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  1. Gofish-bummer about the friends hurt ankle. We are going to haul a load of stuff to the new house today. We also need to put a coat of paint on one of the bedroom floors. The bedrooms have the old type of hardwood that must be painted. On top of what I need to accomplish today, I have a sinus/ allergy headache. How annoying.
  2. I am enjoying my morning coffee and thought I'd share a bit of what's going on in my life lately. We finally bought a house! No more renting! Wooooooo! We haven't moved in yet. We expect to be in by the end of the month. It's a 2 story colonial built in 1922. My DH played in the house when he was a little boy. He grew up in the little house that sets behind it. It was a foreclosure so we got a great deal on it. It is partially remodeled but we still hafta do some things. It has plenty of storage room and two great pantries in the kitchen! I am looking forward to filling them up! (I've been reading some things that indicate we are gonna need to be prepared for more economic blimps in the coming months.) There isn't much property that goes with it unfortunately. We can have a small garden spot but no livestock. The community and location greatly off set that in my opinion. We are still in the same county but on the farthest edge. Its a nice quiet community where neighbors watch out for each other! I still work at a car dealership. And yes each month we have worries about me remaining employed. The stress is a constant state of being now.DH is still a LEO. DH and I have a low house payment so if I must change jobs and have lower wages we can still cover house expenses without a major worry. Yep! We are planning ahead!
  3. My soon to be daughterinlaw was recently told to remove gluten from her diet. I am just learning about gluten free cooking. That stuff is in makeup, lotions, medicines,and places I never thought of.
  4. Hey Ya'll! I haven't visited in such a long time! I think it will take ages to catch up on everything!
  5. Well folks.......the way I see it.....the music is what makes my heart fill with joy. I can enjoy the music, lights, decorations, etc at no cost. We have been in a serious financial slump for a long time now. We just can't seem to catch a break. So I understand about dealing with no money to do things for your family like you want to. I'm dealing with that too. (I don't wanna post a pity party so I won't go there.) Enjoy all the free pretties the Lord has provided while enjoying the Reason for the Season. It's all about attitude. The season is what you make of it. Have a fantabulous day! mommafitz
  6. Good mornin' Ya'll! I was thinking about this very thing this past week! This is the way I have it visualized....at my house we are setting atop a hill and starting next week will be rolling down the other side at a rapid speed! We have so much going on the rest of the year! Whew!!!!!! Kinda just smacks ya in the face, ya know! mommafitz
  7. School started here yesterday. Some of the things I heard the kids have to supply is the kleenex, hand sanitizer, headphones or ear buds to use for their computer time, and dry erase markers for the teacher. Other stuff i can't remember.......and they've already started with the selling of cookie dough, discount cards (called Smart cards), etc.....
  8. This specific mess with the stock market has kicked the pants off my pitiful 401k. I stopped contributing in 2008 or so when it looked like the bottom was gonna fall out. The small amount that was left has been chopped like a tree. I'm expecting more repercussions here in our local area. Nobody wants to spend money they don't have for car repairs unless its an emergency. The company I work for (GM dealership) could be forced to eliminate people and policies like we did in 2008. I'm thankful nothing is changing right now so I can still get a paycheck to pay bills. The prices in the stores continue to go up on a weekly basis. Sometimes I have only $20 or so to feed our adult family of 4. We've really gone thru the preps. (We've been hit with a couple of major financial blows the past couple of months.) My mother brings me stuff from her church pantry on occasion. That really helps. The past couple of weeks I've been able to pick up a few extra things at the grocery. I noticed the major sales the stores used as loss leaders for back-to-school supplies just didn't happen this year. So many families in our county are hurting financially. We have a large number of kids that get free or reduced lunches countywide. We still have a local church that offers free back-to-school supplies. I think that is great! I'm not sure if they were able to help as many families as in the past. I've had a "feeling" for a few weeks that this fall could be a drastic change. I can't pinpoint it exactly-could be personal or could be widespread. I just feel better when I can get something extra to put back. Kinda like an itch that needs scratched. When I put something in the pantry, its a temporary relief but it comes back soon. Ya know? mommafitz
  9. I don't see how we as a country will be able to survive with $10 per gallon gas. Everything will go up including unemployment. My job is directly affected by this because I work at a GM dealership Body Shop. We are slowing down again like we did when gas spiked a couple of years ago. If someone gets a ding on their vehicle, they will either cash out ( especially if it's the other person's fault) or not fix it at all because they have to pay a deductible to use their own insurance (if they still have car insurance). Repairing the look of your car does not rank up the list of things to spend money on when it's a struggle to pay for the basics just to survive.
  10. Good Morning Jori and everyone! Jori, it does sound like a different/new mattress is in order for your DS. I have home chores today-as usual when I'm not at my paying job. DS2 came home this weekend from college so we will take him back this evening. The trip is about 1 1/2 hours one way. DH is off work this weekend so I won't be riding home alone. I seem to have a lot on my poor little mind today. I've been catching up on the news and views at some other boards I frequent. (My bunch is still asleep so I have some quiet time.) Condensed version of what I'm reading-many are concerned about the uprisings in the ME spreading to other countries, the mess with the teacher protests and the Dems walking out on their responsibilities to the public by leaving their state to avoid voting, the prices of food, gas, clothing going thru the roof, unemployment and possible future unemployment for those currently working-just to hit the high spots. Whew! It's time to get my house in order regarding paying off debts, stocking up, expanding my survival knowledge, etc. to make myself feel a bit more empowered. I feel I've been running at full speed and not stopping to reassess my path, ya know? Yes, God provides. But He provides us with knowledge to take care of ourselves. I thinks it's Stupid to sit around and do nothing to protect and provide for your family. That means planning ahead and stocking up. That includes protecting your family. Sorry about the ramble....it's the path my mind is taking today.....I feel the time is very short for preparedness... mommafitz
  11. Good Morning Jorie! Hey everybody! Doing home stuff today....baking a ham that I got on sale Friday with all the yummy fixins for dinner........taking DS2 back to college this evening........getting ready for a busy week at work....just regular Sunday stuff on my list today....... The sunshine is BEEE-UUUUUUU-TIFUL coming through our windows!!!!!!!! Have a fantabulous day, Ya'll! mommafitz
  12. Yes....jobs are still hard to find in our area. I'm currently watching the prices of food go through the roof! Difficult times at our house right now. DS2 isn't working and DS1 is in college also currently not working. DH and I are working -(thank you Lord!)and trying to take care of every body right now. Anyhoo, at the grocery this week I noticed so many prices have gone up in a weeks time. I realize the domino effect with the fuel prices but that doesn't make it any easier to stomach, ya know? Since I have no gardening space per se at this rental house we moved into in August, I have been brainstorming like crazy. I've ALWAYS had some kind of garden. I checked out some books at the library regarding container gardening. (I haven't had any luck with container gardening in the past. ) I'm planning on containers and a few spots around the yard will be great to plant tomatoes, green peppers, etc. A flower bed in front of the house will be great to plant veggies too! Maybe I can plant enough to eat the fresh veggies and visit the Farmers Market for the canning veggies I want. Time to tighten the belts once again!
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