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  1. I agree with you Violet... It seems EVERYTHING is manipulated for some "control the masses" ends.. It's done all the time... It can almost be said, " if you hear in on the main stream media, it is a half truth or full blown lie. It is as though they want things to break down so they can make a profit fixing them. I'm feeling more and more the S is going to HTF. It will be something nobody expected except a few in society that believe in keeping their eyes open, and being prepared for the worst... My fear is it is much worse than even WE think. I heard about this on the news. They said it would be okay with Proper cooking but a lot of people don't know who to cook properly anymore (the latest is pink meat). Besides, what about the person doing the cooking. Do we have to start using gloves if we have to buy supermarket meat. I couldn't get it to load for me but I am curious which cities these samples were from.
  2. CGA - Glad you brought my attention to the fact this was a modified sling/bow... That's a really cool idea. I'm not saying a slingshot or this modified version does not have a place even for self-defense... or for hunting ... historically it is a proven tool for these uses... It does have the advantage of giving the user distance from the target. I remember putting half inch ball bearings through a half inch piece of plywood at about 10 feet... so they are a formidable weapon.
  3. Hello Christy, Thank you again for sharing your observations. I don't know if this is a normal or healthy response, but no matter how hard I try to mentally prepare for such conditions as you describe, here in the states, It all still seems like " It can't happen here"... I have done a lot of preparation for such conditions, so maybe that gives me a level of calm I would not have, otherwise. I feel for your situation for not being able to have a firearm in the house. I honestly do believe that an armed society is a "polite" society.. and when conditions become such, that people stop following a rule of law, it becomes a force equalizer and gives those who have lost any compassion or care for others, a serious deterrent. I don't know what I'd do in your circumstance of not being allowed to own a gun. A sling shot can be an option, but surely has limitations. I use to own many of these as a child, and was pretty good at hitting what I aimed at. But to stop a person with one hit, which is about all the time you'd have before they were too close, would be a difficult feat. A much more lethal weapon would be a large knife/ machete/ sword. It is a horrible situation to need such a weapon, but even more horrible to be without one when needed. I guess being creative with the limited resources at your disposal is the only alternative. A blog I read, by a man from Argentina after their economic collapse, talked about the value of handguns for self protection. It seems inevitable, that when people become more desperate, the do more desperate things, and it was no exception there. Talking about such conditions, helps me understand one blogger I've read, who is a national guardsman, talk about knowing how to defend yourself, not just from personal attack, but how to set up defenses, in your home and community, set up look outs, patrol the area etc.. basic knowledge of such military tactics could mean the difference of having the wining advantage and not. It is "crazy" things to think about, but as the prospect of economic if not societal collapse becomes more of a possibility, it sometimes does not seem so crazy... I sincerely hope your circumstances improve.
  4. Thank you for telling us more Christy... We are hearing that Portugal is about to become insolvent and that this could cascade throughout all the weaker nations in the EU ( PIIGS). This coupled with the escalating tensions in Israel and the very likely hood of a major war in the near future, could be the event that brings down ALL nations, and we will be facing, here in the US, what you are seeing in your region of the world. I hope you will share more and if you have any questions about what we are seeing locally, I'm sure others will be glad to share what we can.. Thank you and I hope to hear more from you
  5. Christy.. I hope you don't mind me asking you questions about Spain. It may help me understand what I'm seeing here in the states. When the economy is hit as hard as yours has been, I'm assuming the split between the have's and the have-nots has grown wider. But those who were not wealthy.. and are still living comfortably... what set them apart from those who are really struggling to get by? What things were most valuable to own, or what were wise things to have done before the economic down turn? I'm so sorry hear about what people have had to do with their pets. And disgusted what some are doing to abuse them. We are not hearing these stories in the states... and we need to... Sheltering people from reality only makes them unable to see, understand, and properly act. I hope, under the circumstances you, your family and friends are doing well..
  6. These are the stories I need to hear. It is one thing to try to imagine what a break down in society would be like.. but it is another thing to hear real stories about what happens. The fundamental supports of "humanity" seem to break down first. When you think of it, this is what has failed in all the places we see where you would not want to be. On thing it does is remove the facade of humanity that covers the real nature of many people who would literally cut your throat to get what they want. The world seems so fragile now... and yet so many people are building their strength in so many ways... Maybe this is the true spirit of the survivalist that is in so many people..
  7. This may have been listed somewhere in the forum before but here is is again.. I've only read a page or two but learned a lot from just those pages. Enjoy.. http://www.tacticalintelligence.net/USAF-Survival-Manual-644.pdf
  8. Dog Chew toys???? I thought they were tough for jerky.. just say'n .. THAT's why my dog has been so moody lately...
  9. The sad thing is that an energy shortage is exactly what this administration wants. President Obama said it in one of his speeches that this was his goal. There are so many people invested in " green technology" that want this to happen as well... This world is in a mess and it is all intentional.
  10. Keep in mind that in really bad times, having only 2 meals a day isn't unreasonable...breakfast to start the day and a meal somewhere around dinner time. That will stretch the food products also and wouldn't adversely affect ones health. Really bad times, you could get by with less calories / day, but if times are really bad, and you need to plant a garden, and in general, bust your butt, to get food production going or chop wood, fetch water, etc.. you will need MORE calories than we eat in our average day. This is an important perspective to remember when you ask, "How much is enough"? If you knew there was relief coming, you could chill out and eat less, but if you are dependent on your own labor to survive, then you will need more than usual.
  11. Put simply... If there is a failed bond auction it will rattle market psychology big time- and the government would have to raise interest rates to attract more money. The effect on government finances is obvious. However, a higher interest rate means a stronger currency (as foreign money floods in to take advantage of higher rates). Several countries have already imposed restrictions on foreign investment to prevent their currencies from appreciating and becoming "uncompetitive" on the export market. So basically, the stock market would panic, interest rates would rise, the US dollar would probably also rise which would kill our exports. Remember, in an economic downturn all countries are trying to increase exports to maintain employment- we'd be on the losing end of that equation. If the higher interest rates persist, it would hasten the day when the US gov't defaults on its loans. Jolly, eh? Thank you Hazelstone - I try my best to understand economics.. The jargon, the interrelationships within our financial system and the relationships between other countries, the different financial instruments.. etc etc.. and it seems like something so simple is really so very complex.. It always helps to have someone " put it simply".... Thank you! PS - does this not also mean that our feds will try QE3 so we can purchase our own treasuries? Are we not already doing that to some extent? Could this also compound the cascade of worries and reactions and , as you say, push us closer to a default of our debts? Another question for you.. If we do default on our debts, How do you see this materializing for the average citizen in this country.. What would we see first...? I remember where I saw this type of scenario...but it was the crash of the dollar.. It's an interesting video..
  12. 3/4/11 - $104.91 Brent crude was $116 I think I heard that for every dollar rise in price for a barrel it's 2 cents at the pump for gasoline... It was about $3.50 the other day... I have not seen what it is today... I do not doubt it could go to $5 / gallon this summer.. even if there are no changes in the middle east. If it goes from bad to worse.. I've heard some call for $10 / gallon.. but if that happens.. we're facing more than just gas price price troubles... but I guess that goes without saying.
  13. Yes.. It's been said that commodities are not going up in price, the dollar is going down in value. This is one of the factors. Also, silver and gold have had their prices manipulated down from what I'm reading... JP Morgan has leveraged their silver contracts, some speculate 100 : 1.. There is a law suit against them now for market manipulation. I just watched a video that says silver may surpass Gold in value, because gold is not an industrial metal. What is used is usually recycled. Silver was so cheap it was disposed of for the most part. Now there is more above ground gold than silver. And the supplies of physical silver, to purchase, are almost gone. They say for the first time, the current selling price is greater than the futures price, so people are willing to pay what ever the current price is for silver if they can take possession. It's a crazy world now... Never seen anything like it.
  14. You know that huge order the government put in for food... I think it was from MH because even Costco stopped carrying a "package" of their stuff about a month ago... It was a popular deal too.. I wondered why they stopped selling it.. Now this... I bet its the huge demand from the government???
  15. What an incredible day for Silver. Just before close it's spot price is $35.63, up a huge $1.40./ oz. The beginning of February it was below $29/ oz. That's great if you own some, or is it? These are very unusual swings. All precious metals are up.. and the stock market is down -88 point on the DOW. Precious metals usually follow the direction of the DOW. One factor is the rising oil prices and the financial markets fear of how this will effect the recovery. I wonder if there is more to this? In the few years I've owned silver, I've watched the ebb and flow and have never seen a rise like this. It tells me there are some very concerned people out there looking for something of value, to put their US dollars ( and other foreign currency) into..
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