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  1. I've got 30 new chicks in the brooder. Our current flock of 35 is getting REALLY old, as in some are close to 4-5 years old... So once these little ones are laying the old girls are going to the local amish auction. Also, got the freezer filled up again with a hog and took inventory of everything in there. Right now I'm searching for deals on cloth diapers to build up my stash before baby gets here. I'm really excited about using cloth, just trying to decide if I'm going to do cloth wipes too. I'll probably start out with them and see how it goes. They say they clean up better than disposable
  2. I also have to visit the forum to keep motivated! If not I completely forget about prepping and go into a consumption mode. (Where my preps are simply consumed and not replinished). Haven't done a lot this week though...
  3. I used the same recipe I used a year or so ago, Fels Naptha, Washing soda, and borax. Only thing I did different was add some lemongrass essential oils. I'm still using it because I have 5 gallons of it...lol but I'm gonna try ivory or castile soap next time!
  4. Cute! I can't wait till my doe kids! This will be the first time in several years we've had babies on the farm.
  5. I made sauerkraut for the first time last year and it was amazing! I'm addicted to sauerkraut now. It tastes so much better than store bought. Now I need to make some...
  6. We have been working on getting our stalls finished in time for my Nigerian Dwarf goat to kid the first week of March. I also started my first batch of homemade blackberry wine, it's on its third day of primary fermentation. Woot! Also, we bought a hog that went to butcher on Sunday, so we're gonna stock up the freezer again. I got all my seeds ordered for this years garden, which is going to be huge! Still need to finalize where everything is going to go though. Last week I made a 5 gallon batch of liquid homemade detergent, although I'm kinda thinking it's making my skin itch... Oh y
  7. Hey all! I don't know if anyone remembers me or not but it's been a long time since I've been on here! I think May was my last login. Kept busy with my garden, finishing up college and work last year and just didn't have a lot of time to get on here. To top it off, we're expecting our first baby in August! Looking forward to catching up with you all! Nichole
  8. I have been slacking in the prepping department! Took on more hours at work and it seems like all I do is come home, cook dinner and do homework, then go right back at it again. On the plus side, I do have broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, and peppers started. Oh yeah, and last saturday I went by Rural King and found a 4' grow light on sale 50% off! I was so excited about that! lol I was just talking about how I needed one because my greenhouse is falling apart and my plants were getting too leggy indoors. The garden is tilled, just waiting for it to dry up so I can till it on
  9. I decided the same thing after making tomato sauce for the first time last year. Now like most of you it seems, just canning them for stewed tomatoes in soups, etc. I really have to factor in the time it takes to do the sauce too. Trying to fit in long periods of time to allow tomatoes to simmer is nearly impossible for me because of my work schedule. For now I will enjoy them fresh and stewed!
  10. Only prepping I've accomplished lately is getting two new handguns (one of which is going back for repairs already, see the gun forum for the whole story). But there is another gun show on th 24th that I am going to take my little sister to. She LOVES knives, and after going to the couple over the weekend I knew she would love to go.
  11. We still have several inches on the ground! Also, we made it to the wedding and back without any problems, so that was great. We haven't had snow in southern indiana in so long, I forgot how much I love it!
  12. I'm late too Jori! lol I was wanting to make my 13 in 13 list for awhile now, and now that I'm starting it 13 seems like so much! I'll have to come back and post mine.
  13. We are under a blizzard warning starting at 6pm tonight! I am getting in high prepper gear. Everything is ready, I just need to double check everything again and get it in place. Be careful everyone!
  14. Thanks luma It's been abmormally warm here in Indiana too, but I heard it's supposed to cool down by tomorrow. I'm hoping for a good snow for sledding!
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