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  1. I spotted this on the front page of MSN this morning... http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04/09/17667125-temperature-suddenly-plunges-55-degrees-in-colorado-its-just-brutal?lite "Blizzard warnings were in effect Tuesday in Colorado, where the temperature plunged more than 50 degrees in less than 24 hours and the wind chill approached zero. Forecasters also expect hurricane-force blasts of frigid air in Utah and heavy snow in the Dakotas." Oh my goodness! Bundle up folks...Looks like a spring storm is bearing down on some parts of the US!
  2. The American Community Survey is one that I use quite a bit when I have to write a grant. You can look up data about any community here: http://www.census.gov/main/www/access.html Because the census is only a snapshot that is conducted every ten years, the data becomes outdated rather quickly.
  3. Like CGA, I'm not worried about North Korea or the child that runs their country. I do know that the propaganda video that was put out by NK about a month ago was so poor that the "technology" that was used to make it was from the 1980's. I don't expect much beter from them on other things. They are rattling sabres because they don't have more innovative technology to rattle!
  4. Congratulations! (I LOVE red velvet cake!)
  5. I tend to be of the mindset that you really should contact your doctor about supplements. Not because I think that they are the only ones that know about them, but because during pregnancy, they monitor your blood. As an example, if you already have adequate amounts of certain vitamins & minerals, too much from other sources could cause problems. If a pregnancy were off the table completely, it wouldn't matter as much.
  6. I remember reading that taking potassium iodide wasn't necessary for the Fukushima disaster. Now it seems that we were given misinformation.... http://healthyliving.msn.com/blogs/daily-apple-blog-post?post=7e99ec99-b07c-4784-937c-b71c94fa6788&_nwpt=1
  7. I didn't realize that Trip was writing, too! I will have to seek his books out on Amazon.
  8. From what I have read... Things are going well and her husband is okay right now. It hasn't been an easy road for any of them, but they are made of strong stuff!
  9. She is doing pretty well now, Virginia. She has a few books out. The one called Cancer Dance told the story of her family's battle with her husband's cancer. There is another one called Easter Chicks that I've never read and Almost Invisible is an end of the world type of story from an unusual perspective that is generally never considered. She has written a lot of homesteading articles on the Homestead.org site but the first one that I ever read was about homestead haircuts! As a former cosmetologist with very little haircutting experience, I found her descriptions hilarious!
  10. For those that remember LunaMother aka Sheri Dixon, I wanted to share the link to her new novel, American Evolution. I ordered my copy on Saturday and plan to read it tonight. Sheri is a talented writer and she always takes an alternative (and sometimes comedic view) of serious situations. Sheri is the reason that I first visited MrsSurvival.com a few years ago, when I followed her here from the Homestead.org site. http://www.amazon.com/American-Evolution-ebook/dp/B00BT6O4WE/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1364680855&sr=8-10&keywords=sheri+dixon Here is the description from
  11. Good advice, Momo! How is it that you happened to get the refunds? Was it a class action suit or something else?
  12. While so much of this has fallen on you in the past, I am so glad that you don't have to deal with this completely alone. You sound strong...So much stronger than you did before. Mini-meltdowns are natural. This is a trying time for you and for so many reasons. I will definitely keep you in my prayers... God bless!
  13. At this time of year, it still gets cold here,so we'd need to burn wood if there was no electricity. Though powered by gas, our furnaces require electricity to regulate them and won't turn on without it. We could use the ovens to add supplemental heat if it got really cold. In the summer, it usually isn't unbearably hot. I still whine about it, but it wouldn't be life threatening. We'd probably abandon our upstairs and live downstairs to stay cooler. Of course, I'd need to can up a lot of food if there was no electricity, but I could push my freezer out on the porch to make the conte
  14. As landlords, a good portion of our income flows in as cash each month. However, we could be hit hard if our tenants were suddenly hit by a cash crunch. I don't work a traditional work week anymore, so rental income is more important to our bottom line than ever. I'll be doing a bit of stocking up tomorrow...not because I am fearful that things will go south, but because I allowed my pantry to get low on a few things and would feel better with the holes plugged. We still haven't had (what I consider to be) a real winter storm this season and I still dragged my feet about leaving the house
  15. Excellent report, Mum of 3! I would like to know... How much cash did your friend keep on hand? One week's supply? Two week's?The actual monetary amount doesn't matter but how it relates to life expenses does. I think that most of us here keep a certain amount of cash readily available for emergencies. It just makes sense. Bad weather, emergency evacuation, after-hours emergency, general emergency, etc... They are all good reasons to keep cash on hand. In an emergency, you really don't need one more thing to do (like run to an atm) when you are trying to keep your family safe. Those th
  16. Lumabean, my husband and I are often found on opposite sides of issues. Over the years, he's gotten me to see his side and I've inflicted my opinion on him. I think that the middle area is probably where "reasonable" resides. That being said, I asked his opinion of this... He feels that it would be wrong for this law to be passed. When I asked him about his rationale, he said, 'What if you were accused of child abuse and you were innocent?' It might be hard to undo the damage. He also said that he didn't think that a kid would necessarily open up to someone that he'd just met. 'What kind
  17. Mommato3 boys is such a cheapskate that she washes her aluminum foil in the washing machine and dries it with the towels so that she can reuse it later to bake potatoes in. The potato skins are saved and carefully flattened to make writing paper for her children. She stays up until the wee hours with a ruler and a ballpoint pen carefully etching lines and a margin on each skin so that her youngest will grow to have the best penmanship in his homeschool class! See? I can crazy you up a bit!
  18. Ask Violet...She is our resident canning expert. However, if any of that residue came from a milk or cream-based food, then it is definitely not safe!
  19. I think that the point of this legislation is to provide some outlet for an abused child to speak out. School teachers are mandatory reporters and get to see their students every day to know if they have bruises on them (as an example). Some homeschooled kids don't come into contact with people outside of their family. While I'd like to believe that children live in safe environments and with people that will not abuse them, I do know that it is not always the case. If the family is particularly controlling, then the child may never have a chance at getting help. I don't think that this wa
  20. I find that people are just nosier in some stores more than in others. If I visit a "surplus" or "bulk"type store, no one comments or seems to pay much attention to what we buy. I like to go when it is dark outside. The stores have fewer customers and my neighbors can't see what I'm buying. I tended to do this long before I started stocking up because we had some downright nosy neighbors. When we buy a lot of stuff or stuff that is particularly heavy, we back the car up to the back door and cart the bags in. It is more difficult for people to see what we're bringing in. For us, slow and s
  21. I'm not crazy, but I can play crazy on television. Let's see... My family no longer buys expensive breakfast cereal. Instead we clean out the dryer vent and pour milk on it for breakfast. It has plenty of fiber! We don't actually wash dishes. We stack them up on the counter and then add hot water to make soup for dinner. Soup is a yummy and nutritious meal! We walk everyplace that we go. I sent my hubby out to look for spare change along the side of the road in 1998 and he hasn't gotten back yet. I've heard the neighbors snickering about him running away from my cheap-o ways, but i
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