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  1. I've got 30 new chicks in the brooder. Our current flock of 35 is getting REALLY old, as in some are close to 4-5 years old... So once these little ones are laying the old girls are going to the local amish auction. Also, got the freezer filled up again with a hog and took inventory of everything in there. Right now I'm searching for deals on cloth diapers to build up my stash before baby gets here. I'm really excited about using cloth, just trying to decide if I'm going to do cloth wipes too. I'll probably start out with them and see how it goes. They say they clean up better than disposable. It's also countdown till our Nigerian doe kids, she's due this week!
  2. I also have to visit the forum to keep motivated! If not I completely forget about prepping and go into a consumption mode. (Where my preps are simply consumed and not replinished). Haven't done a lot this week though...
  3. I used the same recipe I used a year or so ago, Fels Naptha, Washing soda, and borax. Only thing I did different was add some lemongrass essential oils. I'm still using it because I have 5 gallons of it...lol but I'm gonna try ivory or castile soap next time!
  4. Cute! I can't wait till my doe kids! This will be the first time in several years we've had babies on the farm.
  5. I made sauerkraut for the first time last year and it was amazing! I'm addicted to sauerkraut now. It tastes so much better than store bought. Now I need to make some...
  6. We have been working on getting our stalls finished in time for my Nigerian Dwarf goat to kid the first week of March. I also started my first batch of homemade blackberry wine, it's on its third day of primary fermentation. Woot! Also, we bought a hog that went to butcher on Sunday, so we're gonna stock up the freezer again. I got all my seeds ordered for this years garden, which is going to be huge! Still need to finalize where everything is going to go though. Last week I made a 5 gallon batch of liquid homemade detergent, although I'm kinda thinking it's making my skin itch... Oh yeah, and Saturday I stocked up on shampoo. Got $40 worth for $10. Pretty pumped about that. I have enough shampoo to last me like 2 years probably! lol I have really dwindled on my food preps though. I had cases of veggies I had bought on sale that expired in 2012, so the last couple years I've been having a big bonfire and make a huge pot of soup to use it. I'm focusing more on preserving my own veggies instead of buying them canned. And, I'm still trying to process the 10-15 winter squash hanging around the house. lol
  7. Hey all! I don't know if anyone remembers me or not but it's been a long time since I've been on here! I think May was my last login. Kept busy with my garden, finishing up college and work last year and just didn't have a lot of time to get on here. To top it off, we're expecting our first baby in August! Looking forward to catching up with you all! Nichole
  8. I have been slacking in the prepping department! Took on more hours at work and it seems like all I do is come home, cook dinner and do homework, then go right back at it again. On the plus side, I do have broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, and peppers started. Oh yeah, and last saturday I went by Rural King and found a 4' grow light on sale 50% off! I was so excited about that! lol I was just talking about how I needed one because my greenhouse is falling apart and my plants were getting too leggy indoors. The garden is tilled, just waiting for it to dry up so I can till it one more time with the smaller tiller and get my plants in the ground. We're also fencing in the backyard for the dogs, they don't have enough room right now in their kennel, plus it would get so muddy/dusty in their I'm really hoping this will help out the amount of dirt in the house! Once the fence is up, we're going to build a good size covered deck in the backyard too. Soo much to do, so little time. Sigh...
  9. I decided the same thing after making tomato sauce for the first time last year. Now like most of you it seems, just canning them for stewed tomatoes in soups, etc. I really have to factor in the time it takes to do the sauce too. Trying to fit in long periods of time to allow tomatoes to simmer is nearly impossible for me because of my work schedule. For now I will enjoy them fresh and stewed!
  10. Only prepping I've accomplished lately is getting two new handguns (one of which is going back for repairs already, see the gun forum for the whole story). But there is another gun show on th 24th that I am going to take my little sister to. She LOVES knives, and after going to the couple over the weekend I knew she would love to go.
  11. We still have several inches on the ground! Also, we made it to the wedding and back without any problems, so that was great. We haven't had snow in southern indiana in so long, I forgot how much I love it!
  12. I'm late too Jori! lol I was wanting to make my 13 in 13 list for awhile now, and now that I'm starting it 13 seems like so much! I'll have to come back and post mine.
  13. We are under a blizzard warning starting at 6pm tonight! I am getting in high prepper gear. Everything is ready, I just need to double check everything again and get it in place. Be careful everyone!
  14. Thanks luma It's been abmormally warm here in Indiana too, but I heard it's supposed to cool down by tomorrow. I'm hoping for a good snow for sledding!
  15. Nice, we have to leave for Arkansas on the 28 for my sister's wedding.
  16. It is really sad. I haven't seen one of the hostess merchandisers that I know from work since it happened. Worked for the company 22 years, and now he is out of a job. He mowed grass on the side and is going to do that full time now.
  17. Exactly Annarchy! A merchandiser friend of mine I know from work, is now out of work after working for Hostess 22 years, and he says it cost thousands of jobs all because of a few people. A high school friend's husband lost his job too. It's exactly like Atlas Shrugged. (Just watched it again last night) Like someone put it, 8% decrease in pay, or 100% decrease, personally I'd take the 8%... way to go unions. 18,500 jobs just gone, and the people that lost them had no say.
  18. I was wondering if it was effective or not after I ordered it... Oh well, it's already being shipped, I'll use it for external parasites anyway. Where do you get the copper sulfate? Looking for it right now but I'm not sure which one is right. I'm curious about it for the dogs too! Thanks!
  19. Background Story: So about two weeks ago, a friend's shed burned down, with their dogs inside. The side of the shed also served as a wall for their coop. So with their dogs gone and chickens homeless (they lost one from the fire) my dad offered to keep them with ours. My gut said NOO!!! biosecurity and all, but it was too late by the time I found out about all of this. They were moved in by the time I got home. Plus, they just had to bury their charred dogs and were extremely upset. I felt I had no choice but to be a good friend and let them stay. So, last night I went in the coop and found one of my Buff roos dead, and a friend's banty roo dead. My roo hadn't been sick, but the banty had been sitting off on his own (I thought he was cold since he was used to having a heat lamp, so I didn't think much of it. I had been meaning to set one up for him that day) After investigating the bodies, I couldn't find anything wrong with them. My roo was found dead under a ladder they use to perch on, and the banty was in his normal sleeping spot. So I assume they both died in their sleep. My first thought was my friends chickens were sick and had spread it, which in theory could have been true. Most diseases have an incubation period of 10-14 days or so. But, they weren't showing any symptoms, except for the banty huddling in the coop on his own. So far, the only thing I can find wrong is that they have worms. I have never dewormed any of my chickens for the last 15 years of owning birds. I don't regularly take apart the fecal matter and investigate, but try to note how it looks. (normal or not) This morning I went out and found a couple spots of runny poop and after online research, threadworms. So, I guess what I'm saying is has anyone treated their birds for threadworms? From research on backyard chickens, I have found that you can treat their water for three day with fenbendazole (safeguard) and that is my plan for now. I also have ordered some food grade DE to add to their feed, and some Bragg's ACV to add to their water. (I'm thinking about trying it for myself after researching it all morning!) Also, do you regularly treat them? I don't want to develop resistance to anything, so I think I am going to treat them with the safeguard, eliminate the worms and begin the DE and ACV on a regular basis. I'm really just curious to hear other people's way of doing things, and if this sounds like a good plan of action. Thanks guys
  20. Yesterday, while I was at work DH went to an auction that was right behind the store I work at. So during lunch I headed over there to check out what they had. We went in the basement and this is what we saw... We got the winning bid at $15! At last count, there are over 250 jars. We left a bunch of old pickle and mayo jars. Also there was an OLD Bible, with a copyright of 1891. It is huge, like 6-8" thick with beautiful lettering on the front and back. There's a bunch of other random things we brought home too, old freezer containers, etc. I had to race back to work like a mad woman and pick up as many cardboard boxes as I could find. It took him a couple hours to get it all out of there, since I had to go back to work. Gonna have PLENTY of jars next summer! One guy we talked (and bid against) said he was gonna get them, but already has over 1000 at home, and they're mostly full. We also talked about places to put them. Possible prepper? Seemed like it! I think its so cool how I run into people like that so often. I was disappointed I couldn't stay and chat since I had to hurry and get back to work. lol
  21. The blue is pretty cool! Thanks for all your hard work guys
  22. I love the idea of not having to pack fuel! I had been looking at a jetboil after my brother in law showed me his while camping. The major downfall to that for me was the expensive fuel. I like the idea of being able to use fuel that I collect on the trail. Plus, it would be great for short term shtf scenarios. hmmmm... gotta show it to hubby for christmas
  23. I second Darlene's response. Working in retail, I know that at our store, if it's a really good sale, we'll at lease have a pallet in the backroom ready to replenish. Plus we get trucks twice a week, so if we run out, they can always get a raincheck. Personally, I wouldn't take the last of it. We have a lot of good markdowns and when we (the employees) look through them we always make sure we don't hoard them if someone else wants one. lol We're all kinda paranoid about being hoarders when we come across good deals... The markdowns are the one perk of working in retail... What drives me batty, is the fact that they guy that took 300lbs could have EASILY called and asked for them to order extra, instead of wiping the shelf clean. That simple! OK, well gonna go to work and deal with insane holiday shoppers already...
  24. Steve Harris has a TON of great info! I am really wanting to get an inverter and have everything set up to run our freezer too. I love how he puts it. You spend thousands of dollars on a huge generator that sits in your driveway... He has a several really good podcasts he's done with Jack Spirko. This week I've been cleaning out the freezer, prepping for the whole beef we're getting. Got most of my tomatoes canned last night (stuck them in the freezer during the summer. I was too lazy to can them right away.lol) and made a few jars of Strawberry/Gooseberry jam! I'm definitely making more of that! I really want to try canning some meat, but I'm not sure if I'll like the texture... Is it mushy or anything like store canned meat?
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