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  1. I just wanted everyone to know that Kay was discharged from the hospital to HOME today! This is absolutely miraculous and amazing! First, a lot of people who have the type of stroke/aneurysm that Kay experienced do not live long enough to make it to the hospital. Of those that do, about 50% do not survive the first 30 days, and those who do survive have compromised speech of physical disabilities. Kay has NONE of these difficulties! They did a scan of her head earlier, and everything is absolutely normal, no residual problems whatsoever. Second, she went straight home, not to a step-d
  2. Oh, man, Carol! I am so sorry I missed your birthday, but so happy that you had a great time! Hope that this next year is your best ever! Hugs!
  3. Marjorie, just sent you an email. Kay had access to her daughter's laptop earlier today, and posted the following: "Update!! Hey everybody it's me! My DD loaned me her laptop for a few so here I am in bed checking in with ya. I had a huge aneurysm with three vessels coming out of it, so it was a bad one and it was bleeding into my braid (Sub arachnoid I think they said) but the good news is, I'm in one of the top hospitals in the US for this, Barrow Neurological Institute, and my doctor is quite literally world famous - his name is Spetzler if you want to Google him. He opened a
  4. I talked to Kay a little bit ago, and she is doing pretty well. She is able to speak and walk without any compromise. Basically, this was a hemorrhagic stroke, and could have been so very much worse! Kay has been to a couple of the early MrsS reunions, prior to 2000, and is a prolific writer. She would use her friends' names and characteristics in her writing, and it would always leave you wanting more! I know Homey, Snowmom, Cat, MountainMommy, Becca-Anne, and Darlene would all know and remember her. She will be in the hospital for a week or two. She is by no means totally out
  5. I just heard that Kay had emergency surgery for a brain aneurysm. She is in ICU and is doing well so far. Less than 24 hours after surgery, she was able to have a conversation on the phone. Kay and I met here at MrsS, and Kay introduced my husband and I. I know there are still people here who love her and would want to know. Thanks!
  6. I miss the snow people. HEY! I got them back!! Can I keep 'em all year??? Please????? I am overjoyed! So happy!!!
  7. My son-in-law's mom works parttime at a local grocery store handing out samples of new products and things the store wants to "showcase." About 2 weeks ago, she showcased a new product and we tried it on Christmas morning. Thought I'd just share about it. Hungry Jack makes a dehydrated shredded potato product that comes in a little carton like a pint of cream or milk. All you do is fill it with hot water, wait 12 minutes for the potatoes to rehydrate, and then fry them up. They have different flavors, too, like onion, cheese, etc. They have a shelf life of about 2 years, too! This
  8. Lynnee

    Boxing Day

    Only 364 days until Christmas! We had a very nice and quiet day yesterday. The grandsons were very happy with their gifts, especially the little Toy Story pop-up tents! They slept in them last night! We gifts DD and her DH with an electric fireplace/heater that has been warming them for over a month and is very economical to run. It does a very good job, and their electric bill from mid-November to mid-December was half what it was last year! I got a chest freezer, for which I am VERY thankful, as well as some practical stuff like clothes and perfume. I gave DH a new drill, since
  9. Time keeps on slippin' into the future, eh? In 10 days, 2010 will be history and Christmas will be a memory. It's amazing how quickly time goes anymore. Remember when it felt like 10 years from one Christmas to the next? Now it's like 10 minutes! Christmas packages are all packed and ready to go. Besides cookies, candy and fudge, we put books, games, clothes, including Longhorns t-shirts, jewelry for the "big" girls and other fun stuff into the boxes. I'm really loving the "if it fits, it ships" idea from the post office! May fabulous husband took them with him to work and will be
  10. Becca-Anne! So good to see you, too! Wow! You have been busy! How do you like Oregon? Are you homesteading out there, or what? Congratulations on the babies, too! I remember that your kids were awfully cute and VERY well-behaved! How neat! And nursing school? Wow! I am very pleased to tell you that I am no longer working as a nurse, although I suppose I will always be one. Between the job and some auto-immune issues, my body just couldn't do it anymore, so. . . .I'm officially "disabled," even though I can still walk, talk and function most of the time pretty well! lol!
  11. One of the things we learned when we had chickens was that they need a certain number of hours of daylight in order to lay. Therefore, in the winter, they always had a lightbulb near the roof of their house, and we had eggs all year round.
  12. Congratulations! Now, please elaborate on the crushed red peppers. Thanks!
  13. Your pretzels sound nummy, Snapshot! I do something similar: on a cookie sheet with parchment paper, place mini pretzels with a rollo on each one, heat in the oven just until the caramel in the rollo is soft, then press a pecan half on each one. They're like turtles and nummy! DH's Christmas party is this evening, and I don't know if we'll go or not. Previously, the kids party was in the afternoon and the adults only in the evening. This year, they are combining the parties. . . . .it's not that we do not like kids, because we do, but - - - there's a time & place, you know? D
  14. So the snowing has stopped, then? Part of my is tribe still in Wisconsin and they've been walking or staying home. We're cold for our neck of the woods, too. . . only 51 this morning. DH's employer's Christmas party is tonight, only this year for the first time, it's a "holiday" party. I want to make sure to wish the manager that brought this change "Merry CHRIST-mas!" I may wish him a merry Jesus-mas. . . . you just never know about me. lol! I can't stand DH's job, but I'm thankful he has one. I'm also very thankful that he is actively seeking another! Praying that happens sooner
  15. Lynnee

    Winter Saturday

    You must be close, Snapshot! We are at 75 and lots of sunshine! I've got the windows and doors open and just shooed a honeybee out before it gets hurt! Laundry is nearly done, and I only have to vacuum and the housecleaning will be finished! That's WONDERFEE!!! Making rum balls and peppermint bark and apple turnovers this afternoon before Sam gets home around 6. Then I'll have to get to the grocery store for essentials to keep us alive. Homey - - sounds like you're having a great time! Enjoy the kids. Dee, hope you stay warm and dry. Hugs to all!
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