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  1. I'm still not sure if we will see much impact from the storm. I do have plenty of hot chocolate on hand...just in case!
  2. As much as I love you all here at Mrs. S, it almost feels as though the only ones you can really trust when the hooey hits the fan are a select few that are related to you. Everytime I try to imagine myself in that type of situation, I end up picturing just close family and doing some trading with select individuals. I don't think that I'd fully trust an outsider. That seems kind of sad...
  3. I'm so glad that you checked in here, windmorn!
  4. MSNBC is now reporting that the shooter had a history of mental illness. At one point the news reports indicated that the brother might have been involved.
  5. I was following this story today from my cell phone. I wasn't near a computer to be able to post. I am completely sickened by this. I watched the losses mount up hour by hour. I am grateful that more kids were spared, but saddened by the senseless loss of life. Clearly this man must have some kind of mental illness... There is no other explanation. People don't just wake up and decide to go shoot up a school. I would like to find out the rest of the story. Right now, the press reports are all over the map. The holidays are particularly stressful for people with mental illness. We see a lot of suicides at this time of year along with an upswing in other behaviors. Today is a sad day. I doubt very much that it was staged for any nefarious reason. There are far too many families in mourning tonight who can bear witness to the impact of this tragedy.
  6. Thanks, Lumabean & Jeepers! Daylily, I just learned something from your post. I didn't think that Amazon was giving a sample of the book yet... 'til I read your post! They haven't set up the sample on the paperback yet. Hopefully, it will be in place in a couple of days.
  7. I noticed earlier on Facebook that Stephanie and the majority of her family are ill. We all know that she has a large family, so you can just imagine how difficult this must be right now. At any rate, she could use a few prayers from the prayer warriors here at Mrs. S! I didn't see anything posted here about this situation, but I wanted to make sure that everybody knew. Stephanie is awfully important to us here so I'm sending a big old hug for her, too!
  8. Hi, everybody! I just wanted to let you all know that my new book, A Slice of Heaven is now available on Amazon.com in both Kindle and Paperback! It is not part of the Bystander series, but the next installment of that is coming soon. Here you can find A Slice of Heaven for Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/A-Slice-of-Heaven-ebook/dp/B00AM46M6A/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1355255413&sr=8-6&keywords=carolyn+evans-dean and here is the link for Paperback: http://www.amazon.com/A-Slice-Heaven-Carolyn-Evans-Dean/dp/1477634134/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1355255413&sr=8-7&keywords=carolyn+evans-dean From the back cover: I hope that you enjoy it! ~Carolyn aka TheMartianchick
  9. I added more toilet paper to the stash yesterday. You know how I feel about having enough on hand to last into the next millenium.I haven't bought a loaf of bread since a few days before Thanksgiving. We've all been eating the homemade. I also have been stocking up on canned meats like tuna and chicken. I've got plans to can up some chicken next week for use in stews, etc...
  10. Nichole has a birthday? Then we hafta have cake!!! Lots of it!! I'll provide the musicians if Michael and Lori will provide the sheet music for an appropriate song...
  11. I'm so glad that you're back and doing well! It seems that we got our Christmas present a bit early. I know that I definitely missed your photos...
  12. I was discussing this subject on Twitter last night. I tweeted out a photo of dried, flavored crickets and mealworms that I saw in an International store while Christmas shopping. The conversation that ensued was a mix of helpful and comical information. I'm really in trouble since I don't eat pork and I can't wrap my head around eating bugs. Who knows what we'd be willing to do in a bad situation. Self-preservation is the first law of nature, but I hope that (like CGA) I'd have enough of my humanity and sanity to pass on eating human flesh. Edited to add: I just added the photo in question as my avatar. The store had a lot of different flavors like Hitlix , sour cream and onion and cheddar cheese. They are called Larvettes and Crickettes!
  13. Yay! We can twist and SHOUT again!!! :cheer:
  14. Agreed! Hawaii had some ...er, wider variations sometimes. 'long pork' tho..... That is QUITE a different matter. Besides the pragmatic thots of health concerns when anything eats it's own species [Mad cow disease, etc] .....it is ONE of the distinctions between humankind and animals. We choose to say no. Unfortunately, not everyone has followed my beliefs in that distinction..... So we need to be aware of that. Can be used as rather the ultimate in intimadation too..... Road Warrior gang image. MtRider -----God help us if we dive down to that level MtRider Not a pretty picture, Mt Rider!
  15. Adding my prayers to the others...
  16. I hope that you're feeling better today, Cat!
  17. Oh, what a loss this is for all of us here...She was irreverant, funny and brave in the face of adversity. I will miss her for sure. In addition to reading her posts here, I loved repinning her pins on Pinterest. For anyone that has never followed her on Pinterest, she posted some great projects, recipes and other things there and those are also still available. Below, you'll find her Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/onesmellyflower/
  18. Most people seem to think that there is only one way to get somewhere and travel the same route all of the time. My hubby drove a cab when he was 18. He still knows all of the alternate routes to get around. I am extremely grateful for that. With more and more people getting GPS units for the car, I think we'll start seeing more people taking alternate routes. BTW... I just pulled my GPS out to store a few backup routes in it. If I'm driving, I don't know a lot of alternate routes within the city.
  19. Oh my... One of our local newpaper reporters had a similar situation that ended badly. I saw him on his first day out of the house, after it happened. He was petrified that the skunk smell was clinging to him. I don't recall what he had to do to get rid of the skunk smell, but I'm wondering if this is something that the homeowner's insurance could cover? There has to a company that makes (big) money for handling this kind of situation.
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