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  1. Awww...come on!!! Dontcha wanna be FAMOUS for being CRAZY?
  2. I received an email through my website last night from a casting director for TLC. They are looking for individuals, couples or families to appear on the 2nd season of the Extreme Cheapskates TV Show to demonstrate their frugal ways. I've never watched the show but feel the need to caution anyone that might be interested. I would assume that it is one of those shows that tries to make frugal people look somewhat silly. As it was, I could imagine them thinking that I was odd for re-using laundry lint as a firestarter. At any rate... I thought that I'd pass the word along in case any of you ar
  3. I don't see any roots yet, Philbe! I may be able to just let them grow in tap water. The other one was just placed in the water two days ago, but I haven't seen much happening with it yet. I just sliced off a thin layer of the stump at the bottom to ensure that the plant would be able to draw water. I just tweeted this photo out and it got a lot of attention from my followers. In my mind, I am envisioning a low trough with a couple of rows of these stumps growing new heads of lettuce... especially in the winter. If this works, then I might never have to buy romaine again. I have three more hea
  4. I like the idea of knowing how to build a rocket stove. I'd also like to have a really nice outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven. Years ago, we were considering a move to Florida and there was a house that had a patio kitchen made from pink Chicago bricks with a pizza oven. I didn't care what city those bricks came from, I was in love with that patio!
  5. Awww... I have just got to get another dog!
  6. To answer the original question...Nope! We still have a couple of mortgages on rentals to pay off. No car note, though.
  7. The romaine lettuce has grown about an inch since I placed it in the window. Not enough for a sandwich and only the center portion is growing. I will try to remember to post a photo.
  8. What a nice story! I'll bet that a experience like that will resonate with a lot of the children that got to pet the lamb.
  9. I stuck the bottom bit of some romaine lettuce in a dish of water to see if it would continue to grow... We shall see, as it's only been three days.
  10. Praying for a speedy recovery, Sue...And seconding that your hubby will need to actively advocate for you with the medical personnel. (That means to lie back and allow him to take care of you!)
  11. Most of this year's tax refund is going into food and a few other household items. I'll post a list once I compile one.
  12. I don't have a clue. I was going to say that it looked like a two man saw lying on top of an early roto-tiller!
  13. I will definitely keep you in my prayers, but have you had your heart checked? That elephant on the chest is sometimes a warning of a heart attack. Please visit a doctor to make sure that it isn't something serious. Edited to add that a relative had a couple of weird episodes on Wednesday and ended up having a quadruple bypass on Thursday. Please get it checked out...
  14. I didn't find an age restriction, but I found this information: To get the benefits of Balance Rewards and the special offers only available for AARP members, you'll first have to join Balance Rewards. There are two convenient ways to become a member: In store: Show your AARP membership card at your local store and we will link your Balance Rewards membership to it. Online: Sign in to your Walgreens.com account and link your two memberships online. Once your memberships are linked, you can simply show your AARP membership card, your Balance Rewards card or you can even just give us your p
  15. It is so hard to let go of the ones that we love. I'm so sorry for your loss. Our family still has not replaced the dogs that we lost years ago...Maybe this year we will do that.
  16. Very interesting! I make ginger beer and I have recipes for a few other sodas like rootbeer, but the recipes call for yeast to produce the bubbles in the soda. I've never seen it done this way. My recipe requires less babysitting ad I can bottle it in wine bottles with screw caps. The one time that I tried to bottle it in a wine bottle with a wire cage, it somehow blew the wire cage off and the cork shot up to the ceiling. I wasn't home when it happened but the rest of the family said that it sounded like a gunshot!
  17. Good information to know, YYY! Did you happen to notice the age that the Senior discount starts at? Hubby just turned 55...
  18. We just got a couple of inches of really wet, heavy stuff. For those of you that got hit, please stay in and stay safe!
  19. I have trouble finding good wooden ones. I buy plastic ones that are pretty strong from Dollar Tree. I looked on their website, but I don't see ones like mine anymore. Mine are very big and they have a very strong spring. I'm so glad that you found us here!
  20. 8 pounds? Whew!I'm so happy that your family has increased. Enjoy spoiling her to pieces!
  21. Adding my prayers for an easy delivery and a healthy baby.
  22. Thank you all... Last night, I also realized something else. I must have had Bob on my mind last week because I dreamed about his house last week. I can't remember which day it was because my husband was at home for the week with his neck issue (so each day felt like a weekend). Hubby and I always talk about odd dreams, especially if they contain a deceased loved one or are particularly odd. I had a weird dream where my children were small and we were at my parents' house. We went for a walk across a field and suddenly, one of my kids needed to use the bathroom. I told her to knock on Bob'
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