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  1. Hmm... Of course butter was salted to preserve. I disagree to his ratios though, much more salt was used than he says. Was. I also note that he does NOT mention another butter preservation method, butter crocks. I grew up crocking. Today it is too much trouble. I also wonder if one can easily find butter crocks commercially. For those not aware a butter crock is a bowl that is packed with fresh butter, then inverted in an outer crock which was water filled. This sealed out the air and thus preserved the butter. There was, and the memory is fuzzy, crock butter sold which had the water flavored, imparting some flavor to the butter. Crocked butter was for raw butter, a real bed for spoilage. It is not what you buy now, and while not as well preserved as the modern stuffs, crocking did help preserve for a short time.
  2. 'Keg lubricant'. The brand I prefer is 'Tap Craft'. Comes in a one ounce jar. You can find it at many home brewers sites. I use it on set/seal any gasket, to include o-rings. I remember ''Presto' would sell it with their canners. Do not use a chemist's glass stopper sealant, not as food safe. Sarah
  3. That is the right link. And yes, on 'little patch of cement'.
  4. Another of Simon's egg related videos... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVBwv4OYeZc
  5. Welcome to my world. Translations can be fun ! Partially. I would not call it an idiom, for to me idioms are 'old' and this is a fairly new one, but common. Ever notice people shopping, and they select the packaged foods over the natural foods? Ever notice people not wanting to process foods, such as washing, so they get them preprocessed? (Even if they lose a lot of nutrition and the unprocessed is clearly a better product.). Ever notice people who never try something due to a pre-conceived notion of 'that would not be good or is 'ungenie├čbar' ('unfit to eat'? - not sure on this translation.)? We say this is 'English Stomach'. In a way, it is understandable, as Simon Wistler, the presenter in the video, said that salmonella has been found on eggs? Not here! But understandable. Ever see a hen lay an egg? Most people would go 'yuck'. But this non-idiom has a darker side. We, generally, are 'creationists', not 'evolutionists'. We see the rise of things like peanut allergies, gluten issues, etc , as possible evidence that you might have something in the evolution idea. Apparently English are 'de-evolving'. Sarah
  6. Good that somebody else enjoys 'Today I Found Out'. To answer the question, if store bought, you have to refrigerate, once refrigerated, must be kept that way. Also, if you sell, or distribute eggs, by U.S. law, must be refrigerated. BUT fresh, dipped in isinglass (the gel, not the mica), not refrigerated, last longer with us. I suppose one can dip refrigerated eggs, too. Also, folks with 'English Stomachs' should wash the eggs, refrigerated or not. Sarah
  7. Sarah

    Win 7 Updates

    A tip to you both. The HP Elite SFF 8300's are win10. And as the govt is upgrading, the recalls are being refurbished and flooding into the eBay/Amazon/etc markets. We grabbed four for Librum use. Not shabby machines. Typing on one now, less than $500, maxed out. Sarah
  8. Related. I do not have a phone, so I do not know. Did they ever create the option of declining 'caller id' for 'ANI' (Automatic Number Identification)|(the 'billing' number) ? That would kill a lot of the junk. And the Universal Do Not Call Initiative (UDNCI) has been gutted by politicos, in case somebody missed it. Sarah
  9. Thank you ladies. My man, Amos, gave a solution to the questioner that was liked. 'Graduated cylinders'... Think test tube, with molded on stand, marked, and made of pyrex or borosilicate. But $$$
  10. I see I was not clear again. 'fluid' ounces. The 'fluid' is understood, and dropped in a lot of tables and recipes. Sorry, Sarah
  11. Spent the morning with the tech support of our web site. They upgraded Apache, which broke some page displays. Hello India! Ended up doing a very dirty cheat in htaccess.
  12. All of ours have status leds. Green/Yellow/Red. Reset on yellow.
  13. Sarah

    Windows 7

    No, not perfect, but I am not 'butt scooting' any more. Thanks for thinking of me.
  14. Thank you ladies. I see I was not clear. What the questioner wants is one ounce and down. All the cups I have seen start at 2 ounces. And let me toss this one into the mix. 3 tsp = 2 tbsp. Another toss-in. I would bet most of you do 'heaping' when you use such spoons, etc. Spoons are supposed to be 'level'. Yet another toss-in. Don't confuse American and Imperial (England) measurements. I found one *very* cheap looking Asian-ring set of four spoons, 2-1-1/2-1/4 oz. (or 12tbsp/6tbsp/3tbsp/4.5 tsp) Pass. Cheap. Sarah
  15. This a good question that was given to me, and I simply do not have an answer, as I always converted to teaspoons. 1 oz = 6 tsp. Is there ounce measuring cups/spoons? Any brand you can recommend? Sarah
  16. Sarah

    Windows 7

    I am with Anarchy, I miss 3.0, and before. (1.1 !) Jeepers, it is not something to worry about, just keep the software matched to the hardware. We have XP, Win7, Win8, Win10 in house. And OS/2 Warp for one dedicated system.
  17. Ammo cans. Kinder are not strong enough to open them. We used to use them, painted white with a red cross, attached to the field equipment. But again, kinder not strong enough to open.
  18. I got one of our female medics laughing. Aquaphor is what they use in their official kits, in large jars. But, Bagbalm has the same ingredients. In my kit, in a repurposed lip balm jar. (And yes, I am large breasted, which is what got her hooting.). The eye cups, glass and plastic. But have never found a good way to keep them clean. Nor have I found a good 'universal. If you have a real optician near you, one that actually makes in-house, ask for 'burn glasses' lens... They are like a goggle lens, but much better universal fit. For what it is worth, think about your containerization. I use zip lock bags, but always seem to be the wrong size. I am using one of the bag resealers, those handheld battery ones. I pop whatever is into the bag, and seal on the side opposite the zipper. Tomorrow, I get the prosthetic. Yay! PS. ArmyofFiveforGod, dead link in your signature.
  19. Spent day in town, getting the cast made for my prosthetic. Can't wait. Also discovered the 'grand' salad at McDonalds. A good day.
  20. GNC brand. Potassium and Magnesium aspartate. 250mg of each. Other ingredients: Gelatin and Cellulose. No sodium. I normally do not care for GNC, but this one is a 'home run'. I have been woken up with cramps and popped one, to go back to bed with no cramps.
  21. Paper has changed, so stay with the tp, and not magazines/newspapers, etc. (Remembering stories of splinters found in early TP ) As to the light problem, when we revamped the house (electricity! indoor plumbing!), we put lit switches in. Easy to find in dark and put out enough light to navigate. Never have to replace bulbs/nightlights either. I have used luminescence paint, but not a good solution, one has to keep renewing such. Mother took the 'tritium' out of a compass and stuck that on the door handle. As to the bidet wipe, think handkerchief. All women have them. Usually made from 'diaper' cloth. But one 'blots', not wipes. And yes, perfumed. We have our version of 'wet wipes' in a crock by the seat. Second crock gets the used for later laundering. Sarah
  22. Sorry I have not been very active. Amputation of right leg below the knee is hampering. July the 13th. But I am getting fitted for a prosthetic in January. Something our people rarely do. Can't wait. Our resident Majerestadt (think priest/elder) teased me, saying he found it so undignified to see me scoot up and down the 'back' stairs in the Librum with my kneepad, so he is making an exception for me. Yay! Anyway, to bring this into topic... A female urinal now rides in my chair backpack. But not one of those plastic hospital ones. It is a folding canvas like material. It turns out easily for washing, and can go in an 'english' washer. This one was made, and I understand that they are considering going 'public' with such. Anyone you know who could use one may want to keep a eye out at bettymills.com. (I know, EXPENSIVE, but can find almost anything there). The normal 'kinder' kits, such as bandaids, creams, antibiotic sprays, suture glue (much the same as 'superglue), etc. also ride in my pack. My diabetic test kit, with needle and coldpack/insulin kit. My 'mayday' cell phone. And of course a spare set of gloves to use with my chairs. (OH! a couple of emery boards to take burrs off the push rings, they get dinged so much.) The oddest thing I have, in one of my kits, is a carbonization kit, made from a paint gun cannister, ball valve, and carbonization bottle cap (heavy!). It helps immeasurably with a kinder, 'soda on the fly', a treat that takes the little one's mind off the 'owwie'. I have to admit, I enjoy the carbonated lemon essence/honey/water. My kits are 'modular', Put one in, take one out. Let me think on this a bit, as we are different, culture wise, and what I think of, you might not, and vice versa. Sarah.
  23. My 'goto' is SHOTUS. School History of the United States, 1896. There is a pdf on the Librum site, but it is HUGE. "http://www.librum.us/reg/shotus school history of the united states 1897.pdf", then The Practical Educator series, 1932, which we have online, but pdf is for fee (sorry!)(exe versions are free)(index is #54, http://librum.us/stacks1/tpe_v54_4877-4968a.exe".) Enjoy. Sarah.
  24. dpla. Digital Public Library of America. Give it a google.
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