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  1. Thank you!! Thank you!! I was beginning to think I shouldn't get it, because I couldn't find anything about it, or anyone who knew anything about it. I think I will def. offer him less, and see if he will take it.
  2. Thank you all for your encouragement I think the hardest thing is when you go to the store and every week things are going up. $20 doesn't even buy as much as it did a few months ago. Amishway - I read your whole website last night. I LOVE LOVE your gardens We turned most of our backyard into a garden last year, and got a good amount of food that I canned a lot of. (we have .18 acre). I definitely plan to do that again next year. My DH says that we should just plant the whole thing in potatoes!! LOL God Bless you all!
  3. Thank you! I'll look at the recall page. I don't know the age or model number yet. I'll ask the owner when I email them again. This is the snackmaster jr FD-20, we had this for three years and used it once. This was given to us by a friend trying to help with my girlfriends condition, ( celiac) and it has been just sitting here unused. I do not know the true age of the unit. but it dried out the fruit we did do in it great. I can tell you more if we meet or you call. That's the email I just got from him. I looked up the model number to see if it was affected by the recall, and i
  4. Thank you! I'll look at the recall page. I don't know the age or model number yet. I'll ask the owner when I email them again.
  5. We are making even more changes this coming year. My husband and I have only been married for a little over a year, and we now have a baby as well. Phone - we don't have a house phone, but we're joining our "survival buddies" (the family that we are making all our survival plans with) on their family plan. This will save us a good amount every month! Electric bill - we heat our whole home with one radiating space heater by pulling it out into the main area of the house during the day, and closing all the bedroom doors, and then taking it into the bedroom at night. The baby sleeps in
  6. I found a SnackMaster JR. Dehydrator on CL for $25 as the asking price. It is used. Can you all please help me on whether this is a good dehydrator and for a decent price. They aren't made anymore, so I can't find out what they cost new. Thank you ladies!!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new here, and also new to the survival outlook on life. Just in the past few weeks, another couple that we are really close to, called a meeting with us and asked them to join with them in preparing for our families. Needless to say, I've been getting the equivalent of a college degree in research these past 3 weeks. LOL! We're in the central Ohio area, and would love to swap ideas for getting things locally as much as possible with other local folks. God Bless!
  8. I'm new here, too, but reading this is making me pine away for Florida. I lived there all my life until November 08, when I married my hubby and moved to OHIO!!!
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