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  1. Adding my prayers and congratulations to the others. May your faith carry you through all that comes your way.
  2. Absolutely, Dogmom! They track the number of live listeners when the show first airs and that number is logged. Then they check to see how many down loads in a 24 hour period, 48 hour period, etc... For whatever period of time they were looking at, the show did surprisingly well!!!
  3. You could hire her out to dig fence posts...
  4. We have a few green tomatoes. We've had loads of strawberries this year. The asparagus is still producing (which is odd). Lots of herbs are doing well.The raspberries are just beginning to ripen. The mulberries are ripe, but I can't reach the branches because hubby trimmed them without my knowledge. Tomorrow, I'll be planting some beans again. This will be my third try. The seeds just aren't sprouting. this time, I soaked the seed. If this doesn't work, then I will just give up on beans for the season....<Le sigh. I do love my french cut beans!>
  5. Yesterday, I found out that Media Prepper is doing well in the ratings, so the show has been moved to a better day. The show will now air on Mondays at 7AM CST! This week's show features an interview with G. Michael Hopf, author of the book, The End. You can find more information here: www.mediaprepper.com I just reviewed his book on Amazon and found it to be a really good read!
  6. Hi, Michael! You can find a link to this week's show on the same site: www.mediaprepper.com Last week's show can be found here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/doctorprepper/2013/06/12/the-media-prepper-show-1 In the next week or so, there will be an RSS feed on the page so that there will be a link to every show that has aired.
  7. Thank you all! The show will air each week, so you can always download a new podcast or listen online whenever you have time. I will be posting information about the guests ahead of time.
  8. I am still working on the magazine, Luma, but it is on the backburner. There were a few difficulties to overcome in the group that we'd formed. Thanks, Arby! All the ladies in my family (including my 80 year old mother) sound essentially the same, so it can be difficult to figure out who you're talking to on the phone if we forget to identify ourselves.
  9. Like the rest of you, I didn't get up that early to listen. It is available as a podcast so, I played it while I was getting ready to start the day. Ron Foster was a dream to interview...and he is incredibly knowledgeable about preparedness. He and Doctor Prepper (James Talmage Stevens) have been incredibly helpful behind the scenes with helping me to line up guests to interview. I never felt as though I was left entirely to my own devices, even though I am pretty far out of my own comfort zone.
  10. Several months ago, I was asked to host a radio show, so... My new radio show on the Preparedness Radio Network debuts tomorrow morning! You can find the link to the show here, but it won't be live until 7am EST: www.mediaprepper.com This week's guest is Ron Foster, author of The Prepper Trilogy. Next week's guest is author and media entrepreneur Doctor Prepper and the following week is G. Michael Hopf, bestselling author of The End. I hope that you'll tune in to hear from my guests.
  11. Great job, Cat! The announcement at the end was hilarious!!! <snort!>
  12. I've really been enjoying your blog, Stephanie! Writing can be quite demanding on your time and on your focus. My head always seems to be in the clouds. Fortunately, the kids are grown and the writing came at a time when hubby and I were the only ones in the house full-time. There were plenty of nights where dinner was a sandwich or something else that was hastily thrown together, but hubby was always supportive because he knew that it made me a happier person.
  13. I've been harvesting (and eating ) both strawberries and asparagus this week. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to dehydrate some strawberries for storage...or I might just eat them all again!
  14. I've been melting..MELTING and our temperatures have only been in the 90's! Congrats on the new "granddaughter"!
  15. The other way of doing it would require a bowl to pour the hot water into and then a sheet or something to drape over yourself to capture the steam. It would be similar to a steam tent like people used to ease a croupy baby's breathing. Does adding eucalyptus to the water help to open your breathing back up? A few years ago, I saw an ad for something that was essentially a lidded styrofoam cup with some sort of eucalyptus oil or something in it. You filled the cup with boiling water and inhaled the steam. Those kinds of lidded cups are sold all over the place... Maybe you could make your own?
  16. I've never read the book by the Burpo's, but a friend had an experience many years ago. As a result, she is not afraid to die. There was a light and there were people who had passed away long ago. While they were very welcoming to her, they shooed her away by telling her that it wasn't her time yet. She did say that she felt a sense of overwhelming peace.
  17. Thanks, Jeepers! We are recording some interviews this week and hope to have the show debut in the next week or so. Working on the intro was a lot of fun. All three of the participants were in 3 different states. It was a purely online collaboration! I do love technology...
  18. I will be visiting the local cemetery briefly and spending the remainder of the day at home in the garden. I did spend a little time writing this blog post this morning, though: http://www.bystanderbooks.com/in-memoriam/
  19. I have quail eggs in the incubator to increase my flock and I also plan to plant my newly enlarged garden. While I have planted a few things in raised beds, I do have a full garden that hasn't been planted due to weather concerns. I may get some of the garden done today.
  20. I'm so glad that you are safe, but definitely sorry for the loss of your outbuildings and memories.
  21. What wonderful news! I think I'd try to carry the garden with me, too!
  22. Congratulations on the new job!
  23. Sending good techno vibes your way in the hopes that your laptop will hang in there!
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