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  1. I wash my chicken eggs in warm water (never took the temperature of the water, though!) I use one of those green pot scrubbers that is reserved just for the eggs. Sometimes they pile up before I get to them, though. I usually only wash them about once every week and a half or so. This recall was a vindication of sorts. My best friend thought that I was crazy for wanting chickens and quail. Her husband is from Jamaica and loves to get either type of eggs from me. With the recall, she started asking me some questions because she is afraid to eat the ones from the store. I was able to tell her that my birds were all examined for signs of disease a couple of months ago and passed their tests. I couldn't say the same for every chicken living at a factory farm. This morning, she called to say that she was actually eating some of MY eggs!
  2. I'd heard that Kindle was the easiest to work with. I plan to share the process with anyone that I can. I've never liked to "sit" on information that could benefit others. I'm still editing this weekend and plan to force myself to commit to publishing it sooner rather than later. It is very easy for someone like me to get hooked on improving things indefinitely! I am quite fond of J.A. Konrath's books, but didn't realize until recently that the website had such helpful information. It is always nice when someone is willing to show others the ropes!
  3. Is this the one you mean? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Nesco-Profession...D-75PR/10982697 This is the Nesco dehydrator that I have and it works really well. I got it as a Christmas gift from my father last year.
  4. I also like Anne George books. They are called Southern Sisters Mysteries. They are hilarious! I can't recall all of the titles but one is called, Murder Boogies With Elvis and another is Murder on a Girls Night Out. Here is a link: http://www.amazon.com/Anne-George/e/B000AP...&sr=1-2-ent
  5. I usually enjoy the Janet Evanovich books, too. I was disappointed with both 15 and 16. I usually don't allow myself to read her books in public because I have been known to start laughing out loud and people think that I'm crazy. Have you ever read any of the books by Carl Hiaasen? I recently got my husband hooked on them. They are also on my no-public-reading list for the same reason. I love the crazy cast of characters and the political satire that pokes fun at Florida residents, developers and tourists equally!
  6. Thank you, TractorDiva! Public health is probably the one area that my non-profit doesn't focus on! We are a housing agency that decided to add economic development to create strong communities. Then, we included youth entrepreneurship training programs. About 9 years ago, we opened a center to assist folks with starting their own businesses and created a program to help young adults get their GED's while learning a trade. I am so glad that my executive director doesn't read here at Mrs. S. He might get the idea to start a public health program and I think that I would cry if I were asked to do one more program with dwindling funds, staffing and resources! Of course, like most people who work for non-profits, I love what I do and can't think of a more rewarding way to earn money. I can't wait to get my homestead, though!
  7. Thanks for the welcome, Ambergris! I am planning to self-publish through Amazon.Eventually, I'd like to lure a more traditional publisher. One of my other sidelines is doing voice-over work for commercials and PSA's, so I'd like to record it for the folks who tend to enjoy audio books. I also plan to include the first chapter of the book that I am currently working on as a sort of teaser to encourage folks to read the second one. I have quite a bit of marketing experience with other products, but marketing a books will be new to me. Edited to add: I just noticed that you are from North Florida. We own a piece of property near Ocala. What a beautiful area! I fell in love with Silver Springs many years ago. At one point we thought about relocating to Florida but the houses were so expensive at the time. North Florida was about the only affordable place in the state. After so many years of living in the cold, I still dream of gettting to a warmer climate. (Sigh) Someday...
  8. Thanks! I just signed up for the freebies.
  9. I think that this is a great idea. Though I am in a constant state of prep, I should definitely take the time to review my inventory. Additionally, I think that I will find some sort of new skill to work on for the month...Maybe making pectin...hmmm...
  10. I plan to thrive and try to keep as much of the "usual stuff in our pantry. I also stock toiletries and personal care items to ensure that we are able to stay healthy. I do stock a lot of over the counter meds, but I also stock prescription drugs, especially antibiotics.
  11. I'm dehydrating peppers today. My garden is really cranking them out this year! Now if only the tomatoes would follow suit.
  12. Hi, Michael! I visited the Amish area near Penn Yan last weekend. We usually visit the Montezuma Wildlife refuge from time to time to bird watch. Such beautiful countryside. I will see if I can convince hubby to post here occasionally, he doesn't usually participate in forums, though he often reads over my shoulders when I am on one!
  13. That is exactly correct! I was raised in the country and though I lost touch with my roots for awhile, I've never quite been into the things that city folks seem to think are important. I have no desire to own a Gucci handbag nor do I need 3 inch dragon lady nails!Give me some new gardening tools and I'm pretty happy. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  14. Hello, everyone! A post by LunaMother on another forum led me to Mrs. S about a year ago. I've been lurking ever since. I tend to do that for a while before joining a forum. My husband and I live in an urban setting in Central NY State. We have two children that are currently in college, so we are both working diligently to get them through school without creating any debt. We consider ourselves to be urban homesteaders.We heat our home primarily with wood, raise chickens, quail and lots of vegetables. I can, freeze and dehydrate to preserve as much food as possible and I am a self-proclaimed coupon queen. Professionally, I work as a small business consultant for a non-profit agency. If I can be of service to anyone here, please let me know. (This isn't an attempt to solicit services. My advice is given freely to anyone who asks.) I am also a freelance business and agricultural writer and have just recently finished writing my first novel. I'm really looking forward to participating in the forums here and especially hope to learn a lot from all of you!
  15. Darn! I missed it! Happy belated birthday, Lunamother! I have been lurking here at Mrs S ever since you posted about it on the other forum (a year ago, or so) and finally joined a few weeks ago. This is my very first post here and it is only appropriate that it be dedicated to you! So glad that you had a wonderful day...
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