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  1. Whoo-hoo! Snowmom and Shadow have all the strobe lights on for the party! I hope that your birthday is magnificent, exciting and a whole lotta fun, too!
  2. My daughter made mention of the fact that when it looks like we're out of something...we really aren't. She said that she wants to make sure that her household operates in the same way! It is nice when your kids grow up enough to realize that their parents actually know something about life!
  3. Our insurance premiums in NY seem to stay pretty steady. Historically, we don't get weather that is sever enough to cause a lot of claims. A few years ago, we had a lot of snow and my parents lost their big old barn due to the weight on the roof. The insurance adjuster told them that lots of people were having the same issue across the state. Downstate NY saw a lot of damage from Hurrican Sandy, so who knows? Our premiums could start going up if we continue to have odd weather.
  4. I had my flock decimated a couple of years ago. I was devastated. City raccoons are the worst... They do things just for the fun of it because they don't have to focus on finding food. They are never really very hungry because there is always a trash can that they can dig in. Chicken killing is like a sport to them.
  5. Exactly this!!! Echoing Mt. Rider in expressing my thanks for Violet and her wisdom.
  6. A cheap bugout vehicle might just be a regular kid carrier cart for a bike. I've always thought that one of those would be a good item to have on hand if you need to leave quickly and easily. They won't carry a lot , but they will carry a lot more than a backpack.
  7. I was not aware of the horizontal lightning issue... Thanks for sharing that! We've had a lot of lightning and we've had rainstorms almost every day. Luckily, we haven't had the flooding that goes along with it.
  8. I tend to buy smaller containers because there are likely to only be two of us consuming the products at any given time. If there is no power, I would find it difficult to use up a large can of anything without getting sick of it.
  9. It's a mutant plant from another planet!!!! I'm glad that I looked at the photo... I would also be likely to touch it.
  10. There were lots of groups that believed that Zimmerman was in the wrong. Those groups come from a lot of places and cross the spectrum as far as what each groups' agenda actually is. Having worked for an agency that often supported social causes, I can tell you that if we produced t-shirts, signs, banners, etc... for that event , then we also put our organization's name on them. You do that for a couple of reasons. It brands your name so that people know who you are and it also allows you to take photos which can be put up on websites and on marketing materials, like brochures. People involved in Revcom were part of the protests, so they wanted to make sure that folks KNEW that they were participating. A lot of groups are concerned about the verdict and took to the streets. A lot of unaffiliated folks also took to the streets. Right now, all of the organizations know that there is an opportunity to attract some of those unaffiliated people into the fold. Locally, The National Action Network usually has about 20 people show up for their weekly meetings and they have about 60 actual members on their rolls. (I'm often asked to speak at their meetings due to the community projects that I work on.)This Saturday (when they meet) there will probably be more than 200 people in attendance. Parents will also bring their children to try to introduce them to the cause of social justice. It happens every time that there is a hot button topic. NAN doesn't really have much competition from other black organizations because we have a weak NAACP and no Urban League organization. Edited to add: Groups like NAN, Revcom and others often come out to support the causes of other organizations in the hope that they will reciprocate. In this case, lots of people were moved to participate regardless of their affiliation.
  11. I need to make some jelly soon. I've been freezing raspberries during the past week. Well, only the ones that that I don't cram into my mouth!
  12. Here are a couple of ideas from my Pinterest page called Conveyances: http://pinterest.com/pin/198580664791330865/ http://pinterest.com/pin/198580664790967871/ This one could probably be modified to be towed by a bike: http://pinterest.com/pin/198580664790881186/
  13. Hi, Peg! Nice to have you back!
  14. I do need those extra agriculture smilies, ya know!
  15. That really is the toughest part of them getting older. They feel this need to go out into the world when we'd really like to put them in a shoe box up on a high shelf in the closet to keep them safe! You'll feel better when she gets back and you will also see how her own self-esteem and strength will have increased. Until then...it is just plain HARD!
  16. Good morning! This week's Media Prepper Radio Show features an interview with author, Sheri Dixon (known on homesteading forums by the name Luna or Lunamother)! Here's a link if you'd like to tune in: http://www.bystanderbooks.com/radio-show/ I absolutely love Sheri!...She is the one who introduced (lured) me to the Mrs. S site from another homesteading site!
  17. I will be slathering myself with DEET this weekend because my family reunion is held in a park that has far too many deer and waaay too many ticks. I only plan to put in an appearance and leave. I'm too paranoid for all of that. Feel better soon, Snowmom!
  18. I have zero tolerance for extreme heat. I stay inside when it gets bad. Like several of you, I have had heatstroke and am susceptible to getting it again, so I try to just avoid the heat. A towel filled with ice and wrapped around my neck can help me to ward off the hot weather.
  19. Awww... You guys are awesome! I received an email today that said that Monday's show had 6700+ downloads in the first 24 hours. It was featured on the BlogTalkRadio site as a Staff Pick. That was kind of cool because it was pictured right underneath an enormous photo of Tavis Smiley. (I really don't mind that he got top billing!) I am taking a break from editing right now. The show is going to air 2 times per week starting in the next couple of days. I don't know what the new schedule will be, but I will keep you posted.
  20. I had a dog that loved grapes. He would do ANYTHING for a grape! I never knew about any of the other tips offered up so far.
  21. I'm glad that all of you stayed safe and had your preps ready. We don't tend to lose power here and when it goes out, we measure in minutes, not hours. That being said... The few times that the power has gone out for a period of hours in recent years, we have done fairly well. We haven't had a major incident since 1998 and hubby is not about to let me throw the breaker in the basement to give us some practice.
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