 feet tall. Take care everyone and blessing to you all.
  3. So sorry, WE2. Praying for your family.
  4. Oh my! What a time you have had! You are in my prayers.
  5. I just saw this thread. Momo I am so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you, for peace and comfort.
  6. I also wanted to comment on your mother and how she played along with the story. I'll bet that was a good entertainment for her. I also bet she had a lot of good advice to add to from her own life experiences.
  7. I DO remember that you got very ill now that you mentioned! I am glad you're back and can't wait to read your continuation of the story!
  8. I would love to read your experience! Please do post it!
  9. Well, I thought you were there but wondered why you said you were disappointed that you couldn't interact with me on that thread. I haven' seen the revisited thread. I'll go check it out.
  10. No, I got really busy about that time. My mom decided to move in with us because her eyesight was getting worse. Her sense of smell is is really bad and she was tasting moldy food because she couldn't smell it or see it, and many other issues. So we had a lot of rearranging and purging to do. It was fun how everybody worked together to tell the story. I could hardly wait for the next episode from whoever decided to contribute! Were you a member of Mrs S then? I was thinking you were but I can't remember who all was.
  11. Wow! Eleven years ago! I can hardly believe it's been that long ago. I guess there have been many changes in each of our lives since then. Some new people on here and some no longer with us.
  12. A bear can smell really, really strong too.
  13. Oh, that is precious! I teared up just reading it. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  14. Miki, I'm sorry! I know that must have been disappointing. Yes, God knew and He will surely help you get that paid off soon.
  15. We get photocopies of each check along with the monthly bank statement. I never did sign up for online banking for our personal account. Our Internet is so unstable and we have power outages often. Not so many as in the past though, thankfully.
  16. Miki, I am so sorry about your brother. What a sad thing. Praying for you and all you have to deal with. Littlesister, still praying for you too. I lost a cousin last week. DH and DS were at his house fixing a problem with his hot water tank and DH said about every 15 seconds, Z would grimace as if in pain. He passed away that night. 48 years old. Probably a heart attack as he had exceedingly high BP.
  17. Littlesister, I am so sorry for your loss, but as you said, he is no longer suffering. I am praying for you.
  18. As I have said before, even though I don't comment much, I do read all the comments and pray for all who need prayers. Lots of things going on for all of us, looks like. We are having rainy, mild weather and then very cold and snow supposed to come in for early next week. We still have quite a bit of snow from the last round but it's melting fast. We finally got our truck title and tags!! DH bought a used truck from his brother in TN in late Nov. At that time, we couldn't go to DMV locally as they were not doing titles. The closest DMV after that was accepting appointments starting in January. DH thought I should go online and try to get it done because it would be faster. Wrong! I mailed the application, title, bill of sale and check to Richmond DMV on Dec 5, with tracking. Tracking the package, it went from here to Richmond USPS and they sent it back to our PO. Never made it to the DMV. Our PO got it back Jan 4! When I found that out, I called to tell them to keep it and I would pick it up. They had already sent it back to Richmond! So after all that, the new title and tags arrived here Feb 4! That was great..but they had failed to add me as co-owner even though the application was filled out for that. Thankfully now, our local DMV is allowing people to use the drive through and we went Monday and had that changed. Only cost $17. So thankful to get that taken care of. And thankfully, I had photocopied everything before I mailed it, so DH was able to keep the copies in the truck to prove he actually owned the truck. DD and I have been sowing some perennial flower, herb and vegetable seed indoors in plug trays this week. Also some a;pine strawberries last week. Time to sow lettuce in the plug trays too. DS and I have been pruning some hardy kiwi vines. I've also been cleaning and re-organizing the storage room/pantry. I don't understand how it works but when you move stuff around, it all gets bigger and won't fit back in! I've tossed some stuff and have a give-away box besides and it still won't all fit. Hope you all enjoy your day! I must get back to work.
  19. I know! I am having trouble focusing on my decluttering projects this winter. So many issues all at the same time! Yay for you euphrasyne!!
  20. I think it's kind of sad to see old homesteads be swallowed up by commercial interests. All the strawberries are supposed to be "the best"! Lol I need to do more research.
  21. Littlesister, I hope you can do some fun projects! That's important to do for one's sanity. I'm working on an order of strawberry and asparagus plants. We got the area ready and it's covered with black plastic which we hope will smother out the grass and some of the weeds by May when we would plant them. I'm having a hard time deciding on which varieties of strawberries to get. I have a list of best varieties for VA but the mountains are so different that the piedmont or the coastal areas and the list doesn't really distinguish between them. We have ordered most of the garden seeds we need so we need to check our inventory again and see what's left to order. We need to start some things indoors mid-late January like lettuce, spinach, some flowers and herbs. Part of me is crying "No! I'm not ready to garden yet!" it was 63 deg here today and sunny. After church and lunch, I went for a birding walk and really enjoyed it. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 44 and 40% chance of rain. My bedtime of 9:30 is fast approaching. Take care everyone.
  22. I wondered if the mask wearing would slow down the seasonal flu. Maybe that is what's happening.
  23. Good to see you back! So you just recently had another hip surgery? Sounds like you've been pretty busy. That is really nice of your Dad!
  24. I've missed you too! Now I hope Kappy comes back.
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