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  1. Aww! That was a beautiful gesture. Congratulations on the the impending bundle of joy!
  2. I suppose that I could have posted this in the Streams of the Desert section, but it isn't specific to being a believer. There was an old friend that I'd been looking for from elementary school. Actually, there are a few that seem to have dropped off the planet, after high school graduation. Bob was special to me. He was the kind of kid that the public schools would probably recommend for Ritalin therapy. He was hyper, fun and smart as a whip! I always measured my stories against the ones that he wrote in elementary school. He showed a rare talent for writing and had one of the most creati
  3. That's what I was thinking, Jeepers. There ae lots of things that I'd love to be able to can, but I know that I can't. There is a lot more diversity in the American diet and a lot of ethnic cuisine is now mainstream. Is there any money in running a canning test kitchen?
  4. A question for Violet - Is the issue the acidity? I am posting a recipe for sofrito below that I found online. I've never used it, but it seems like it is so similar to most spaghetti sauce recipes. Is there a way to get a recipe tested for canning? I know that when I can, I tend to add extra lemon juice or citric acid to make sure that the acidity won't cause a problem. I can be a lazy homesteader, so I tend to freeze or dehydrate things far more often than I actually can. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/sofrito/
  5. I'm so sorry thar you are going through this right now. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
  6. It does sound like sofrito. I make pico de gallo and I can't imagine ever trying to can it. It is good because it s made with fresh ingredients and served fresh. Pico is the only way that I eat raw tomatoes. I started making it because my Cuban neighbor brought me some tomatoes from his garden years ago and I wanted to be able to say that I'd actually eaten them. I had eaten pico in a restaurant before and found a recipe for it online. The basic ingredients are finely diced tomatoes, lime juice, onions & cilantro.
  7. Welcome Back! It sounds as though you did all of the things that we advocate here when money is tight. I'm so glad that things are looking up for you! Pull up a chair and stay awhile!
  8. Thanks for the birthday and anniversary wishes! We had a wonderful time... Hubby's sister threw a party for both events and most of the family was in attendance. That is no small feat since hubby has a very large family. We laughed and danced and did karaoke. We even threatened to post the videos on Youtube of Facebook. This evening, we may go out for dinner or we'll decide to wait a couple of days and go on one of his days off due to the injury. He isn't being cooperative about his injury and just finished shoveling the end of the driveway where the snowplow plugged us in. I've got the du
  9. Thank you all for the well-wishes! One of my favorite sayings is, "Silence is golden...Duct tape is silver!" I have been threatening to do the frying pan thing to him since he came home with the cervical collar on. He just won't stay down. Since it is muscle damage, he just needs to heal a bit. The doctors aren't worried about the bone spurs since they are in a non-threatening area. They aren't actually causing him any discomfort. One week at home with TheMartianMan...(sigh) Today is hubby's 55th birthday and he's probably only missed 2 or three days of work in 20 years with thi
  10. Their is brown box colored spray paint that can be sprayed on boxes to conceal their original intent. I do think that the storage unit is a good idea, or one of those PODS (portable on-demand storage units)The goods would stay on your property, but in your yard and it just looks as though you're packing to move. When you're ready to move, the company will haul the POD to your new address and give you time to unload it.
  11. This one is a bit dificult for me, but I'm not sure as to why...Here goes: We have relatives that also live on our street so I'd let them know what was going on. I'd have to leave them to get things packed up for themselves because I wouldn't want to take time to repeat myself. I'd have to hope for the best and I'd reiterate to them that they shouldn't just try to pack up their sentimental treasures. This is a life or death situation. There are 3 drivers there so I'd instruct them to get the Uhauls. My sister lives 10 minutes away and I'd tell her what was going on. She wouldn't need a
  12. The sci-fi fanatic in me is envisioning the rise of the ZOMBIE WEEDS!!!
  13. City water is already treated, so it doesn't need anything additional to keep it sanitary and potable when bottled. To find food storage bottles, look for a food manufacturer. In my area, a local hot dog manufacturer gets casings in 55 gallon drums. I got mine there for use as water barrels. In thinking about your water storage, don't forget about your hot water tanks. If your hot water tank dies, you might consider investing in a larger tank. The water main can be turned off and the water in the tank can be drained via the little faucet at the bottom. Our house has 2 water tanks because it i
  14. On Tuesday, hubby went off to work. After parking the car, he crossed the parking lot and slipped and fell on icy pavement. He sent me a text message about it and I sent one back telling him to make sure to report it. He felt that it was unnecessary, but did as I asked. He was achy from the fall but didn't think much of it. His neck was bothering him a bit, but he wasn't too concerned. Wednesday night he got dizzy before going to bed. I told him to tell his boss that he needed to go to the doctor. Yesterday at 11:30 am, I got a text message from him saying that he had a broken neck. They s
  15. I'd love to see a photo of a Percheron. They are my favorites! Before the kids were in college (which is code for when we actually had money for vacations) we used to travel to Florida a lot. We always loved visiting Busch Gardens to see the Budweiser Clydesdale barn. We've spent hours there over the years!
  16. You can send a Kindle book to someone else for a loan of a couple of weeks. 1- Log in to your Amazon account 2- Return to the Amazon.com page for the book. 3- At the top of the page there is a slim yellow banner that has the date that yohu purchased the item and that you can loan it to someone else. 4- Click the link that says Loan this Book. It takes you to a form that allows you to send it to someone else via email. They will receive information explaining how to download it.
  17. You could just add the powdered milk when you make it. It would just be one small step. I wouldn't use the coffee-mate type creamer, though. It's non-dairy, but what the heck izzit made from?
  18. Your husband has the ability to change, but he needs to have the WILL to do so. People that were raised on very little money are usually either very frugal or they can spend foolishly. The experience of poverty can produce two very different lifestyles. Since our hubby doesn't want any outside help from seminars or therapists, you might have to deliver a message that he will listen to. Try telling him that there is no money for the extravagances and show it to him on paper. Explain that there isn't enough money to keep the power on, buy groceries, get the car note paid, the mortgage paid,
  19. I have found that cemeteries often have nut and apple trees growing. Look for older cemeteries, not the well-manicured or modern ones.
  20. Hi!!! Can't wait for you to jump in with the rest of us. I look forward to reading your posts!
  21. Tonight's dinner was ridiculously unbalanced...Fried cajun shrimp, Checkers french fries and homemade cheddar biscuits. Yeah, I know...Not a real vegetable in sight, but I swear that we don't eat this way very often!
  22. It's great that the approval has finally come through... I just hope that the cost will come down. It is so costly that most patients cannot even afford it.
  23. Noooo!!!!!!! I was geo-caching and hid my gold stash there! How am I going to buy stuff if ?
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