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  1. I think that the industry is enjoying the confusion. I tend to look at the unit price rather than the price for the package to ensure that I'm getting the most for my money. Every brand seems to have a gimmick. I like Scott's and Wegman's store brand but I will buy other brands when they are a loss leader at the store or if I have a coupon.
  2. Scrubbing the phone book pages would be an act of desperation for me. I have noticed in recent years that the toilet paper tends to be almost too soft. It makes a lot of lint when you use it. I'm sure that it is a cost-saving measure that the TP companies are taking advantage of!
  3. Hi, Dogmom! I am still writing but not nearly as much as I'd like. I took the summer off from school and thought that I'd have more time to be creative. However, life intervened and there was a lot less free time than I'd imagined.
  4. Hi, Jeepers! I only did my broadcast for about a year. The company had too many management changes and they kept making the broadcast requirements more difficult. It got to the point where I was spending an entire day editing and adding the commercials into the mix. It was fun while it lasted, though. I still use the equipment for some occasional voiceover work and stay connected to those other authors and emergency managers. One of them, Arthur Bradley PhD, was my inspiration to return to school. He is a NASA scientist who writes post-apocalyptic fiction and really good emergency manual
  5. Hi, Annarchy! My hubby grabbed the remains of a 24 pack this morning and I made a mental note to buy 2 more! Old habits die hard and that is a habit that will be taken to the grave with me. There really is no such thing as too much TP!
  6. Hi, MtRider! I have managed to rise to meet the challenges associated with math that doesn't involve money, but it isn't my strong suit! I've always been interested in flight and emergency preparedness. While most people take their first air flights in planes, my first was in a helicopter as part of a neighborhood watch demonstration of a medical evacuation. I didn't really know how to get into a career path for something like that without military service, so I never really explored it further. Besides, I discovered boys, tiny skirts and lots of hairspray soon after that. Aer
  7. They were so easy to raise, Amber. I'm still making plans to raise them on a larger scale once hubby and I get tired of traveling.
  8. I am back in NY, Miki! It was so hard to leave Florida but the people who matter the most are in NY so I had to return. How about you? Are you back at home?
  9. I just wanted to say hi to everyone, as I haven't stopped in to visit in a while. I spent a bit of time reading first to see what everyone has been up to. For those who are experiencing challenges right now, it is my sincere hope that things will turn around and that you will receive some measure of relief from your troubles. I still remember so many of you fondly (and interact with several of you on Facebook). It is so nice to see some new members participating, as well. My family and I have been doing well. My husband retired a couple of years ago and I've gone back to school to
  10. I just learned of Kim's passing on another forum. I was always so impressed with her can-do attitude and amazing work ethic. As she had shared some of her fears about Bethany's well-being, there was always the sense that she was in the process of working out a long-term care solution. She always approached everything in a matter-of-fact manner. It was as though nothing was too daunting to take on! I'm so glad that she was able to finish her work on earth and that she can now rest in peace, knowing that her daughter will be looked after. I'm sure that there is a special place in heaven for
  11. I'd better whip up a little extra cake for all of these birthdays!!!
  12. Here's an interesting article that discusses some of the differences between previous Ebola outbreaks ad the current one: Lack of Experience Fuels West Africa Ebola Crisis
  13. http://www.samaritanspurse.org/article/dr-kent-brantly-statement/ Statement from Kent Brantly: " I am writing this update from my isolation room at Emory University Hospital, where the doctors and nurses are providing the very best care possible. I am growing stronger every day, and I thank God for His mercy as I have wrestled with this terrible disease. I also want to extend my deep and sincere thanks to all of you who have been praying for my recovery as well as for Nancy and for the people of Liberia and West Africa. My wife Amber and I, along with our two children, did not move
  14. While additional aid is starting to arrive in Liberia, one of the issues that my friend spoke of was the fact that so many supplies have been diverted as aid groups have canceled their plans for mission trips to Ebola-stricken areas. I don't blame church and humanitarian groups for not wanting to put their people at risk for disease, but too often, the supplies that they were going to bring with them are not being sent on, alone. The supplies are desperately needed and will be the only way that Liberia and other nations will be able to stop this. I saw an image somewhere of a large shipmen
  15. Happy Birthday, Collette! I hope you like cake!
  16. So glad that they are safe! I will continue to pray as the next storm approaches!
  17. Being forced to reuse gloves, etc... is driving the numbers up for medical personnel. When you add in the fact that they are also incredibly tired and overworked, it is easy for mistakes to be made. One example that was given on another forum as a good "skill" to have is the ability to remove a latex glove from our hand without coming into contact with the contaminated area. I should be pretty darn good at that with the types of chemicals that I have used on myself and my daughters over the years and I still manage to get a little hair dye or relaxer cream on my skin. Luckily for me, the stake
  18. I haven't been around to weigh in on this topic, but one of my Facebook friends is a former reporter for our local newspaper and I got to know her fairly well from some reporting that she did for our nonprofit agency. She is a Liberian native and comes from a family of reporters in Monrovia. Until just a few days ago, she was there as she now does some international work. Her posts highlight some of the issues that Liberia has and she still has lots of good contacts for information. I haven't had a chance to read through all of the posts here, but there are a few answers to questions that I d
  19. Thank you for the birthday wishes! We took a trip up to Thousand Islands region of NY to celebrate my birthday. It was incredibly relaxing, despite the fact that we managed to cram a lot of activities into a 10 hour day. The weather was perfect and we took full advantage of it with bird-watching, swimming, visiting a butterfly conservatory and hiking. I will be spending a little more time around here, as I have finished my summer classes and have about a month before the Fall semester begins. I'm doing a bit of educational re-tooling as we are preparing for hubby to retire at the begin
  20. I knew I could smell a cake baking somewhere! Wishing you a marvelous birthday!!
  21. I am still able to get decent deals on chicken legs and thighs at Wegmans, but I go to a small local grocer to get chicken breasts. I don't know where they manage to find these chicken breasts, but they are huge. I like to cook one in the crockpot and then make soup with it. A pot of soup feeds us for a couple of days and is a great way to make meat stretch.
  22. How sweet! I'd love to have a dog again. Give her a hug for me!
  23. I was a Brownie and a Junior, too! They came out with Daisies after I was a Brownie, so I didn't get to start in kindergarten. Scouting is a wonderful way to learn skills and make new friends. I'm still Facebook friends with a lot of my former scout mates.
  24. Lunamother is one of my Facebook friends and one of my favorite folks to steal interesting posts from. She and her family are doing really well.Ward's health seems to have stabilized and they have been moving on and enjoying life. Lunamother has also written a few novels and her youngest son is growing up awfully fast!
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